17 IKEA Shelf Hacks & Ideas

IKEA has great shelves and shelving products that can be used in your home & they get even better when they are hacked.

You already know that you can get just about anything at IKEA. But if you have a need for shelves in your home they have some great and varied options for you.

If you can’t find the shelves that you need and that fit your home and decor, you could also try some IKEA hacks to get exactly what you need.

Here are 17 ideas for shelves from IKEA for your home – including both ready made shelves that come as they are, and hacks for shelving to make them into something more special and personal.

Shelves are one of those home items that work many ways for you and your home. Shelves store things, get things more organized, and they also add to your home decor.

Hacking shelves can create new design and storage options. You can hack shelves so that they integrate better into your existing home decor.

You can hack shelves so that they are a different decor theme, such as modern shelving hacked into farmhouse style. You can do just about anything you want to!


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Open Shelving Ikea Hack


IKEA hacks shelvesPhoto: Lemon Thistle


Open shelves are very popular, and they can really look great in your kitchen.  If you are on a budget, open and floating shelving work really well, because they can replace some otherwise needed kitchen cabinets. 

Open shelving is especially good if you have limited storage, or organization issues in your home.

This hack uses IKEA shelf brackets, but uses wood from a lumber store. The result is amazing looking wall shelves You can see the full how to here.


Hejne Shelf Unit


IKEA shelf hacksPhoto: Hunker


This hack takes the Hejne shelf and turns it into a beautiful wall storage unit of shelves.  You can use this in pretty much any room of your home.

This would work perfectly for kitchens, offices, craft rooms and more in your home.

See the full tutorial here.


Hanging Rope Shelf


Hanging IKEA shelfPhoto: Ikea Hackers


This really pretty hanging shelf unit uses 4 shelves and some rope. Simple. It would look like a great focus shelving unit in any room. It is a beautiful and unusual twist on regular wall shelves.  You can see the full tutorial here.


Metal Ikea Shelves get a Farmhouse Makeover


Metal IKEA farmhouse shelvesPhoto: At Home With Natalie


These metal shelves have been given a makeover to make them into gorgeous farmhouse style shelving. 

If you need extra storage, but want it to look more like it belongs in a farmhouse, this shelving hack is perfect for you. Get the full tutorial right here.



Spray Paint IKEA Wall Brackets


Ikea gold spray hacksPhoto: Lay Baby Lay


By spray painting Ikea shelf brackets, such as these Ekby Bjarnum brackets, then adding nice wood shelves, you can make a wonderful set of shelves for your home.

These look so effective, and would work with any style home decor. You can select the wood that fits in best with the style you are trying to create, and your own home decor needs.


Shelf Hack using Reclaimed Wood


Ikea shelfPhoto: Not Just a Housewife


This hack uses Stikwood, which is used in a lot of IKEA hacks and can be used all around your home for various DIY projects. 

Stikwood is peel and stick reclaimed wood, which works great on just any piece of furniture.  This DIY project makes for more interesting shelves. See the tutorial here.


Fintorp Rail Shelving


Ikea FintorpPhoto: Polka Dots in the Country


The IKEA Fintorp rail system can be used for so many projects around your home.

This DIY is using it as a charging station rail shelf. This is perfect for the end of your cabinets to create extra storage and charging space in your home.


Picture Ledge Shelf Hack


Floating IKEA shelfPhoto: Yasam Stil images


This hack is taking the IKEA Mosslanda picture ledge and turns it into a floating bathroom shelf.  Ideal for when you don’t have much room, but you need that extra storage. 

The Mosslanda ledge can work pretty much anywhere in your home.


Shoe Racks using Mosslanda


Ikea Mosslanda


Here is another hack using Mosslanda.  This time making it into a handy shoe rack for your home. Great for organizing the shoe chaos that reigns in so many homes!

You can see from this hack how useful Mosslanda is for so many things in your home.


Gold and Marble Shelf Hack


Gold and Marble IKEA shelf hackPhoto: Style Me Pretty


This IKEA hack spray paints a shelf unit gold, and then adds marble shelves for a really pretty and upmarket looking shelf unit. This unit looks pretty expensive now!

One of the great things about IKEA furniture and pieces is that they can be painted!


Spice Racks Turned into Useful Shelving


Ikea spice rack


IKEA Spice Racks can be turned into great shelving options.  They can also be turned upside down to make interesting shelves.  They would work well in any room of your home, and especially in closets.

You could also paint them if you wanted different colors, or different looking shelving.


Lack Shelf Ideas


Ikea Lack shelfPhoto: VT Wonen


The IKEA Lack shelf is so versatile, and you can come up with so many different variations and shelving designs using this iconic shelf. 

As you can see in this photo, Lack shelves are creating an interesting and useful range of bookshelves on a wall.


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IKEA has great shelves that not only come ready-made and beautiful, you can also hack them to make them into something even more unique!



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