Passive Income Planner Girl: Create Beautiful Digital Planners from your Zone of Genius

Why you need to take the Passive Income Planner Girl course to discover the zone of genius inside you, to create beautiful digital planners for yourself or to sell to others


The Passive Income Planner Girl course from Secret Owl Society is a beautifully designed and transformative course that you won’t ever regret taking.

The entire course walks you through initial ideas and design to creating and maybe selling a beautiful digital planner.

We all have hidden genius superpowers inside of us.  And we all have a digital planner inside of us.  All of us are different, and we have different journeys that our lives have taken.  We all have our own zone of genius!

If you are ready to honor your zone of genius, listen to your intuition, go all in on what lights YOU up, and create magic from a place of self-alignment you need and are ready for Passive Income Planner Girl!

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The Passive Income Planner Girl course helps you tap into your own zone of genius, using your own experiences and skills, and guides you to create beautiful digital planners that you can use for yourself, or create an entire business selling to others.

For Make Calm Lovely I am always on the lookout for things that will help me be more creative, more myself, and that are calming and lovely, and this course certainly fits all those things.

Since I have found courses from the Secret Owl Society which includes this course Passive Income Planner Girl, I have honestly been more creative and inspired to create.

The course leads you through step by step realizing what is special about you (yes you have a lot that is special), and discovering your own zone of genius.

Guess what! Your genius is already inside of you – you may not have realized what it is yet! But this course will help you discover it!

The course asks you pertinent questions:  What did you enjoy doing as a child?, what things in life come easily to you?, what kind of hobbies did you/do you enjoy?, what are some interesting things that you have done?, what do you love?, what is your story? What brings you joy?, how do you like spending your time?, and more.

Once you discover about yourself you can create something amazing! You will discover that you really do have superpowers!

What is the Secret Owl Society?

The Secret Owl Society was started by Michelle Rohr many years ago when she decided to create a planner for herself, and the SOS was an accompanying blog detailing her journey.

At that time she was working numerous jobs. But she had an idea for the life she wanted, and every spare moment she got she planned that life out.

Since then Michelle has built an online business that has made six figures. She can work from wherever she wants to, and recently moved to Portugal. 

Passive Income Planner Girl is a collaboration with Aimee Johanan, who was actually one of Michelle’s students.  Together they have created many digital planners and created this amazing course.

The Contents of Passive Income Planner Girl

Passive Income Planner Girl starts out using examples of different women and the planners they would create, as inspiration for your own planner design and journey. 

Franca the Rebellious Baker, Gianna the Moon Girl, Racheal the School Teacher with a Dream, Charlotte the Lifestyle Photographer, Claire the Super Woman Seamstress, and Una the Artisan Tea Maker.


Those examples show you how these women would look inside themselves and their lives for inspiration and creativity, and design their digital planners and journeys.

Their examples include the music that they would listen to, the graphics they would purchase for their planner, the books they are reading and more. They show you mood boards that were created for inspiration for their planners, so you can see how your life would help design your own planner.

In Passive Income Planner Girl you will learn the entire process of creating a unique digital planner – creating a mind map and moodboard, finding graphic design assets to use in your planner, finding fonts, clip art, and graphics, sketching out your journal, and designing that journal.

Once you have designed your planner you can start inputting it into software to create the final version of your planner. The course walks you through every step of doing that – using either Apple Keynote for Mac or Affinity Publisher for Mac or PC.

Once your digital planner is ready, and you decide that you want to sell it to others, the course covers how to set up an Etsy shop, and also includes done for you graphics to list your products on Etsy. There is also a complete guide on marketing your Etsy store on Pinterest.

In addition you are guided through creating a customer hub with a behind the scenes look at Michelle’s own Customer Hub. The course also includes Customer Hub graphic templates for your own use too.

The entire course is full of inspiration, ideas and resources to help you hone in on your creativity and zone of genius.  This includes inspirational videos, stories, workbooks, graphic templates and more.

The most important takeaways from the course are that you should design your planner for what YOU love and want yourself. Even if you intend on selling your planner to others, you should design the planner for you.

The entire course was also designed using Teachery course software.  You will see how beautiful the course is, that is made possible by this amazing course software that I also use.

Why you need to take the Passive Income Planner Girl course to discover the zone of genius inside you, to create beautiful digital planners for yourself or to sell to others

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