40 IKEA Mid Century Modern Style Hacks for your Home

These IKEA Mid Century Modern Style Hacks will instantly make your home look more stylish and lovely.


IKEA hacks with a Mid Century Modern slant are beautiful, stylish and contemporary.  They instantly make your home look more stylish and lovely, and they are fun and economical at the same time.

In writing this post I am bringing together two of my most favorite things – IKEA and Mid Century Modern design! 

I love the sleek stylish design of Mid Century Modern items, or 1950’s & 1960s style. The design of items and products in the 1950s and 1960s wasn’t afraid to experiment and step out of the box a little.

IKEA has also been at the forefront of great design for years.  Therefore the two entities meeting each other are such a powerhouse of great design!  

I had such fun researching and writing this post. I hope you will enjoy reading it! Hopefully you will also get to try some or all of these great hacks!

Here are 40 of the most amazing Mid Century Modern style hacks for your home!




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Record Console

Record console hackPhoto: IKEA Hackers


This hack is so much fun and absolutely gorgeous.  It uses the IKEA Besta unit.  Placed on top is a piece of hardwood, and hairpin legs are screwed into the bottom. 

It looks straight out of the 50s and 60s! If you still have all your old vinyl records, or you are a new collector, this will be perfect for you.  See the tutorial right here. 


IKEA Besta Cabinet

Modern consolePhoto: Petite Apartment


This project uses two Besta units.  Add to that plywood and lots of wood grain contact paper, and it makes for a Mid Century delight!  See the tutorial here.  


Want some great IKEA Hacks that you can do in a Weekend?


Leather Lounge Chair

Leather Lounge chair IKEA hackPhoto: Style Me Pretty


This chair is covered with leather, and the frame spray painted, to make a luxurious looking lounge chair.   You can see the tutorial right here. 


Sputnik Chandelier

Sputnik chandelierPhoto: Dwellings By DeVore


This is the coolest looking light fixture.  It is made using the Maskros pendant lamp.  It is then spray painted, with plastic pieces added.  It looks like a truly out of this world lamp.  See the tutorial right here.  


IKEA Hacks Mid Century Modern edition. Great IKEA hacks with a mid century style



Tripod Succulent Planter

Tripod succulent planterPhoto: Lonny


This gorgeous looking planter is made using IKEA’s Rundlig serving bowl, and some chair legs. 

The bowl has that great green color that is so Mid Century, and the shape is also so retro. You can see the tutorial right here


Mid Century Side Table

Mid Century Modern side tablePhoto: Sugar & Cloth


This hack actually uses a cake pan, as part of the tools and items needed to create this table!  It produces such a unique looking side table, that will have pride of place in your living room.  See the tutorial right here.  


Kallax Shelving Unit

Kallax shelf unitPhoto: Hawthorne and Main


Placing a simple base and legs on the Kallax unit creates this very stylish Mid-Century style shelving unit.  You can see the tutorial right here.  


Modern Sideboard

Modern sideboard console hackPhoto: Kristi Murphy


This hack takes an IKEA sideboard, and turns it into a modern gem.  By using patterned tape, hairpin legs and more, the already great sideboard is turned into remarkable. You can see the tutorial here 


Mid Century Coffee Table

Mid Century coffee tablePhoto: Tripe Max Tons


This hack uses the Lack coffee table, and turns it into a modern dream. The Lack table is already a great coffee table.

This hack just removes the regular legs, adds hairpin legs, and turns it into amazing. See the tutorial right here.  


Another Record Console

Modern record consolePhoto: Family Handyman


Here is another beautiful record console!  This one uses Kallax once again, but designs it a little differently.

It creates a beautiful place to keep your retro record collection!  See the tutorial right here. 


Chest Makeover

Sunshine yellow modern chestPhoto: Sincerely Marie


The sunshine yellow and brown wood of this chest goes so well together for great Mid Century design.  This would be a great weekend DIY project for you to do! See the tutorial here.  


Modern Home Bar

Modern Home BarPhoto: Dash of Jazz


This hack uses the Kallax 8 shelf unit.  Wood grain contact paper is added (wood grain is SO Mid Century!).  The handles are ring pulls, which give the retro look too. See the tutorial right here.  




Mid Century Modern Nightstand

Mid Century Modern NightstandPhoto: Remodelholic


This night stand adds both storage and style to your bedroom.   The piece has clean lines, and slanted drawers without knobs or handles.

This creates a beautiful modern looking piece of furniture.  See the tutorial here.  


Tarva Nightstand Hack

Tarva Nightstand HackPhoto: Remodelaholic


This hack uses the IKEA Tarva nightstand.  It is then painted and stained, and turned into something quite lovely. You can see the tutorial right here.  


Rast Dresser Hack

Rast Dresser HackPhoto: Dream a Little Bigger


In this hack the IKEA Rast dresser is turned into a different dresser altogether.  It uses wood stain and white paint, gold spray paint and casters.  See the tutorial right here. 


IKEA has a Mid Century Modern Collection!


Another Rast Dresser Hack


Modern Dresser hackPhoto: Reality Daydream


Taking the Rast dresser once again, this hack really turns that dresser around!  It creates such a unique piece of furniture. 

This hack requires a little bit of wood cutting and painting. It would be a great weekend DIY project. See the tutorial right here.


Starburst Sideboard

Starburst SideboardPhoto: Semigloss Design


This hack takes the IKEA Besta cabinet, and turns it into a starburst dream.  Stars are a very prominent feature of Mid Century Modern design.

This sideboard is a great way to incorporate stars beautifully into the design. You can see the full tutorial right here.  


Mid Century Bar Cabinet

Mid Century Bar cabinetPhoto: The Vintage Rug Shop


This Mid Century Bar is such a beautiful piece of furniture.  It uses the Besta cabinet with high gloss white doors. 

Just add hairpin legs, and decorate the inside beautifully, and you have an absolutely amazing piece for your home. See the tutorial right here.


Copper Mirror Hack

Copper MirrorPhoto: Idle Hands Awake


The IKEA Grundhal mirror is a beautiful and versatile mirror anyway. But adding copper leaf to the mirror frame turns it into something more beautiful and special. You can see the tutorial right here.  


Sleek Mid Century Dresser

Sleek Mid Century DresserPhoto: Pop Sugar


This beautiful and sleek dresser transforms the Tarva dresser.  It is coated with paint, wood stained, modern knobs added, and the legs are cut into a more Mid Century design.  You can see the tutorial right here.  


Mid Century Modern Play Kitchen

Mid Century Modern play kitchenPhoto: A Beautiful Mess


Here is a Mid Century Modern hack for your kids!  Kids love those little play kitchens, and IKEA has a great play kitchen that it already sells. It’s a great little play kitchen, but it is very plain.

That is where this great hack comes in!  Turn that plain little IKEA play kitchen into a great Mid Century Modern wonder of a play kitchen! This does require some painting and cutting, but you could certainly do it in a weekend.  You can see the tutorial right here.  


Rast Dresser Hack

Rast Modern Dresser HackPhoto: Art is Beauty/Home Talk


The IKEA Rast dresser is almost like a blank canvas. It is plain, but modern and versatile. Therefore it makes a great basic canvas for many different IKEA hacks.

This hack takes the Rast dresser and just by adding paint, stencils, new legs, and handles, it turns the dresser into something more arty and stylish. You can see the full tutorial here.  


DIY Nightstand

DIY Modern NightstandPhoto: Lily Ardor


This is a great Scandinavian Mid Century Modern style nightstand.  It is very neutral, so will blend in with any decor that you have in your home.

This is another great weekend project (you might be able to also make 2 in a weekend!) You can see the tutorial right here.  


Mid Century Cabinet

Mid Century CabinetPhoto: First Sense Interiors


This hack uses IKEA METOD HYTTAN.  New legs, handles and some other little touches turns this into a lovely cabinet. You can see the DIY tutorial here.  


Bold Tarva Hack

Bold IKEA Tarva HackPhoto: Digs Digs


Here is another Tarva dresser hack.  There is no tutorial to this hack, but it has basically added blue paint to the front of drawers, added new handles, and stained it.  


Hemnes Dresser Hack

Hemnes Dresser HackPhoto: Charleston Crafted


This hack uses the Hemnes dresser, has turned the basic neutral dresser into a gorgeous blue. In this post it has been used as a changing table base for a nursery.

But you could certainly make this as a general dresser. See the tutorial here.  


Besta Sideboard

Besta Sideboard HackPhoto: Alex McClain/Apartment Therapy


This elegant and playful credenza started life as an IKEA Besta sideboard.  This hack uses the basic Besta and the extension unit.  You can see the tutorial right here.  


Mid Century Planter

Mid Century planter hackPhoto: Sugar & Cloth


This planter hack is pretty amazing. It actually uses two IKEA bowls!  The bowls are stuck together, and the end result is a beautiful Mid Century style planter for any room of your home.  You can see the tutorial here.  


Modern Acacia Wood Plant Stand


Modern wood planter standPhoto: Sugar & Cloth


This plant stand from IKEA usually comes with white plates. However, it is made more interesting and modern looking with wooden plates instead. You can see the hack here.


Mostorp TV Unit Transformation

TV Unit TransformationPhoto: Curbly


This hack uses the IKEA Mostorp unit, and turns it into a beautiful TV unit.  It is covered in walnut veneer (which as you know is so Mid Century!).

  They have also added some great hairpin legs too to really jazz it up.  You can see the tutorial right here.  



Kallax TV Unit/Credenza

TV Unit CredenzaPhoto: IKEA Hackers


Here is another great Mid Century Modern TV unit for your living room! Or you could use this as a credenza in your hallway or dining room.  

This hack takes the Kallax unit once again, and subjects it to walnut plywood! You can see the tutorial right here.  


Modern Desk


Modern Desk HackPhoto: Happy Mundane


No tutorial with this post, but it is basically taking an IKEA desk and covering it with wood grain contact paper. If you cover a desk with this contact paper you can create a beautiful looking Mid Century Modern desk. 


Mid Century TV Stand

Mid Century TV StandPhoto: A Beautiful Mess


Here is another lovely TV unit. It uses the popular Besta TV unit, which is lovely anyway in its own right.  The end result is a lovely piece of MCM furniture! See the tutorial right here.  


Decorative Dresser

Decorative dresser hackPhoto: Sarah Hearts


Yes you can paint laminate furniture, and this DIY hack does just that.  It also features great overlays that you can purchase to really jazz up the piece of furniture. See the tutorial right here.  


Wooden Headboard with Stikwood

Wooden headboard with StikwoodPhoto: Sugar & Cloth


The IKEA Malm bed frame has a lovely modern sleek simple style anyway. But by adding Stikwood to the headboard it turns it into a Mid Century Modern adorable piece of furniture. You can see the hack right here.  


Legged Basket Planters

Legged Basket PlantersPhoto: Fall For DIY


Putting legs onto these basket planters turns them into lovely Mid Century style pieces.  You can see the tutorial right here.  


Modern Bed Hack

Modern Bed HackPhoto: Manhattan Nest


This hack completely upholsters the IKEA Fjellse bed frame,  and turns it into a more modern looking stylish bed.  You can see the tutorial right here

It requires quite a bit of work, but it could be just what your bedroom has been looking for!


Mandal Headboard Hack

Mandal Headboard IKEA hackPhoto: Apartment Therapy


This is such a wonderful looking modern hack.  This hack combines several of the Mandal headboards, to create this amazing headboard wall installation. See the details right here.  


Succulent Planter Box

Succulent planter boxPhoto: A Pumpkin and a Princess


This hack actually uses a bamboo bathroom dish set.  It turns them into a lovely modern looking planter box for your succulents, or other plants. You can see the hack here.  


DIY Herringbone Chest


DIY Herringbone chest hackPhoto: The Pursuit of Handyness


This hack uses IKEA Runnen deck tiles. They are mounted on the front of the dresser for an amazing vintage yet modern look. You can see the hack tutorial right here 


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