10 More Amazing IKEA Kitchen Hacks

IKEA Kitchen Hacks.  10 more amazing kitchen hacks that are fast and easy to make for your home.


IKEA Kitchen hacks are so popular with everyone!  Everyone loves IKEA, and the ability to hack certain pieces and items from the IKEA range of products, means that everyone can have a unique piece of furniture or decor in their home.

IKEA hacks are fun to do, and will really get noticed in your home!  These IKEA kitchen hacks can be done in a day or a weekend.  They are inexpensive and fast to do, and you will just love the way they make your kitchen look.

My post 14 Great IKEA Hacks for your Kitchen has been so popular. I wanted to follow it up with another further post of even more IKEA kitchen hacks for your kitchen!

You are going to love these further hacks that I found for you!  Your kitchen deserves these lovely hacks!

So here are 10 More IKEA Kitchen Hacks! I hope you love them as much as I do!


IKEA Kitchen hacks




Grundtal Glam Kitchen Rail

IKEA Kitchen hacksPhoto: Swoonworthy


The Grundtal rail is such a great versatile storage system anyway, But here Swoonworthy has glammed up the rail with gold spray paint. This makes the rail so much more glamorous and makes it stand out in your kitchen. You can see the complete hack tutorial here.  


Rustic Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Photo: The Inspired Hive

IKEA Kitchen hacksPhoto: The Inspired Hive


The IKEA Bekvam shelves are such handy little shelves for all areas of your home.  This hack takes those shelves and turns them into rustic wall mounted spice racks.  This will not only create perfect storage for your spices in your kitchen, but those racks look so amazing and interesting. You can see the full hack tutorial here. 


Modern scandinavian 3-Tier Stand

IKEA Kitchen HacksPhoto: Curbly


This great hack uses the Oleby cutting board.  With a little bit of work, this great 3-tired rack is created.  It will work really well in your kitchen as fruit storage, or storing certain foods, condiments, spices etc.  It really does make a truly unique piece that will look great, and give you more storage, in your kitchen. It would also make a great party piece, as you could display appetizers, desserts etc on it for your guests.  You can see the full hack tutorial here from Curbly.


Unique Serving Utensils

IKEA Kitchen HacksPhoto: The Everygirl


Just by taking basic kitchen utensils from IKEA, you can really jazz them up with paint and create really unique pieces.  You may want your utensils to match your kitchen color scheme. Or add a jolt of color into an otherwise bland kitchen decor.  This is such a fun, fast and easy way to add something unique to your kitchen. You could also make these as a special gift for someone. You can see the full tutorial right here.


Billy Bookcase Kitchen Pantry

IKEA Kitchen HacksPhoto: Feeling Nifty


The Billy bookcase is so great to use in absolutely all rooms of your home. It is also one of the most hackable pieces of furniture.   If you need extra storage space, and especially if you don’t have a pantry in your kitchen, this could answer all your problems.   This is a quick easy fix for needed storage in your ktichen. But it also looks so great!  See the full tutorial right here.  


Ideal Lights for your Kitchen Table

IKEA Kitchen hacksPhoto: Apartment Therapy/Aimee Mazzenga


If you are looking for some great unique lights for your kitchen, these may be just what you need!  They are actually using the IKEA Blanda Blank stainless steel bowls!  This is a fun hack you can make in a weekend.  You will have a really unique lighting fixture for your home afterwards! They look perfect perched over a kitchen table!  See the tutorial here.  


Coffee Capsule Holder

IKEA Kitchen hacksPhoto: IKEA Hackers


Storing those little coffee pods and capsules can be so problematic in any kitchen.  This hack takes the Grundhal railling system and competely revaps it into an incredible useful coffee capsule storage system.  See the hack here from IKEA Hackers.


Bekvam Trolley as Extended Kitchen Counter Space

IKEA Kitchen HacksPhoto: IKEA Hackers


The Bekvam Kitchen Trolley/cart is an incredibly useful piece from IKEA anyway. But it can be hacked also to create all kinds of amazing pieces for your home. This hack is pretty amazing – creating additional kitchen countertop space.  This is a great weekend project that will make so much difference to your kitchen. See the hack here.


Coffee Cart

IKEA kitchen hacksPhoto: CharmedCrownBlog


Coffee Carts are great for creating more space in your kitchen.  If you love coffee (and who doesn’t!) you know how much different equipment you end up gathering. This is an amazing hack to create a really lovely coffee cart.  See the hack right here.


Toddler Learning Tower Stool

IKEA Kitchen hacksPhoto: HappyGreyLucky


If your kids love to help in the kitchen, you will know how hard it is for them to reach kitchen countertops.  This hack takes the incredibly popular, and very simple, Bekvam step stool.  The hack turns it into an amazing learning tower that your kids can use in your kitchen, and also anywhere else they need to be higher to do something in your home. See this amazing hack right here.

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IKEA kitchen hacks are fun to do, and create amazing items for your kitchen and home.


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