25 Incredible IKEA Ivar Cabinet Hacks

The IKEA Ivar cabinet comes in a lovely untreated solid pine.  In its natural state it is a pretty and stylish Scandi-style cabinet. But by hacking it you can elevate it to something truly amazing!


The IKEA Ivar cabinet is a natural looking unfinished pine wood cabinet that IKEA sells everywhere.

Ivar’s natural unfinished state is pretty enough, and has that wonderful Scandi-style that IKEA is famous for.

In its natural state Ivar will go with absolutely any home decor. It can fit subtly into your existing decor, or it can stand out if you need it to. But if you hack Ivar you can really make it stand out!

This is how IKEA Ivar comes:


As you can see, Ivar is very pretty and stylish already in its simplicity.  It looks great as it is – it really does. But you may just want to make it a little more special!


25 Incredible IKEA Ivar Cabinet Hacks


How to Hack the IKEA Ivar Cabinet

There are so many ways to hack the Ivar cabinet.  You can paint it, add legs, add panels in the doors, add things inside the cabinet, add worktops and countertops, and so much more!

One of the easiest DIYs you can go with Ivar is to paint it!  Painting IKEA furniture is one of the best ways to upgrade it and elevate it.

Painting the Ivar cabinet is relatively fast and easy to do, and you can totally make it blend into your existing home decor, or make it stand out.

You can also stain Ivar. That natural wood is just begging for a pretty stain! You can stain it darker to completely change the look.

Adding legs also adds a great touch to Ivar. Legs will make it taller, and give it a different look too. 

All the DIY hacks detailed below using Ivar are using all or some of these things to elevate Ivar. I hope this gives you ideas of your own to upgrade your Ivar!

Luminous Ivar Hack

This Ivar hack adds legs and paint – which creates a beautiful colorful cabinet.  Opaque and bring luminous colored paints have been used in this DIY.

This DIY is actually very simple – just prime and paint, and add legs! It won’t take you long at all. You can see the full DIY hack here.

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Beautiful Green Ivar

This beautiful green painted Ivar cabinet makes a gorgeous cabinet for any area of your home.

In this DIY hack the cabinet has been painted a beautiful shade of green, hooks have been added inside the doors, and legs have also been added.

Monstera Bar Cabinet

In this gorgeous Ivar hack, a Monstera leaf overlay has been added, together with legs, to create a beautiful and stylish bar cabinet.

It is absolutely amazing that this started out life as that unfinished Ivar cabinet! You can see the complete DIY tutorial for this hack here.

Chalk Paint Floral Ivar

This gorgeous Ivar cabinet hack uses chalk paint, together with beautiful floral designs.  It creates an outstanding, designer looking piece of furniture!  You can see the complete DIY hack here.

Blue and Gold Ivar

This beautiful blue and gold Ivar is just gorgeous. The shade of blue chosen is such a beautiful midnight blue, and the gold legs add an elegant touch that goes so well with the blue. You can see the complete DIY project for this right here.


25 Incredible IKEA Ivar Cabinet Hacks


DIY Modern Drinks Cabinet

This beautiful DIY drinks cabinet will really stand out in your home, and totally elevates Ivar into something amazing!

I just love those gold legs in this hack, and the paneling on the doors is out of this world! You can see the DIY tutorial right here.

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Ivar Standing Desk

Two IKEA Ivar cabinets have been used in this hack to create an amazing standing desk.  

This desk is stylish and useful, and good for you with the standing part! But you can also make this a regular sized desk too. You can see the complete DIY hack tutorial here.

Ivar Kitchen Cabinet

This beautiful and stylish kitchen cabinet started its life as IKEA Ivar.  This hack uses 2 of the Ivar cabinets, together with a worktop.  You can see the DIY tutorial for this hack right here.

DIY Modern Buffet

Here is another example of painting Ivar white. By joining two Ivar cabinets together, painting them white, and adding stylish legs and a top, it creates this beautiful minimal modern buffet. You can see the complete DIY tutorial here.

Stained Ivar

Here is an example of how great Ivar can look stained with wood stain.  The wood stain creates a lovely stylish look, and leather handles have been added for a lovely twist too. 

Painted with Cane Webbing

With this pretty cabinet, Ivar has been painted, cane webbing added and lovely little handles added as a nice addition. 

Cool Sideboard

Painting and adding legs creates this beautiful cool looking sideboard with Ivar!

If you want a really cool looking piece of furniture this is for you! You can see the complete DIY tutorial right here.


Masking Tape Ivar

In this DIY hack, bronze colored masking tape has been added creatively to the Ivar cabinet.  Legs have also been added to create a beautiful and stylish cabinet.  This is a great hack that just goes to show you don’t have to do much to elevate Ivar!

Earthtone Painted

Here is an example of painting Ivar.  This is painted in a beautiful earth tone that just looks so modern and stylish, yet simple at the same time.

Wood Flutes and Stain

Fluted moldings have been added to this Ivar cabinet and stained, for a pretty more rustic Ivar look. See it here.

Entryway Storage

This is a wonderful example of a very simple use of Ivar!  It creates a beautiful, simple and minimal entryway storage unit.  It doesn’t require much, but it is absolutely lovely. You can see the complete DIY hack here.

Woven Door Ivar

This pretty woven door Ivar adds a completely different look to the cabinet.

Cane Paneled Cabinet

This beautiful cane paneled cabinet is a beautiful creation with Ivar.

Cane panels have been added to the doors, it has been painted, and beautiful and stylish handles added. You can see the complete DIY tutorial right here.

Ivar Rattan Cabinet

Here is another hack that uses rattan/cane to complete elevate IKEA Ivar.

This DIY hack creates a gorgeous boho style cabinet which looks just so stylish and gorgeous. You can see the complete DIY hack here.

Cane Webbing Ivar Hack

Here is another hack using webbing, cane webbing.  In this hack the doors are completely made of cane webbing, which adds such a classy touch. You can see the complete DIY here.

Painted the Same Color as a Wall

Here is another idea for Ivar – painted the same color as a wall.

This creates a really stylish designer look, that is just so unique. See it here.

Home Office Ivar

Here Ivar is being used for stylish and pretty home office cabinets. Pretty leather handles are also added to create a great built-in storage area.

Bright Office Storage

Painting Ivar cabinets in bright colors, and adding shelving, makes for a beautiful office storage unit.  With this unit you can store so much in style. You can see the DIY tutorial here.

Painted Mountain Ranges

This painted mountain range design on Ivar is so pretty, and so unique too. It would be perfect for a children’s room or nursery.

Craft Room Storage

Here Ivar has been used (many times!) for craft room storage! It creates an amazing wall of storage cabinets!

You could use this idea for storage that you need anywhere in your home. You can see the complete DIY hack right here.


25 Incredible IKEA Ivar Cabinet Hacks

The IKEA Ivar cabinet comes in an unfinished untreated solid pine.  In its natural state it is a pretty and stylish Scandi-style cabinet. But by hacking it you can elevate it to something amazing!

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