16 Amazing IKEA Hacks you can do in a Weekend

IKEA products are widely available, low cost, and also so stylish. But the absolutely great thing about IKEA products is that they can be hacked – completely redesigned and changed!

Hacking IKEA products means changing just about anything to do with that product  – including the color, finish and style.

Not only are IKEA hacks fun and enjoyable to do, they can provide you with a unique one of a kind item that nobody else has.  

If you want unique, budget-friendly items for your home, consider these 16 amazing IKEA hacks that you can do in just a weekend.

These hacks are great for weekends. You have more time on a weekend. You can get really stuck into a great DIY craft project.  You don’t feel as rushed and stressed getting something done.

They are relatively simple, yet incredibly effective DIY hacks, and they don’t involve really complicated directions and figuring out.




Weekend IKEA Hacks



What is an IKEA Hack?

You may be wondering what exactly is an IKEA hack?  An IKEA hack is really just another name for changing an IKEA product.

For instance an IKEA hack can take something like a basic table, and it can be painted or stained, added to in some way, and then the table is completely different and changed –  or hacked.

An IKEA hack takes a product and makes it better, different or more useful.

For instance, in the photo  below you will see an IKEA product (the Nissafors cart) as it is sold, before it is hacked or touched in any way on the left. On the right is the same cart which has been hacked and changed completely.  As you can see – hacking a product can completely change it!




Why I Love IKEA Hacks

I first discovered IKEA hacks several years ago, while casually scrolling through Pinterest.   Since then my goal is to discover as many IKEA hacks as I can, which I bring to you on my blog.

An IKEA hack can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be.

An IKEA hack can use pretty much anything that IKEA sells, and turn it into an amazing unique different piece.

An IKEA hack can be as large or as small as you want it to be.

An IKEA hack can be for your home, for yourself, or as a gift to others.

An IKEA hack isn’t that expensive to do. As IKEA products start out being so reasonably priced, even if you have to buy materials and supplies for that hack, the final cost is never going to be huge.

IKEA hacks are much loved by DIY enthusiasts. They are sought out and tried by those who just love IKEA.  Who doesn’t love IKEA anyway! It is stylish, accessible, and priced just right. There are so many reasons to already love IKEA. Then on top of that there are the hacks!

So – let’s head straight over to those 16 IKEA hacks that you can do in a weekend! (and I have got a bonus hack for you at the end – just because!)

IKEA Hacks you can do in a Weekend

1.Lack Table turned into Family Game Table

Games with your family make for great family bonding experiences, especially during these times.  This hack takes the simple and classic IKEA Lack table, and turns it into fabulous games tables. 

You can create a table for Monopoly and Backgammon, or pretty much any game table that you want to.  See the post here about how to create these great games tables.


IKEA hack games table with Lack

Photo: IKEA


2.DIY Modern Vanity using Ekby Alex

If you need a vanity desk in your bedroom, but space is an issue. Or if you need a desk for you or a family member in your home, consider hacking IKEA’s Ekby Alex unit.   

This hack puts modern legs onto the unit, to create a beautiful vanity desk that will be beautiful as well as functional.

As you can see – this hack really doesn’t take much – just a set of legs attached, to completely turn it into something else.    See the hack right here.


IKEA hack modern desk vanity

Photo: A New Bloom

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3.Beautiful DIY Ottoman

Ottomans make great pieces for your living room, but they can be either plain or in a pattern not to your liking or choosing. They can also be pretty pricey to buy, especially if you need to choose your own fabric and make it more to your liking.

Taking a simple IKEA ottoman and covering it with pretty fabric of your choosing, you can make a great statement piece of furniture for your home, at a great price. See the hack here.


IKEA ottoman hack

Photo: Rebecca Propes Design & DIY



IKEA hacks for the weekend


4.DIY Kitchen Island

If you are in need of more space in your kitchen, a quick hack can fix all that.  This hack uses the IKEA Expedit storage cube and the Numerar countertop. 

This hack turns it into a beautiful rolling kitchen storage island. Just what you need to solve that storage problem that you have in your kitchen, and it also looks so good too. You can see the hack here.


IKEA Expedit hack

Photo: Sketchy Styles


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5.Stikwood Bed Headboard Hack

Bored with your current headboard? Or are you desperately in need of a new stylish headboard? Do you want your existing bed to look more expensive?  Because IKEA hacks can do just that – make something look more unique and expensive.

IKEA hacks for headboards are cheaper and more stylish than anything you can buy. Headboards can be expensive, especially unique stylish ones.

This hack uses Stikwood, which is adhesive wood paper. I think you will agree it makes an incredibly stylish and expensive looking headboard that will look great in any bedroom.  See the hack here.


IKEA headboard hack

Photo: Sugar & Cloth

6.Mudroom Hack

If you are in need of a mudroom, even just a little one, try a hack for that. This mudroom hack uses the IKEA Brusali TV unit, and the Ekby Hemnes shelf. 

It makes up such a stylish mudroom unit for your home and family. Where else could you get such a useful and beautiful mudroom at a great price? Get the full hack right here.


IKEA mudroom hack

Photo: Maisonmass


7.Reclaimed Wood Buffet

This hack is just so amazing, and is such a great example of how a hack can just totally transform an IKEA piece. 

If you need a sideboard or buffet for your dining room, this is a wonderful hack to try.

I think this piece of furniture looks so beautiful and stylish.  If you were to buy this in a store it would probably cost an amazing amount of money.   Get the full hack details right here.


IKEA buffet hack

Photo: Place of my Taste


8.Gold & Marble Side Table Hack

This hack uses the Vittsjo table and turns it into a beautiful gold and marble piece of furniture.  It is perfect to use as a side table, or you could also use it for bedside tables.

Nobody will know this was bought originally from IKEA. It just looks so different from the original product. You can see the hack right here.


IKEA side table hack

Photo: The Sweetest Digs


9.Mirrored Night Stand

This makes a really unique piece of furniture for your bedroom. So stylish and different from everything else out there! 

A mirrored night stand will literally go with any decor whatsoever in your bedroom. It doesn’t matter what your color scheme is, or what other furniture you have. You can watch the video on how to do this hack right here.



10.Bar Cart Hack

A bar cart can be a fun useful piece of furniture for your home.  Bur pre-made bar carts can be pretty expensive.

It seems that everyone wants a bar cart right now!  They are modern and stylish, and they serve so many different purposes – they don’t have to be just for your drinks. A bar cart can be used for a coffee station, a craft station – whatever you need!

This hack takes an IKEA laptop table and turns it into a beautiful budget-friendly bar cart. See the hack here.


IKEA bar cart hack

Photo: Style Me Pretty

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11.Rolling Under bed Storage Cart

If you have storage issues in your bedroom, utilize that space under your bed. Build this rolling storage cart, which is made using IKEA Ribba frames.

So many people forget about that storage space under their beds, or they just don’t use it well. So this rolling cart will keep all those things you need to store to hand, safely and fully accessible.  Get the full hack tutorial here. 


IKEA underbed storage cart hack

Photo: Curbly


12.IKEA Dresser to TV Stand

In just a weekend you could create a beautiful piece of furniture that you will love for years and years.

This  hack creates just that. A classic piece of useful furniture, that looks so stylish and will be admired by everyone you know.

This TV stand unit is absolutely beautiful and stylish.  It looks like a high end piece that you could normally only buy from somewhere like Pottery Barn or West Elm.  But you can create this expensive looking, stylish piece yourself far more cheaply, and have fun doing it too!  You can see the full hack tutorial right here.


IKEA TV Stand hack

Photo: Purely Katie


13.Charging Station using Fintorp

Create a really useful charging station for your kitchen, using the IKEA Fintorp railing system. This Fintorp rail system is used to hang things in your kitchen and more. But it can be hacked and used in such a unique and useful way with this amazing hack!

Charging cords can look cluttered and messy in your kitchen. But this wonderful hack takes a simple IKEA railing system and makes an incredibly stylish charging station.  You can see the full hack here.


IKEA hack charging station

Photo: Polka Dots in the Country


14.Moppe Apothecary Storage Chest

The IKEA Moppe unit is just calling out to be decorated and hacked!  This hack that can be done easily in a weekend takes that plain yet stylish unit, and turns it into a beautiful vintage style apothecary cabinet! You can see the hack right here


IKEA Hacks for your weekend!


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15.Lego Table

If you are tired of your kids Lego bricks being scattered all over the house, or you just need a Lego workstation for them to use, this hack is perfect! 

Taking an IKEA Lack side table, you can turn it into something amazing and useful. Keep that sprawling lego to hand, and make clean-up much easier too! Get the complete hack tutorial right here.


IKEA Lego table hack

Photo: The Decorated Cookie


16.Dipped Stools

These beautiful dipped leg stools will look perfect anywhere in your home. Stools are so useful to have around any home. They fit in pretty much any room, and can be used as decoration or as a useful aid.

They can help you reach certain heights, be used as little side tables, be used as plant stands, and much more.  See the full tutorial right here.


IKEA dipped stools hack

Photo: Style Me Pretty



A Bonus IKEA Hack for your Weekend!

As promised, here is a bonus IKEA hack for your weekend! So this makes 17 incredible and amazing IKEA hacks that you can do in just a weekend!


17. Colorful Ivar Chest

This is a truly beautiful piece of furniture. I wanted to include this hack here, as it is a perfect example of how just using something as simple as paint can really transform a piece of IKEA furniture.

This Ivar dresser starts out as a blank canvas with its natural wood finish. But by painting some of the doors you can truly transform this piece into a unique stand out piece of furniture for your home.  You can view the complete hack here.  (It is in German, just use Google Translate).

IKEA Ivar Hack

Photo: Trendshock


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As you can see – these 16 (17!) IKEA hacks are all perfect weekend DIY projects for you to do.

IKEA pieces can be changed as simply as just adding some paint, or as much as putting a new finish on them, or using them for something else entirely from what their original intention was for.

IKEA products can be made more expensive looking, more stylish looking, and they can be made to look like they are from another store entirely!

If you try any of these IKEA hacks I would love to see your pictures!

You can find many more IKEA hacks on my website Make Calm Lovely here. Check out my Pinterest pages of IKEA hacks too!


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These IKEA hacks are all simple and easy to do in a weekend. Make something useful, stylish and unique this weekend with a Unique hack!



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