What is a Digital Planner? All you need to know about using Digital Planners

Digital planners are a perfect way to stay on track and in control of your life. But what exactly is a digital planner, and are they right for you? Learn everything you need to know here!


You may have seen many digital planners for sale on places such as Etsy.  But are you a little unsure of exactly what a digital planner is?  

Are you also wondering if a digital planner is actually right for you? You may use a traditional paper planner and wonder if switching to digital will work as well, or better for you?

Digital planners are becoming more and more popular.  They are easy to use, and also so much more fun to use.

In this post, I will hopefully answer all your questions about what a digital planner is, and why a digital planner might be the right choice for you.



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What is a Digital Planner?

A Digital Planner is basically a digital version of a traditional paper planner. 

A PDF or JPEG file is uploaded into a note taking app such as Goodnotes, Noteshelf, or Notability. By using one of these apps with a tablet, such as an iPad or android tablet, the PDF is now viewed as a digital planner.

The note taking apps let you take notes directly onto the planner, draw, doodle, or whatever you want to do on your digital planner! You can also import stickers and photos into your planner.

Any PDF file can be uploaded into a note taking app such as those mentioned above, and used as a digital planner.  With the aid of a special stylus such as an Apple Pencil you can then write on that digital planner quickly and easily.

Specially designed digital planners however come with hyperlinked tabs. This means that you have full functionality by clicking on the various tabs, to take you from one part of the planner to another, quickly and easily.

Why use a Digital Planner rather than a paper Planner?

Paper planners either have to be printed out, or bought.  They use paper, which might be an issue if you are trying to be more green and save on using paper. It also means that you can usually only use the planner once, before either printing another copy off, or purchasing a brand new one.

Once you purchase a digital planner you will have it for as long as you want.  You can use it, then erase things, and use it time and time again.  You can also re-download the pdf file time and time again to get a fresh new digital planner every time.

So with a digital planner you are not only saving on paper, you are also saving on money.  Buy it once and you won’t need to buy anything again.

Digital planners also have great functionality. With the aid of a stylus you can write on the planner time and time again, and erase time and time again. You can carry your electronic device with you and constantly access your digital planner.

Digital planners are also far more easy to use than a regular paper planner in that they come with hyperlinked tabs. That way you can quickly jump from section to section at just the mere touch of a tab.

What you need to do to get Started with a Digital Planner

To use a digital planner you will need an iPad and an Apple Pencil. Or you can use an android tablet and an equivalent stylus.

You can either use an iPad Pro, or a less expensive iPad.  The 1st Generation Apple Pencil can be used with most iPads, including the Mini.

You just need to make sure that whatever iPad you have that it is compatible with an Apple Pencil. Usually all models made after 2018 are compatible.

For androids, there are Samsung tablets that come with an S-Pen.  Once again, check that the particular tablet is compatible with some kind of digital stylus pen.

Once you have an iPad or equivalent android tablet, you will need to download a note taking app. There are several different note taking apps to choose from.

I personally use Goodnotes, which I love and have been very happy with. However Goodnotes is only available for Apple.

Other note taking apps include Notability, Noteshelf (which is compatible with both Apple and android), and also Noteworthy.

What is the difference between GoodNotes and Notability?

Once you have the electronic technology – iPad, tablet and stylus, you are ready to start using a digital planner.  

All you need to do now is choose the digital planner that you want!  See some of my digital planners here!

How to Upload a Digital Planner into a Note Taking App

Once you have purchased a digital planner, you will receive a pdf file download of the planner.

All you need to do is to open your chosen note taking app. Usually there will be something like a box with a plus sign inside it. Just click on the plus sign, select upload, and then choose the file to upload.

That is it! It is really so simple to upload a digital planner inside your note taking app. Once it is uploaded, you are ready to start using it!

How to Create a Digital Planner

If you want to create your own digital planner, so you can design it exactly how you want it for yourself, or you want to design and sell your own planners on an Etsy store to make an income, I cannot recommend enough this course on creating digital planners.


You can also purchase a Digital Planner Template Kit, which gives you the exact template to use to create a planner, if you don’t want to create every bit of it from scratch.

Learning to make a digital planner is easy, and just so much fun!

Digital planners are a perfect way to stay on track and in control of your life. But what exactly is a digital planner, and are they right for you? Learn everything you need to know here!

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