12 IKEA Kitchen Island Hacks that are Useful & Stylish

Here are 12 kitchen islands that have been created by hacking IKEA products! These DIY hacks will let you have your ideal kitchen island!


A kitchen island is such a useful piece of furniture in a kitchen. But they can be pretty expensive.  It can also be hard to find an ideal island too for your kitchen!

Kitchen islands can be used for so many things in a kitchen. They can be an additional prep area for cooking and food. They can give you additional countertop space, and they can also even give you a much needed eating area. They can also be great additional storage spaces.

The majority of homes do not have a central area in the kitchen. A kitchen island is a pretty recent modern concoction, and for most kitchens you will need to buy or create your own, especially if you have an older kitchen.

By hacking and doing some DIY for your home with a kitchen island you can create more space, storage and use for your kitchen.

So here are 12 ideas for useful and stylish kitchen islands for your home that you can completely DIY and make yourself!


12 IKEA Kitchen Island Hacks that are useful and stylish

Beautiful Farmhouse Style Kitchen Island

Turquoise color kitchen island.


I absolutely love this kitchen island.  It started its life as a simple IKEA base kitchen cabinet.  Wheels have been added, and it has been painted the most beautiful color.

A butcher block countertop added to the top of the island creates a useful prep area.  Railings on the sides also provide storage for utensils, as does the large cabinet inside. You can see this hack right here.

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Kallax Kitchen Island Hack

White Kallax IKEA unit kitchen island.


This hack uses the IKEA Kallax unit.  By adding a great wooden butcher block style top, and wheels, it turns it into a stylish moving must have for your kitchen. You can see the complete DIY tutorial right here.

Rustic Farmhouse Style Kitchen Island

Brown wooden farmhouse rustic style kitchen island.

This kitchen island is absolutely beautiful.  If you have a farmhouse style home and kitchen, or want a rustic farmhouse looking piece. You can see this here on Instagram.


Minimal Rolling Kitchen Island

White rolling kitchen cart.

This kitchen cart is very minimal, and also very easy to make!  If you just need something small, that can be moved around easily, this is the perfect kitchen island/cart for you. You can see the complete DIY hack here.

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Easy Kitchen Island Refinish

blue painted kitchen island.

This kitchen island from IKEA is already stylish and practical. But sometimes you just want something a little bit different, and an easy DIY at that!

This DIY for a kitchen island is incredibly fast and easy to do. Yet it produces such a unique piece for your kitchen! You can see the hack right here.

Marble & Metal Kitchen Island

Marble and Metal kitchen island.

This metal and marble kitchen island has a great industrial and farmhouse theme to it.  An IKEA table base is the core for this hack. You can see the DIY hack right here.


Custom IKEA Kitchen Island

Custom IKEA Kitchen island.

This hack creates a totally custom kitchen island with IKEA products.  This post shows you exactly how to do this yourself.

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Rustic Bar with Galvanized Metal Top

Rustic wooden bar with metal top.

This hack can be used as a bar, or a kitchen island, or both!  It has a great farmhouse style to it, but at the same time it could also fit in to a more modern kitchen too. You can see the DIY hack right here.

Kitchen Island with Seating

White kitchen island with seating.

This kitchen island is so useful – as it not only comes with a work surface and storage, it also has seating too!

The main piece of this hack is the IKEA Hemnes dresser.  That is what gives you the great storage!  You can see the DIY hack here.


Alternative Kitchen Island

White and wood kitchen island.


This is a slightly different kitchen island, with a twist!  The legs of a popular IKEA desk are used for this hack, with other pieces added to make it useful – and alternative! You can see the DIY hack right here.

Another Kallax Kitchen Island Hack

White and wood kitchen island with IKEA Kallax shelf.

The IKEA Kallax unit is such a useful unit to use for kitchen island hacks! Here is another hack with Kallax at its very core. You can see the complete DIY hack here.

Kitchen Island with Drawers

Red IKEA Hemnes kitchen island.

This kitchen island is created using the IKEA Hemnes dresser.

The stainless steel countertop adds a stylish touch, which is also just so functional and useful.   Wheels have been added to the base, to make it easy to move around. You can see this great hack tutorial here.

If you need some additional storage and an additional work surface in your kitchen, a kitchen island is just what you need.

Instead of paying out a lot of money for a swish and swanky kitchen island, just hack your own using IKEA products! All of these DIY projects are turning those products into amazing kitchen islands, that are so useful and stylish!


12 IKEA Kitchen Island Hacks that are useful and stylish

Here are 12 kitchen islands that have been created by hacking IKEA products! These DIY hacks will let you have your ideal kitchen island!

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