How to Create One Year of Blog Content in One Month!

One of the most challenging parts of blogging and running a blog is creating content & posts. But this challenge can help you create an entire year’s worth of high-quality SEO-optimized content and articles in no time at all!


Creating all the content  and posts that you need for your blog can be such a challenge. Time is needed to write posts and articles, and with so much to already do on our blogs there just doesn’t ever seem enough time to do it all!

Because creating content for my blog could be so difficult time-wise, I was constantly looking for tips and suggestions for how to do this faster and easier. 

There are numerous articles and how to’s all over the internet on how to do this, but I found the ideal challenge that really helped me create my content strategy!

I came across a course challenge from the She Approach to Create One Year of Blog Content in One Month. I cannot tell you how much this course transformed my blogging life! It isn’t very expensive, and the course guides you through all the steps you need to create not just content, but the right content.

The challenge guides you through creating 30 days of high-quality, SEO-optimized articles for your blog for an entire year! That’s a pretty amazing claim! But I can attest to the fact that it actually works, because I did it!

The challenge is evergreen, which means you can start it anytime you want – whatever month, season or year it is! The challenge also works for absolutely any blog niche whatsoever.  

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Why is it a Good Idea to Create a Year’s Worth of Blog Content Ahead of Time?

Blogging takes a lot of time and energy.  There are also so many hats to wear as a blogger: writer, photographer, marketing executive, social media manager… the list is endless!

Therefore if you can quickly complete one major part of blogging it will free up time for you to focus on so many other things for your blog.

For instance, you may have been wanting to develop your Facebook or Pinterest accounts and marketing strategy for those platforms for a while, but you just haven’t had enough time to focus on it and give it the attention that it deserves.

By creating content ahead of time, you could use that time saved to actually finally focus on things that you have been wanting to do for a while, but just never had the time for.

How to Plan Your Blog Content Ahead of Time

The Create One Year of Blog Content in one month uses the batch method approach to creating content and articles for your blog.

There are 4 phases that are detailed in the challenge to help you create and publish all the content you need for your blog.

The 4 phases are brainstorming, keyword research, outlining your posts, and writing your content.

The challenge takes you through all those 4 phases, which you complete in 30 days. You determine how many blog posts you will actually need to create – based on your current blogging strategy, or the strategy you want to implement.

Knowing how much content you need to create will then allow you to brainstorm post ideas, do keyword research for the best posts to create, outline your posts, and actually write and then publish the content.

Why you Need Quality Content on your Blog

Content and articles for your blog shouldn’t just be any article that you can produce as fast as possible, to just get content out there.

It is important that articles and content for your blog be high quality content, and that also means SEO-optimized so that they will appear in search engine results and be found easily.

Your blog articles and posts are what bring you traffic, what brings you in income, what gets you readers, affiliate income, sells your products, and so much more.

The challenge takes you through not just what posts to create, but shows you how to best optimize those posts for SEO – which then equals traffic, readers, and so much more!

How Easy is it to come up with a Year’s Worth of Blog Post Ideas?

You may of course be wondering this!  How easy is it exactly to come up with a whole year’s worth of blog post ideas?

You may think that you cannot possibly come up with enough ideas for those posts – especially an entire year’s worth!

The Create One Year of Blog Content in One Month challenge will help you actually come up with those ideas!  It guides you through keyword research for articles and posts, and also how to brainstorm the type of articles that are relevant to your blog and readers.

The challenge walks you through creating all those blog posts, over the 30 day time period. If you stick to the challenge I can assure you that you can definitely create all the content you need for your blog for one year!

Who is The She Approach?

The She Approach is a great blogging website run by Ana. Ana runs multiple blogs, websites and businesses, including The She Approach website and blog.

Running multiple blogs and businesses takes time. That is why Ana is an expert on how to create a lot of content, in as fast a time as possible.  She has developed this challenge based on the batch content creation that she uses to run all her own blogs and businesses.

Why I love the She Approach’s One Year of Blog Content in One Month Course

Any blogger can just sit down and come up with a strategy and plan for creating articles and content. Yes we all know that. Perhaps not well, but they can do it!

But how many times have you really sat down and tried to come up with a plan, that you either abandoned in its initial planning stages, or that you just didn’t stick to even if you did utilize it?

The challenge from The She Approach makes you set a goal and brainstorm what exactly you need in the way of blog content. It then holds you accountable by providing a tracker – so you can track what needs to be done, and your progress.

The tracker in the course challenge is a really handy Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet (you choose the one you want to use).  They are easy to use, and you can constantly refer to them and use them.

The course challenge also takes you through good keyword research, and shows you the best ways to do keyword research and how to actually do it properly. 


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in One Month Challenge here!


One of the most challenging parts of blogging and running a blog is creating content. Great content is essential to your blog but it takes time to create and perfect.  But this challenge can help you create an entire year’s worth of high-quality SEO-optimized content and articles in no time at all!


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