14 IKEA Hacks so Chic & Stylish you will Scream!

Almost anything IKEA sells can be hacked.  Take a look at these hacks that are just so chic and stylish!  They take a regular piece of IKEA furniture and turn it into something really quite extraordinary and amazing.

There is an IKEA store just about anywhere, which is great for those of us who love IKEA.  But it is also not so great for those of us who love IKEA, as we then all have the same pieces of furniture in our homes.

That is where hacks come in.  They take something the same as many others have, and turn them into amazing unique, one of a kind, pieces.

These 14 hacks are for the most wonderful stylish and chic pieces of furniture for your home.  A little work is needed for all of them, but then you will have something quite remarkable for your home.

Hacks are so much fun. They make great weekend projects and leave you feeling so proud of yourself for what you made and accomplished!

If you are looking for chic and stylish, take a look at all these hacks. They all feature easy to obtain IKEA pieces.



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Chic & stylish IKEA hacks


Here are all those 14 hacks in detail:

Rast Bathroom Vanity

This is such a chic and beautiful bathroom vanity, using the Rast unit. A little work goes into this hack, but it is so worth it as it is such a unique beautiful piece. This hack is even using a mixing bowl as a sink!  You can see the hack here.  

IKEA bathroom vanity hack

Photo: IKEA Hackers



Tarva Dresser Hack

This hack takes the simple Tarva dresser and turns into a beautiful stylish piece of furniture.  Just painting it and adding more upscale handles, it becomes the most chic dresser you could have in your home. See the hack right here.  

Chic and Stylish IKEA hacks

Photo: SarahShermanSamuel


DIY Entry Table

This is such a beautiful stylish desk hack, that makes an amazing entry table.  It features gold leaf legs, and gloss black spray paint. You can see the complete hack here.

IKEA Entry table hack

Photo: Style Me Pretty


Lack Copper Shelves

This hack takes the Lack shelf and turns it into a unique stylish copper shelf.  The hack just uses copper contact film, and with the hidden brackets, this shelving unit is so beautiful, chic and stylish.  See the complete hack here.  

IKEA Copper Shelf Lack

Photo: IKEA



Gold Leaf Desk

This desk is just so beautiful! It is also one of the most stylish and chic pieces of furniture I have ever seen!  With just a little elbow grease, you can make this gorgeous desk for your home. It would also make a great dressing table or vanity unit.  Get the hack right here. 

IKEA Gold Leaf desk hack

Photo: Style Me Pretty


Gold Upholstered Bench

This beautiful gold upholstered bench is just so chic! Make it easily with just a little effort required. It would be a great bench for the end of your bed! You can see the complete hack right here.  

Photo: Dwellings by Devore


IKEA Kallax Bar

This hack using the Kallax shelf unit is gorgeous.  Just adding some chic looking legs totally transforms this piece of furniture.  It makes the most wonderful stylish bar for your home. All ready for any entertaining purpose! See the complete hack right here.


IKEA Kallax bar hack

Photo: The Everygirl


Vintage Style Gold Dresser

Another beautiful dresser hack here, featuring gold edged drawers.   This unique and stylish hack is very easy to do. See the full hack here.  

Vintage style IKEA dresser hack

Photo: Preciously Me


Copper & Marble Nightstand

The IKEA Lack table is to the rescue here again, with this lovely stylish nightstand hack.  The copper legs and marble top makes it look just so chic. You can see the hack right here.  

Copper and marble nightstand hack

Photo: Kristi Murphy


Bar Stools Makeover

Bar Stools can be pretty uninteresting. But this hack lets you add some sparkle and style to a regular bar stool. These stools hacked look chic and industrial, all at the same time! See the hack right here.  

IKEA bar stools hack

Photo: Melo-Drama



10-Minute Fur Stool Hack

How is this for the best hack ever! It takes only 10 minutes! You can create this lovely chic fur stool. Perfect for your bedroom (and perhaps make it along with one of the vanity unit hacks in this post also!). See the hack right here. 

IKEA fur stool hack

Photo: Darling Darleen



Chic Vanity Unit

If you want the most chic vanity unit for your bedroom, look no further! If you are prepared to put in just a little bit of work, this unit will serve you well! It is also a great size for pretty much any size bedroom. See the hack right here.  

Modern stylish IKEA vanity hack

Photo: A New Bloom


Rast Plexiglass Table

This plexiglass hacked Rast table is just absolutely the most stylish and chic item for your home. Who else would have such a chic piece as this table!  You can see the full hack tutorial right here. 

IKEA plexiglass table hack

Photo: Ich Designer



Gold Desk Hack

This lovely gold desk makes a great desk, or vanity unit for your home.  You will have the most chic and stylish gold desk! The hardest part of this hack is spray painting it! See the hack here



Don’t be stuck with the same pieces as everyone else has in your home!  Put in a little work and create something unique and wonderful with these great hacks.


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