IKEA Hacks for the Sleek and Stylish Ekby Alex Shelf

The Ekby Alex floating shelf is so amazingly stylish and versatile. Here are 10 hacks and ways to turn this amazing piece into so many useful things for your home!

The IKEA Ekby Alex unit is a floating shelf that has 2 ample yet slim drawers.  It can be used as a shelf – attached directly to the wall, or you can add legs or hack it in some way to create an amazing piece of furniture with it.

Ekby Alex can be turned into desks, console tables, vanity units, coffee tables, and even underbed storage units!

Not only is Ekby Alex incredibly versatile, it is also just so sleek and stylish.  It is such a beautiful piece that it can be used exactly as it comes for a great piece of furniture in your home.

Here are 10 hacks and ways to use the IKEA Ekby Alex floating shelf unit in your home!

IKEA Ekby Alex Hacks

Floating Desks Hack

This hack using the Alex floating desk will create an amazing make up station/dressing room. You could also use this hack to create an office of desks, which would be ideal for adults and children alike! You can see this amazing hack right here.

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Modern Vanity Unit

In this hack, legs are added to the Alex shelf unit, and it is attached to the wall. This creates an amazing and beautiful vanity unit that would work in a bedroom or bathroom.

The drawers in the Alex unit are so useful for storing all your makeup and hair products! You can see the hack right here.

Slim Desk Hack

In this hack, the Alex shelf has been turned into a beautiful stylish and functional slim desk for the home.  If you don’t have a lot of space, but need a desk, this is the ideal hack for you. You can see the hack right here.

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Modern Make Up Table

In this hack a modern and functional makeup unit has been created using 2 of the Alex units, with legs added for style and function.  It creates a piece of furniture that is stylish and functional for your needs. You can see the hack right here.

Bathroom Vanity Unit

This amazing bathroom vanity unit was created from the IKEA Eket cabinet drawers and wall mounts.  The addition of half moon cabinet pulls create a beautiful unique stylish vanity unit. You can see the complete hack here.

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Hairpin Console Table

If you don’t have a lot of room in your entrance hallway, or any other room in your home for a much-needed table, a console table can be the perfect solution.  The Ekby Alex shelf unit from IKEA can be turned into the most perfect console table.

With its two slim drawers it offers an abundance of storage space.  The addition of hairpin legs turns it into a stylish piece of furniture. You can see the complete DIY hack right here.

Rolling Coffee Table

Just by a simple hack of adding wheels to the Ekby Alex unit, you can turn it into an amazing rolling coffee table.  Perfect for a family room, and especially a room where you may need to move furniture around frequently for more space.  You can see it right here at IKEA!

Rolling Under Bed Storage Unit

Another amazing way to hack IKEA Ekby Alex is to turn it into a rolling under bed storage unit.  This gives you lots of great storage space, and it is so easy to access too! You can see it right here!

Create a Functional Home Office

If you need to create a functional home office, that is potentially used by a lot of different family members, combining IKEA units is the perfect way to go.  Here you can see that Ekby Alex has been combined with other units to create amazing desks full of space and storage. You can see it here.

Space Saving Desk

If you need a perfect space saving affordable desk, the Ekby Alex shelf will work wonderfully for this! With two great drawers for storage, and enough desk top space for your computer and more, this is a great desk choice for your home.

If you need an inexpensive unique piece for your home, you can’t go wrong with the IKEA Ekby Alex floating shelf!

The Ekby Alex floating shelf is so amazingly stylish and versatile. Here are 10 hacks and ways to turn this amazing piece into so many useful things for your home!

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