10 Anthropologie Copycat DIY Projects

Anthropologie has such gorgeous stylish products for you and your home. But they can be expensive! So if you want a DIY Challenge here are 10 great copycat products to make yourself!


Everything that Anthropologie sells is just so stylish and something that you know you definitely want and need!

But Anthropologie products are not cheap.  If you can afford them of course you are getting great quality products from there.  Their products also make the most perfect gifts too.

But if you can’t afford Anthropologie prices, or you love a good DIY project, here are 10 great DIY ideas for copying some popular items that Anthropologie is selling right now.

There are links here to the Anthropologie products if you want to purchase them directly too!

My previous post on Anthropologie copycat DIY projects was a huge success, so I wanted to do an updated one!


Grid of Anthropologie products.

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Marble Tray

Marble tray with gold handles.

This pretty marble tray with gold handles is available at Anthropologie.  This is a beautiful decorative tray that can be used to display your treasured items in any room of your home. It is available here from Anthropologie.

Do It Yourself Marble Tray

Jen Woodhouse has a great DIY project on her website for a marble tray, that is a pretty good duplicate of this Anthropologie tray. You can see her DIY tutorial right here.

Marble tray with handles.


Decorative Ladder

Wooden decorative ladder.

This pretty and stylish decorative ladder is made of a combination of natural poplar and wood, to create lovely two-toned wood color effect. 

Use it in your bathroom to hang your towels, or elsewhere in your home wherever you want to add a decorative touch. It is available here from Anthropologie.

DIY Decorative Ladder

Old Salt Farm has a great DIY project here for a decorative ladder.  If you want it to look exactly like the Anthropologie one you could paint it in two different wood stains or paint colors.  

Decorative blanket ladder.


Decorative Storage Tray

2 tier white storage tray.

This two tiered tray stand is the perfect place to keep your small belongings, such as jewelry, makeup and more.  You can get it here from Anthropologie.

DIY Tiered Storage Tray

This tiered storage tray from Paper & Stitch uses IKEA cork coasters and a wooden dowel to create a great two-tiered storage tray.  

Wooden two tiered storage tray.


Juni Napkins

Pink cloth napkins.

These pretty Juni cloth napkins come in a set of 4 from Anthropologie.  They come in pink or cream colors.  They have a pretty delicate fringe all along the outside of each napkin, adding a touch of interest.  You can get them here from Anthropologie.

DIY Fringed Cloth Napkins

These pretty linen cloth napkins are easy (and fun!) to make yourself.  They are perfect cocktail napkin sized, but you could also make them larger for table napkins and more. You can see the DIY project tutorial right here.


Yellow linen fringed cocktail napkin.

Beeswax Food Wraps

These very pretty patterned and colorful beeswax food wraps are available from Anthropologie.  They would look so amazing covering food and plates in your kitchen!

DIY Beeswax Wraps

You can make your own beeswax wraps with this simple DIY project from A Beautiful Mess. That way you can choose the fabrics, patterns and colors that you love, and turn them into such useful and zero waste products for your home!  See the complete DIY tutorial right here.


Rainbow Two-Tier Hanging Planter

Rainbow design two tier hanging planter.

This really pretty two-tiered clay hanging planter is available at Anthropologie here.  It would look so pretty and jolly in any room of your home.

DIY Faux Ceramic Hanging Planter

These clay hanging planters use easy air dry clay.  You could paint them with a rainbow design, just like the Anthropologie ones, or leave them plain. You can see the DIY tutorial right here.

White and brown hanging clay planter.


Marble & Wood Cheeseboard

Marble and Wood cheeseboard.

Pretty marble and wood cheeseboards are all the rage, and so attractive and useful for entertaining in your home. Anthropologie sells a lot of amazing cheeseboards, including this wood and marble one here.

DIY Marble & Wood Cheeseboard

If you want to try making your own marble and wood cheeseboard, this DIY from The Sorry Girls has a great tutorial and instructions for making a very pretty one of your own.

Marble and Wood Cheeseboard.


Copper Glass Candle

copper colored round glass candle.

These pretty copper glass candles are just the centerpiece your table or your mantlepiece needs. They are so attractive they will stand out in any room. You can get them here from Anthropologie.

Copper Candle DIY

If you would rather make your own copper candle, here is a really fast and easy DIY project to do that!  You will love the way these candles look, and you can re-use the copper cap candle holder many times over.

DIY Copper Candles


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Rattan Pendant Light

Hanging rattan pendant light fitting.

This pretty rattan pendant light has all the boho chic that you will love for your home.  You can get it here from Anthropologie.


DIY Rattan Pendant Light

If you love this beautiful rattan pendant light, but need to make something more affordable for your home, then check out this great DIY project!


Hanging rattan pendant light fixture.


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Black and White Mug

Black and white striped mug

The Blue Pheasant Nolan mug comes in a set of 4 mugs from Anthropologie.  Each mug is hand painted in beautiful black and white geometric art.  They are lovely stylish mugs for your home that you will be proud to show off!

DIY Sharpie Mugs

Mugs with sharpie designs.

But if you want to create your own mugs with this great geometric design, or mugs of any design, take a look at this great DIY sharpie mug project from Living Well Spending Less.  Create amazing art on mugs yourself!

Check out these great beautiful products from Anthropologie here! But if you can’t afford them, make your own amazing DIY copycat projects!

Anthropologie has such gorgeous stylish products for you and your home. But they can be expensive! So if you want a DIY Challenge here are 10 great copycat products to make yourself!

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