All the Wonderful Ways you can use Teachery for your Blog and Business

Teachery is an online platform for creating courses. But it is so much more than that. Teachery can be used for digital products, membership, affiliate & client hubs, newsletter hubs, a help center and so much more!

Teachery is an amazing online platform for creating courses. But did you realize that it is so much more than just that?

Teachery can also be used for digital products, as a membership hub, for newsletters, as a help or affiliate hub center, as a client portal, and for its most popular use – to create online courses.

There are really endless possibilities as to how you can use Teachery for your business and personal needs. 

Teachery is the most customizable course creation software out there – no exaggeration. You can really get your creative juices in full flow with Teachery – you can design and make everything so pretty, very easily, and very fast too.

Just think about some common things that you undertake in your business, and then consider how you could use Teachery for those things. You can really get creative with this!

Teachery is affordable, easy to use, fast to learn, and just beautiful to look at.  You pay a monthly fee for Teachable and you can use it for whatever you want to use it for.

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All the wonderful ways you can use Teachery for your blog & business

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What is Teachery?

Teachery is an online cloud based course creation software. But instead of thinking of it as just for course creation it is best to think of it as a container for sharing information.  

With Teachery you can create all kinds of wonderful hubs and sites for all kinds of things that are common to your blog and small business.

Teachery was developed by Jason and Caroline Zook.  Jason wanted to create an online course software that was easy to use and intuitive.  He wanted to create something different from all the other course creation software out there.


Ways you can use Teachery in your Business

These are just some of the many ways that you can use Teachery in your own business, whether it is a blog or any other kind of small business.

Digital Products 

Teachery can be used to display and deliver your digital products to purchasers.

If you have a certain digital product that you sell – whether it is a course, e-book, digital or printable planner, graphics etc, you can create an amazing hub to deliver that particular product, with some extra value added too for your customers.

For instance, here is a hub that Teachery came up with themselves to demonstrate how a digital product can be delivered inside Teachery:

One of the “lessons” inside Teachery can be used to actually download the product to your customers.  Another “lesson” can be used to show videos on how to use the product itself.  Another “lesson” can be a link to a discount code, or to show other products that you produce.

You can get very creative with an online hub for your digital products within Teachery.

Special Niche Related Hubs

You may want to create a special hub for your business niche.  Here is an example of a hub I created for a DIY & Crafts Hub.  This hub is available to my readers to check out, it reinforces what I am doing with my website.

Membership Hub

A membership hub is so easy to create inside Teachery as they have a recurring payment page feature.

“Lessons” that are inside Teachery can be used for topics for members inside your membership hub.  

Here is an example of a membership hub that the Teachery creators have created to show how well it can be used for this:

You can create new content for your hub every week, every month, or every quarter.  You can create message boards, link to certain content etc.

All in all, Teachery is a great choice for any membership hub that you are considering for your blog and business.

Newsletter Archive

Teachery has a great “public course” feature that means that anybody can sign up for a course that you produce. 

You can use this public course feature to showcase all your current and past newsletters and also magazines.

Each “lesson” inside Teachery can be linked to a newsletter that you created on a certain subject.  

This is an example of a Newsletter Archive that the Teachery creators have created to demonstrate how this would work:

By the way – if you are interested in creating beautiful looking digital magazines for your readers and followers you may want to check out this exceptional course on how to create digital magazines.

Help Center

A help center can be especially helpful to your readers and customers.  

Creating a help center can also help you cut down on having to answer emails about products and services. With the lessons feature inside Teachery you can provide answers to commonly asked questions and troubleshooting issues.

Here is an example of a great Help Center that was designed by Michelle Rohr of the Secret Owl Society:

Affiliate Hub  

You can create an affiliate hub for any affiliate programs that you run really easily in Teachery.

With an affiliate hub you can provide your affiliates with access to promotional graphics and swipe copy, have helpful articles, and showcase your affiliate rules and requirements easily.

Client Portal

If you run a service based consulting, blogging or other business a client portal can be a really nice touch to add for your clients.

You can store information, contracts, and other information that are readily to hand for your clients.

This is an example of a client portal that the creators of Teachery use as an example:

Online Courses

This is what Teachery is most used for, and the reason it was created in the first place. You can creative amazing beautiful courses within it that can be customized to your own design, and the learning curve is soooo small!  This is a beautiful amazing course that was created in Teachery.


Digital Advent Calendar

You can also create a beautiful digital advent calendar within Teachery, which is a really special amazing way of creating something unique for your customers, readers and fans! Here is an example of a beautifully created advent calendar!

Why I personally love Teachery

I have tried many different course creation systems over the years that I have been blogging.  These included Teachable, Thrivecart, Podia, and more.

Most of these systems did what I needed them to do – create and deliver courses. BUT – there were many things that were lacking in those systems.

Those systems just felt too blah to me. They could not be prettied up and look attractive, however much I tried.  Aside from knowing some pretty in-depth CSS code to make them look better, the average user really cannot do much in the way of making those systems look attractive and appealing.

Those other systems also had a learning curve attached to them. I would say the majority of them are not intuitive, and they are just software out of the box.

I first discovered Teachery when I took a course from the Secret Owl Society called Passive Income Planner Girl.

I was blown away by how pretty that course was!  I wasn’t just taking a course – I was going through an experience.  That to me was vital for courses – you are not just learning, you are experiencing something, becoming involved with something.

I just had to know how that course was designed, what software did they use?, where do you get it? How much is it? When I found out it was Teachery I had to have it!

Just Some of the reasons I absolutely love Teachery:

Easy to use and learn – there is a very small learning curve and it is just so intuitive.

You can have unlimited courses and memberships within it.  That is incredible – as many of the other course creation software out there charges you if you go over a certain amount or charges per course.

Secure payment processing

Unlimited sales pages and membership pages

Course hubs for all your courses

Lots of Google fonts to choose from for your designs.

Built in style editor so you can customize your course look.

Automatic saving – Teachery automatically saves every time you enter information into it. It means less lost work and something less to worry about as you create your content.

To check out more about Teachery and to sign up click on my special link here.

Currently Teachery costs $49 per month, which is very competitive with many of the other course platforms out there.

The great thing about Teachery is that you can have unlimited courses – most of the other course creation software out there is not unlimited – you pay more.

However, you can also save on that monthly fee for Teachery and get unlimited access to Teachery for no monthly fee if you join their amazing coaching program, Wandering Aimfully.  

Wandering Aimfully is an amazing coaching program from the creators of Teachery, Jason and Caroline Zook.  If you sign up for this program you get lifetime access to Teachery – that is a savings of $49 per month! Plus in addition you get access to coaching, education and so much more.


If you are constantly on the look-out for great ways to manage information and programs inside your business, Teachery can really offer you a lot of choice.

Teachery is easy to use, intuitive, and just the right price.  Plus you can create so many beautiful things in Teachery – that really stand out and allow you to be so creative.

All the wonderful ways you can use Teachery for your blog & business

Teachery is an online platform for creating courses. But it is so much more than that. Teachery can be used for digital products, membership, affiliate & client hubs, newsletter hubs, a help center and so much more!

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