4 Amazing Candles to DIY!

This DIY features 4 amazing candles that you can make yourself! Learn how to make a teacup candle, a comforting coffee candle, a tin can candle, and also a copper cap candle!


Candles are one of the easiest DIYs and crafts that you can do!  Candle making is a great craft because you don’t need any prior skills or experience in order to do it.

Making a candle is so incredibly easy. The hardest part is literally melting the wax (which actually isn’t hard at all!)

Here I have four great DIY candles to make for yourself, your home, or for others as gifts!

These candles feature a beautiful copper cap candle, that is just so stylish and lovely.  It also features amazing tin can candles, using old tin cans, a cozy comforting coffee candle, and also pretty teacup candles.

If you want a craft or hobby that is easy to do, and doesn’t require any experience or skills, candle making is the ideal craft for you!



Copper Cap Candle

DIY Copper Candles


This is one of my most favorite candles! It is so stylish and on trend!  The copper just looks so great everywhere and with any decor whatsoever.

This candle uses a copper cap, which is normally used by plumbers!  It makes such a pretty candle, and you would be proud to give to somebody as a special gift!

This candle is made by melting soy wax flakes and pouring the mixture into the copper cap. That is it! It is so easy, yet looks so designer and amazing!

You can see the complete DIY tutorial right here.


Tin Can Candles

DIY Tin Can Candles

I really really love these tin can candles!  They make use of any pretty old tin that you have in your home. You can also go to thrift stores and purchase vintage tins for these candles!

This is a great DIY to create not just a candle, but also is a way to display those pretty tins that you really want to display in your home!

A tin can candle also makes a wonderful gift for somebody, as a special present.  

You can see the complete DIY Tutorial Here

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Cozy Coffee Candle

These pretty and cozy coffee candles are so stylish and gorgeous smelling! Using real ground coffee, you will get beautiful coffee scents in your home every time you burn them!

The smell of coffee is cozy and calming, so a coffee candle is such a great way to instill some calm in your home!

This candle is a great pick-me-up!  It is also lovely to gift as a gift to somebody.

You can see the complete DIY right here.

Tea Cup Candle

Teacup Candle


These teacup candles are an easy and fast DIY project that makes a very pretty candle. These are the perfect candles to give others as gifts!

Make use of old china cups you have laying around your home, or buy a whole batch at a thrift store!  You can usually find china teacups in thrift, second-hand and antique stores.

Teacup candles are unique and pretty, and have that great Vintage vibe to them!

You can see the full DIY project right here

If you want a great craft or hobby to do, that you can do immediately with no prior skills or experience needed, candle making is one of the best crafts that you can do.

These 4 lovely candles are easy and fast DIY projects!  Perfect for something special for your home, or as a gift for others

For more information on candle making see this great article from Porch!

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This DIY features 4 amazing candles that you can make yourself! Learn how to make a teacup candle, coffee candle, tin can candle, and also a copper cap candle!

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