The Best SEO Courses & e-Books for Bloggers


Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is very important for building organic traffic to your blog.  SEO doesn’t have to be hard to understand and implement. So here are  several recommended courses and e-books that will help you fully understand and implement good SEO for your blog!


SEO is so confusing for so many people. It almost seems like learning a foreign language in understanding and trying to implement SEO. But it really isn’t hard, and it is totally understandable. You just need the right courses, e-books and resources to understand SEO better.

SEO is all about getting your website, posts, articles and more to rank in Google. Because when you rank in Google, and rank high, your traffic increases, you get more readers, more sales, and so on.  Bottom line is – you need to rank well in Google. That means you need to master and implement SEO.

Bloggers cannot rely on social media, such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook alone to get traffic and page views. When you optimize your blog for Google through SEO you will be found in Google searches, and more and more people will find you and discover you.


The Best SEO Courses & e-Books for Bloggers

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SEO Courses & e-Books for Bloggers

When consulting information and sources for SEO, always consult those sources from people who have done it themselves – and done it well.  They are the experts on this, and they are the ones who will show you the best practices, the best ways to implement SEO, and they will give you the best advice.

Most core SEO concepts are the same of course, although Google does constantly adjust its algorithm. That is why you need a good course or e-book that is constantly updated to reflect the latest best practices.  

If you are a beginner blogger you may need a different SEO course to an intermediate blogger, or an advanced blogger.  You may have a certain learning style and benefit more from a course rather than an e-book. You may want a course or e-book that takes you from being a beginner blogger right through to when you are an advanced 6-figure earning blogger. Whatever your needs are, there is a course or e-book right here for you!

All the courses and e-books I mention here are all ones that I have personally purchased and taken myself. Therefore, I can fully recommend and stand by these sources. 

Easy On Page SEO by Debbie Gartner (aka The Flooring Girl) e-Book

Easy On Page SEO is an e-book that is written specifically for beginner and intermediate level bloggers.  It is an easy to follow approach to learn On Page SEO so your articles can rank on Google and other search engines.  Debbie Gartner was one of the people who mastered SEO early, and has taught many others since then the best SEO practices.  

My opinion on Easy On Page SEO: This is a power-packed e-book full of great information, at a really affordable price. It will give you the introduction you need to mastering SEO and putting it into place in your own articles and blog posts, giving you a 12-step process to write blog posts that rank. Debbie’s teaching style is easy to understand and follow along with.  This is the perfect resource on SEO to start out with.  You can get more information on the Easy On Page SEO book right here.


Easy Backlinks for SEO by Debbie Gartner (aka The Flooring Girl) e-book

Easy Backlinks for SEO is the second e-book I am recommending, and it is from the same source as the book above.  Backlinks is a way of building links from other sites to your blog site, and is a vital part of SEO.  The book covers how to do it, without having to contact other bloggers and ask for the link (who wants to do that?!).  Getting more backlinks will greatly improve your Domain Authority with Google, which is huge.  This e-book covers a multitude of techniques, that are easy to the more challenging.  This book is like a look inside Debbie’s brain at all her secrets!

My Opinion on Easy Backlinks for SEO: This is an amazing little book, at another great affordable price.  Back links was something I was confused about, so this book really helped me understand them.  I certainly do not want to reach out to bloggers begging for a link! So this way I don’t have to do that.  The book covers all you need to know. You can start out with the easier implementations, and then when you have more time move on to the more challenging ones.  You can get more information on Easy Backlinks for SEO right here.

Note: Debbie actually offers a special priced bundle, whereby you get both Easy On Page SEO, and Easy Backlinks for SEO for a special price. See the deal right here.

Debbie also has a fantastic SEO course, Easy SEO Revamp, that is amazing and the perfect next stage to her SEO e-books mentioned above! You can read my review of this course right here!

Stupid  Simple SEO by Mike Pearson

Mike Pearson is known in the blogging world (along with Debbie Gartner of course) as one of the experts in SEO.  His course, Stupid Simple SEO, is a mammoth course on SEO, covering all aspects of SEO.  This is a video based course with numerous modules, that covers everything about SEO – including mastering keywords, link building and so much more.  The course also comes with a private Facebook group, where you can ask questions and connect with other students. This course is suitable for the beginner through to the advanced blogger. But this course may be very overwhelming for a total beginner blogger.   I actually wrote a detailed review on this course that you can read right here.

My opinion on Stupid Simple SEO: This is a truly mammoth course. You really should not pay for this course if you don’t intend to put in the work required. But if you do put in the work required there is no way that you couldn’t be an SEO expert afterwards! It is packed with so much information and guidance.  It really is quite the king of SEO courses. It isn’t a cheap course – hence if you are not prepared to put in the work, really don’t invest in this course.  My advice is to go through this course gradually – dedicate an hour or so a day, or several hours a week to going through the lessons in this course. Otherwise you will be completely overwhelmed. I have gone through this course twice, and I still continue to dip into it. But the great thing is it has lifetime access, and you get all the updates, so this is like a life investment in an SEO course. You can find out more information on Stupid Simple SEO here.

My complete review of the Stupid Simple SEO course: why you should (and shouldn't) buy this course!


Adventures in SEO by Adventures in Blogging

Adventures in SEO by Adventures in Blogging is a full course on SEO.  Please note, this is the one course on this list that I have not personally taken. But I wanted to include it in this list as I hear very good things about this course from fellow bloggers, and I want to let you know about all options.  This course only opens a couple of times a year, but in the meantime you can apparently take some free lessons if you sign up for the wait list.  This course covers Pinterest and Google keyword research and optimization.  The entire course costs about $397 (but there are constant special deals and offers).  

My Personal Recommendation on SEO Courses and e-Books

All the courses and e-Books I mention above are the best out there, and ones that I totally recommended.

If you are a complete beginner to blogging and SEO, I would highly first of all recommend Debbie Gartner’s SEO books – Easy On Page SEO, and Easy Backlinks for SEO.  They are very affordable e-Books that are easy to follow along with and learn from.

Once you have more of an idea of SEO, and you have been blogging for a little while, I would highly recommend Stupid Simple SEO by Mike Pearson.  This is a mammoth course, but if you are serious about blogging, and being the best at SEO, this course will teach you absolutely everything that you need to know. 


The Best SEO Courses & e-Books for Bloggers


Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is very important for building organic traffic to your blog.  SEO doesn’t have to be hard to understand and implement. So here are  several recommended courses and e-books that will help you fully understand and implement good SEO for your blog!

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