IKEA Cork Trivet Notice Board Hack

This IKEA hack is an amazing and incredibly useful way to use the IKEA Heat Cork Trivets for an entirely new purpose!


This is a great hack that uses the IKEA Heat cork trivets.  As any of you know who shop regularly at IKEA, those cork trivets have been around for years and years!

IKEA Heat Cork Trivets come in packs of 3, and cost only about $3.99 per pack.  They are of course ideal in your kitchen or dining room as great trivets, but they are also good for so many other things too!

In this post, I am going to turn simple cork trivets into beautiful functional hanging notice boards!

You will find these so useful. Because these hanging notice boards serve many purposes, and come in several different style options.

There are 3 different style options for the cork notice boards:

Cork notice board with pocket
Cork notice board covered in fabric
Cork notice board decorated with washi tape

Follow the instructions given below for each different version of notice board. All these versions are finished the same way, so see the section Finishing Your Board at the end to finish all versions of the notice boards.


Cork Trivet Notice Board IKEA Hack #IKEA #IKEAHack #DIY


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IKEA Hack for a cork trivet noticeboard


How to Make the Cork Notice Board with Pocket


Cork Trivet Notice Board IKEA Hack #IKEA #IKEAHack #DIY


Cork Trivet Notice Board IKEA Hack #IKEA #IKEAHack #DIY



This is a really useful version of the noticeboard. Not only can you pin things directly to the top part of the board into the cork. You can also place things in the lower cloth pocket.

These make a really pretty noticeboard.  But this notice board is just not a pretty face, it serves two storage and organizational purposes!

To make this notice board version you will need:

IKEA Heat cork trivet mat
Spare pieces of fabric
Push pins

Taking your piece of fabric, size it so it is a little larger than the cork mat itself.  You are going to be pulling the fabric to the back of the mat, and stapling it, so you need to make sure it has enough fabric give to enable you to do that.


Cork Trivet Notice Board IKEA Hack #IKEA #IKEAHack #DIY


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First of all, I take the side of the fabric which will form the top of the pocket, and I fold it over.  Just a simple fold will do, but it ensures that the edges won’t get frayed.

You can of course sew a fold in the fabric, but really I don’t think there is any need to go to that much trouble. I have made many of these, and they stand up incredibly fine to daily use.

Place the fabric, with the folded edge at the top, about half way down the cork mat.  Guide it into place exactly where you will want the pocket to be.

Now, turn over the cork mat, holding the fabric in place at both sides as you do this.  Your cork mat will now be face down, with the pocket set on the face down side.

With the fabric that is now visible to the back of the mat, you will need to pull that fabric back, as taut as possible, and staple it to the back of the cork  mat.  Use as many staples as you feel you need to keep that fabric in place, and ensure that the pocket is taut and usable.


Cork Trivet Notice Board IKEA Hack #IKEA #IKEAHack #DIY


How to Make the Fabric Covered Cork Notice Board



Cork Trivet Notice Board IKEA Hack #IKEA #IKEAHack #DIY


The fabric covered version of the board is completely covered in fabric.  This makes this version of the board such a pretty version, and one that you can gear towards your existing decor if you want to.

To make this version of the board you need the following:

IKEA Heat cork trivet mat
Fabric pieces
Push pins

First of all, place the trivet mat on top of the piece of fabric that you have.

You need to make sure that the fabric will cover the entire front of the sides of the mat, and will also have enough left over to be easily pulled back and stapled to the back of the mat.

The fabric needs to be really tightly affixed to the mat. You don’t want any gaps.

Place the fabric on your work surface with the right side of the fabric facing down.

Place the cork trivet mat on top.  Now pull the fabric back to the back of the mat, as tightly as possible.

As you pull the fabric back, staple the fabric in place, tightly. It needs to be stapled so tightly that the fabric is adhered tightly, with no gaps, to the front of the notice board.


How to Make the Notice Board Decorated with Washi Tape


Cork Trivet Notice Board IKEA Hack #IKEA #IKEAHack #DIY


Cork Trivet Notice Board IKEA Hack #IKEA #IKEAHack #DIY


This is such a simple DIY project for a great looking notice board!

You only need two things for this project:

Cork trivet mat
Washi tape

Placing the mat on a flat surface, just cut or tear off strips of washi tape.

Place the washi tape directly on to the mat, in a pattern of your choice. But a long enough piece of washi tape, so that you can stretch the tape around to the back of the mat.

Make sure the washi tape is smoothly applied, with no creases or gaps.


How to Finish the Notice Boards

All the notice boards have been finished in the same way, with a small piece of ribbon to hang them.

You can use absolutely whatever you want to use to hang the boards. I used ribbon, but you could also use yarn, string, or any material whatsoever.

To finish each board, just cut enough length of whatever material you are using. Then just staple in place on the back of the notice board.


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This IKEA hack is an amazing and useful way to use the IKEA Heat Cork Trivets for an entirely new purpose!



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