Hi, I’m Jae!

This is my lifestyle and DIY blog, Make Calm Lovely.

I created Make Calm Lovely during a difficult time in my life many years ago. I always loved creating and making, and those things distracted me and took my mind off things that were going on.

I created Make Calm Lovely to share those things with you too. The goals of Make Calm Lovely are:

To show you the lovely that you can make, experience and enjoy

To show you calming projects, products, inspiration and more to make your life calmer

To give you tips on organization and productivity so your life can be calmer

To show you lovely ideas for your home and your life

DIY projects and crafting are calming and relaxing – therefore you can make your calm lovely!

I scour around for great IKEA hacks to feature on this blog, as well as create my own IKEA hacks, and DIY & craft projects. I also try to feature great DIY and craft projects for you and your home from others.

This blog may be a little bit of everything. But that is reflective of who I am and who most people are – we are varied in our interests and pursuits. We are not limited to any one thing in life. This blog covers the things that are important to me right now – that I want to share with you.

I come from England originally – now living in the USA with my family. I love British TV shows, vintage and flea markets, being on the water in the summer, London (which I miss) and the English countryside (which I miss too!).

Where you can find me!

You can find me mainly on Pinterest – which is the platform I absolutely love and share my work and finds on the most.

How you can Contact Me

Contact me at Hello@makecalmlovely.com

Check out my FAQs here!

Some places I have been featured: