14 Great IKEA Hacks for Your kitchen

IKEA Hacks are easy and fun to do, and they will make your kitchen look amazing! Check out these great DIY IKEA Hacks for your kitchen!


You need a functional kitchen, whatever size your kitchen is. But how do you make your kitchen more functional? You don’t need to hire an interior designer, buy a whole new kitchen, or completely me-model your kitchen in order for it to be more perfect for your needs. You just need a great IKEA hack that will create great space  and usability in your kitchen.

IKEA hacks could be the perfect solution to your kitchen problems. Does your kitchen need a makeover, or does it lack storage space and organization? There is an IKEA hack for both those things. So give your kitchen a new lease of life with some great IKEA products and hacks. These hacks are also affordable kitchen hacks, that are budget friendly and also easy to do.

Hacks are DIY projects that change something into something else. Sometimes it is a very simple and subtle change, and sometimes it is a major change! Sometimes it is a dramatic change! Hacks are affordable and fast renovation projects.

Are you tired of your old kitchen and want to put some more life and interest into it? There is an IKEA hack for that too! Do you have a small kitchen that is hard to get around, or store things in? There is also an IKEA hack for that!

Kitchen renovations can be really expensive and messy. But you can get your kitchen looking lovely, and make it more organized and productive.  You can do this just by using some IKEA products and very basic DIY skills (even if you think you aren’t that great at DIY!). 

Take a look at all these 14 great IKEA hacks that you can do for your kitchen that cost next to nothing, are stylish, easy and functional. Plus we have a bonus hack at the end to give you even more hacks for your kitchen! These are quite simply some of the best IKEA kitchen hacks out there.

So create the perfect opportunity and give your kitchen a designer finish and modern look, and completely change the look of your kitchen. You can create great extra worktop space , a great new custom look, custom updates, different colors, extra counter space, great storage solutions, and so much more!


14 Great IKEA hacks for your kitchen





IKEA hacks for your kitchen


As you can see the kitchen above is beautiful and stylish, and made even more so with the addition of great noticeable lights over the breakfast bar. 

Those lights don’t come like that – they are an IKEA hack!

This is a great example of how a simple IKEA hack can really transform your home and the way it looks! Those lights have been fixed up and transformed with an IKEA hack! They have taken something and made it completely different and unique!

See these 14 Great ideas for IKEA Kitchen Hacks! (don’t forget the bonus hack at the end too!)


1. Kitchen Cart Hack

This stylish kitchen cart takes, and uses, a simple IKEA kitchen cart, which is then painted and re-modeled.

The blue in this DIY project makes it really stand out, but you can paint it to your own taste to match your decor, or in a more stand-out color. 

This project makes a beautiful cart that will add extra space in your kitchen in the way of a kitchen island, or additional counter-top area.

If you need more kitchen storage and counter space this could be a great option for you.
You can find the entire DIY here.


Great IKEA hacks for your kitchenPhoto: Nikoo’s Photos


2. DIY Wine Bar Hack

This is such a wonderful idea for creating an additional counter in your kitchen/dining room that is dedicated to, and turned into, a bar area! 

A wine refrigerator, or any small refrigerator, will sit just perfectly inside this counter, and the counter space is not just functional – it is also so stylish and great looking!  You can get the full DIY here.



IKEA Kitchen HacksPhoto: IKEA Hackers



3. Indoor Herb Garden 

A bit of greenery always livens up any room, and having fresh herbs to hand in your kitchen is not only useful, but pretty and stylish too. 

This hack using the IKEA Vurm wine bottle holder makes a great indoor herb garden. It doesn’t take up too much room in your kitchen, can be hung anywhere, and is so useful and functional!  You can see the entire how-to post here.


IKEA Hacks for your kitchenPhoto: Curbly


4. DIY Bar Cart

This hack turns a simple IKEA cart (Nissafors) into a beautiful bar cart. If you want an amazing looking piece of furniture in your kitchen for your drinks (or even your coffee!) this is the perfect DIY hack for you.

You can get the complete DIY for this bar cart hack here.


DIY Bar Cart IKEA Hack


5. Slatted Wall Rack

This hack from the site Ich Designer makes a really useful wall-hanging unit for your kitchen. 

This makes a great organizing space for your kitchen (and could also be used to organize pretty much any room of your home). 

If you have a blank wall in your kitchen, not only is this decorative, it will also create so much more storage space for you.

Get the full tutorial right here.


IKEA Kitchen hacksPhoto: Ich Designer


6. Bar stools makeover

This hack takes a couple of regular bar stools and completely revamps them. The end result is unique and expensive looking new bar stools! 

These stools look like something you would buy in a really high end furniture store! It is truly amazing just what some paint can do!

Get the full DIY tutorial here from Melodrama.


Bar stools great IKEA kitchen hackPhoto: Melodrama


7. Kitchen Island using IKEA Kallax

The Kallax unit is such a versatile piece of furniture, and is the star of so many hacks! Not least this one.

See how the simple little Kallax unit can make a great and useful kitchen island with this hack.  This is a beautiful stylish and useful piece for your kitchen, and you can only get it if you hack! Get the full DIY here.


Kitchen island IKEA hackPhoto: Jen Lou Meredith


8. DIY Burned Cork Trivets

These iconic cork trivets have been an IKEA staple for years and years!

I still have these cork trivets going back about 20 years or more!  They have seen me through so much in my life, and they are still going strong! (see what else you can do with those cork trivets here!)

Here’s a way to pretty them up and make them different – take a look at this DIY tutorial.


Cork trivets IKEA kitchen hackPhoto: Where the Smiles Have Been


9. DIY Copper Barn Pendant Lights

These beautiful copper barn pendant lights look really expensive, and have that great industrial farmhouse look to them. 

They can really turn a boring looking kitchen into something quite spectacular. Take a look at how these lights completely transform and update this kitchen.

The full tutorial for these can be found here.


Copper barn pendant lights IKEA kitchen hackPhoto: Kojo Designs

10. DIY Metallic Salt & Pepper Shakers

These salt and pepper shakers will add some color and fun to your kitchen and/or dining room. 

This is a really easy hack to do, but the end-result is so effective and impressive. If you want a small IKEA hack, that is easy yet beautiful, you should try this hack!

Get the full tutorial here.


Salt and pepper shakers IKEA kitchen hackPhoto: Brit & Co


11. Step Stool Makeover

So much can be done with the humble wooden IKEA Bekvam step stool!

This is a DIY hack that beautifies the Bekvam step stool.  The stool will look really lovely in your kitchen.  It is also so easy to use for getting into those upper cabinets and spaces!! 

See the full tutorial here.


IKEA step stool kitchen hackPhoto: Pastels and Macarons


See lots more IKEA Bekvam Step Stool Hacks here

12. IKEA Kitchen Island Hack

This kitchen island hack is just so versatile and useful. 

The kitchen island can store so much that you might not know what to do with right now. It can store all your cookbooks, supplies etc.  It looks great and stylish too. It would also make a great divider if you are trying to separate a dining area from a kitchen area.

Get the full DIY hack tutorial here.


Kitchen island hack using IKEA productsPhoto: Golden Boys and Me


13. Great Shelves to Display your Cookbooks

This is a fabulous hack which lets you display all your cookbooks.

This is a great way to use up an otherwise blank boring wall area, and your cookbooks will be so easily to hand. You will never wish you knew where your cookbook was again!

Get the full how to instructions here.


Cook book display hack using IKEA productsPhoto: Apartment Therapy



14. IKEA Raskog Storage Cart

I love the Raskog cart – really really love it! It must be one of the best pieces that IKEA has designed in recent years. 

The cart can be used in every single room of your house, and its use in the kitchen is just awesome. 

You can create an extra storage unit for your kitchen, which is also on wheels! Use it for storing your vegetables, cooking supplies, food, or even as a coffee station. Its uses are endless in the kitchen. 

Not only that – you can paint the cart any color you want, use it it any room of your home, and use it for hundreds of different uses in your life.

Get this idea for your kitchen using the Raskog cart here.


IKEA Raskog kitchen cart hack


See all the many uses for an IKEA Raskog Cart here


Bonus IKEA Hack! Here is another bonus IKEA hack for your Kitchen!

15.  Potato and Vegetable Bin

This hack uses the IKEA Rast chest for a potato and vegetable bin!  You know how you shouldn’t keep your potatoes and onions in your refrigerator?  (if you didn’t, you do now!)

But where do you keep them? The answer is in this potato and vegetable bin!  It is an amazing hack that creates something so useful for your kitchen. You can see the hack right here.


Potato and vegetable bin

Photo: StowAndTellYou


I hope you enjoyed this round up of great IKEA hacks for your kitchen!

Don’t just deal with a cluttered kitchen. Or a boring bland kitchen. Hack IKEA products to make your kitchen work so much better for you, and look so much better.


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IKEA products are wonderful to hack, to organize and upgrade your kitchen!


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