IKEA organizing hacks for your home

Ikea continues to surprise and delight us with its selection of products that are so versatile for our homes.  

Ikea is affordable design at its best and is loved by young and old alike.  You really can’t go wrong using Ikea in your home and its versatility means that you can ‘hack’ it and personalize it, and use Ikea pieces for all kinds of things in addition to what it was originally intended to be used for.  

Ikea items can be used by every generation, in every type of home.  What’s more, most of us have an Ikea store near us somewhere!

Here are some of the best hacks around of Ikea products for use in your home.



IKEA organizing hacks for your home


The IKEA Raskog Cart

The Raskog cart is truly one of the most awesome things that Ikea has sold in the past few years. It can be used in any room in your house, for a variety of storage needs.  

In the kitchen you can use it for vegetable storage, storing larder items, and more.  In the bedroom it can be used as a bedside table, to store your make-up and hair products and even laundry. It can be used in the nursery for baby items, in your craft room to store craft supplies, and even as a trendy bar cart!

Check out these posts on the best uses for the Raskog cart:

Rolling Vanity – from Polkadot Chair 


Photo Source: Polkadot Chair




IKEA Raskog Cart Bedside Table


Photo Source: The Freelancer’s Fashion Blog



Raskog makes such a great bedside table. With its 3 shelves, it gives you lots of storage space.  You can store books, medications, chargers, creams – whatever you need beside your bed!



Craft supplies – from Suburble.


Photo Source: Suburble



Again with its 3 great shelves, the Raskog cart can be used so well for storing craft supplies.  It also rolls, which makes it the perfect storage. You can roll it around anywhere, for where you need to work on your latest craft project.


IKEA Fintorp Series shelving

Fintorp shelving is a kitchen organizing series, which will organize your kitchen, as well as other places in your home. It is sleek to look at, and so versatile.  Here is a round-up of the best posts about using the Fintorp shelving:

Free up your cluttered kitchen counters – from No. 29 Design.

Photo Source: No. 29 Design

DIY Charging Station – Polka Dots in the Country


Photo source: Polka Dots in the Country

Coffee Nook – A Farmhouse Reborn.

Photo Source: A Farmhouse Reborn


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