What is a Creative Business?

A creative business is a business that you start using your creativity. This includes selling Printables, art, and your designs and products. 

A creative business can be a full time job, part time job, or a side hustle, in addition to your regular job.

Side hustles are typically undertaken to supplement other earnings and can take various forms, including freelance work, gig economy jobs, online businesses, consulting, selling products or services, and more.   They are often driven by a desire to increase income, save money, pay off debts, or pursue a passion or interest that has the potential to generate income.

Why Should you Start a Creative Business?

A creative business can allow you to pursue a passion which can maybe one day turn into something more full-time.  They can let you earn extra additional money, save up for something special, and explore other things.

But above all, a creative business is a wonderful way to practice and show your creativity – in absolutely anything at all.

Popular Creative Business Ideas

These are the most popular side hustles that you do at home online:


Blogging is where you start a blog, and write about a certain subject/niche, or about your life in general. Blogging is extremely popular to do, and it is easy to start a blog. Read more about blogging here:

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Creating & Selling Digital Planners on Etsy

Digital planners are great to create and sell on Etsy, and they are in high demand. People love the convenience of downloading a PDF planner to use on their digital devices – eliminating the need to carry around paper planners.

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Creating & Selling Printables on Etsy

Creating & selling printables is an excellent side hustle. You create the printable, then list it on a selling platform such as Etsy, and you make passive income every time that printable sells.

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Create an Online Course

Online courses are great products to create and sell. If you have knowledge or experience in a certain subject you can share that with others who really want to learn. You can also create courses in conjunction with blogging.

There are many different online course creation platforms available, including Teachery, Teachable, and Podia.

The course creation platform that I fully recommend is Teachery.  I use teachery myself for all my courses and I love how user-friendly and intuitive it is, and it creates such beautiful looking courses.

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Start a Craft Business

Starting a craft business can be a great side hustle. You can sell your creations either online or physically at craft shows etc.

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If you want to learn a craft to start selling consider taking my Free 30 Day Start a New Craft Challenge!

Business Coaching for your Creative Business & Side Hustle

Business coaching can be especially helpful to you when starting a side hustle and online business.

I completely recommend the program that I belong to that has totally changed my business – Wandering Aimfully or WAIMFind out more about how Wandering Aimfully can really help you in your business & your life here.

Business Tools & Apps

Check out all the tools & apps that I currently use in my own online business, and can highly recommend