IKEA Bekvam DIY Key Holder Shelf Rack Hack

The IKEA Bekvam spice rack can be used in so many ways, not just as a spice rack! It can be hacked numerous ways to create incredible items for your home. This DIY shows you how to turn the Bekvam spice rack into a useful key holder with shelf for your home!



One of the best organizing tips for your home, and your life, is to have your keys placed somewhere they are easily found!  How many times have you mislaid your car keys, or gone to grab your house keys, but have no idea where they are and where you last left them?!

But if you keep your keys somewhere logical and easily seen, and place them there when you return home, you will never lose your keys again!

One of the best places to keep your keys is just inside your entrance doorway, or the entrance hallway in your home. Wherever you leave from in the morning and return to at night, where you have to grab your keys is the exact right spot for them. That might also be your garage, your front door, or your back door.  Whatever works in your home.  

But how do you keep your keys handy? You could choose a bowl or a dish. But keys mounted on a hook can be seen and grabbed easily, and will always be to hand.

So this hack is an organizing hack as well as a DIY decor hack! This hack is so incredibly inexpensive and easy to do too. It uses the easily available IKEA Bekvam spice rack, which can be found in all IKEA stores.

The great thing about this Key Holder with a Shelf is that not only can you hang your keys on it (and perhaps even your dog leash etc!).  It also has the very handy shelf, which you can use for so many things. 

You can use the shelf to hold mail.  You can also place whatever you need to remember on the shelf or one of the hooks.  Such as that folder you need to take into the office, the bill that needs to be posted, the dry cleaning receipt you need to have to pick up your clothes! You get the idea – that shelf will come in very handy indeed!


DIY Mail Holder with Shelf using IKEA Bekvam Spice Rack

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IKEA Hack Key Shelf Hanging Rack


The IKEA Bekvam Spice Rack

The IKEA Bekvam Spice Rack is an inexpensive natural birch wooden spice rack that IKEA sells in all its stores, all around the world.  


This spice rack is already quite beautiful in its simplicity, and you could certainly just leave it in its natural state, assemble it and wall mount it ready to go as it is. It is a lovely lightweight birch wood that already looks so pretty and stylish.

The rack comes in a package of 4 pieces. You will need to assemble the rack (which is very easy, nails are supplied). Even if you are not hacking this piece and turning it into the Key Holder, you still need to assemble it.


Supplies Needed to make the Key Holder

IKEA Bekvam Spice Rack 

Cup Hooks (I used 3 for this project, but you could use up to about 8 or so) Choose the color you like the best to fit in with the paint color you choose and your decor

Paint (color of your choice)

Nails (they come with the Bekvam Spice Rack)

Tools Needed to make the Key Holder

Cordless drill 

Allen Key Wrench (comes with the Bekvam Spice Rack). 

How to make the Key Holder

The IKEA Bekvam Spice Rack comes in a packet packed all together.  Separate all the pieces from the packet. You should have 4 separate pieces, together with nails and a couple of little wooden dowels, as well as an Allen key.

If you will be painting your Key Holder decide on the color of the paint you will be using.  You can either choose a color that matches your walls, or you could use a color that stands out on your walls. 

For my Holder I used a dark charcoal grey paint.  My walls are pale, and I really wanted my Holder to stand out against the pale walls. I purchased acrylic craft paint for this, which worked well on coverage, and dried quickly and smoothly.

Step One

Separate all the pieces out of the spice rack package.  Place each piece spread out on newspaper or a protected surface (if you are painting them).

You can lightly sand down the pieces of the rack if you want to before painting them.

Step Two

Paint each piece of the rack. You will probably need to do around 2 coats of paint on each piece.  Let each coat completely dry before putting on the next coat.  You will need to paint one side of each piece at a time.

Step Three

Once each painted piece is completely dry, assemble the spice rack according to the directions that came with it.  

This is very fast and easy to do, and does not require any more tools than the Allen Key that the rack automatically comes with.

Step Four

Drill holes in the bottom of the spice rack for as many hooks as you have decided to have.  Try to measure and space them evenly across the bottom.  Screw in the hooks. You should be able to do this easily using your hands.  Try not to over tighten them.

Step Five

Mount the Holder on your wall where you want it! 


DIY Mail Holder with Shelf using IKEA Bekvam Spice Rack


I think this Key Holder with Shelf looks absolutely great, and it is so useful too.  It is so inexpensive and easy to make you could do this fast and easily.   Well designed and useful key holders and shelf units can be very hard to find, and expensive too. But this hack makes one so easily and inexpensively! 

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The IKEA Bekvam spice rack can be used in so many ways, not just as a spice rack! It can be hacked numerous ways to create incredible items for your home. This DIY is on how to turn the Bekvam spice rack into a useful key holder complete with shelf for your home!

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