DIY Tassel Wine Charms

These pretty easy and fun to make tassel wine charms are perfect for when you are entertaining guests! They are great drink markers that add lovely decor to your wine glasses and home.

Whenever you are entertaining in your home, it is so nice to have pieces that will add fun and prettiness to whatever event you are hosting.

Wine charms are perfect for marking drinks for people – by selecting a certain wine charm and placing it on the stem of their wine glass, your guest will always know which glass of wine is theirs.

This DIY shows you have to make these easy and fun tassel wine charms!  They are really so easy to make, and fun to make too.  You can make as many as you want to, or just a few.  

To make these wine charms you can either make your own tassels (tutorial below), or you can buy tassels ready-made.  

You could make these tassels in the same color, all different colors, or even multi-colored. But they serve best as drink markers if they are all different colors.

You could choose colors for these charms that match other colors you are using for a theme, make festive charms in holiday colors, and so much more!

Tassel drink markers on gold hoops
Tassel wine charms.

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Supplies Needed for Tassel Wine Charms

Embroidery Thread in different colors

Scissors (make sure they are nice and sharp for this project)

Small piece of cardboard, card stock or foam board

Gold Loops

If you want to buy the tassels ready made for this project you can get them here.  (If you are buying the tassels ready-made you will not need the embroidery thread, scissors and cardboard above – just the gold loops).

All these supplies can be found on Amazon, or in any arts and crafts store.  

Colored embroidery thread.

How to Make Tassel Wine Charms

It is very easy to make the tassels for the charms!  Follow the instructions below to make as many tassels as you need.  

Step One

Make a winding board to make up the tassels. You can use any piece of cardboard, heavy card stock, or foam board for this.  The board should be double the length of the tassel you plan to make in size.

Step Two

Wind the embroidery thread around the winding board as many times as you need, until you reach your desired fullness (the tassel will be twice as full as the loop is around the board).

Make sure the loops that you wind are taut. They should not be too tight that you cannot pull them off the board easily, but they need to be tight enough to stay together.

For my tassels I wrapped the thread around the winding board about 11 times.

Cardboard with thread wrapped around.

Step Three

Lay a piece of the embroidery thread, that is around a few inches long, on a work surface.  Now pull the wound thread off the winding board carefully, keeping it together.

Place the wound thread on top of the piece of thread you just cut, and tie together in the center of the looped thread.

Yellow thread tassel.

Step Four

Cut through all the looped ends, so that you now have straight ends, and arrange into a tassel shape.  Trim off the tassel at the end to create a smooth even edge to all the thread.

Yellow thread tassel.

Step Five

Cut a long piece of thread to wrap about the top of the tassel to create the tassel head.  Tie tightly.

Yellow thread tassel tied.

Step Six

Once the tassels are all made (or using the ones you have bought), loop the gold loop through the head of the tassel, through the loop in the tassel head.

Blue tassel on gold hoop.

You now have a set of wonderful tassel wine charms! Perfect for every event you host in your home!  

Tassel drink markers on gold hoops
Red tassel charm on wine glass stem.
2 wine glasses with tassel wine charms.

This is such an easy DIY project. I made up my wine charms in just about an hour, and that included making the tassels and then threading through the gold hoops. That is how easy and fast this DIY is!

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Tassel wine charms.

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These pretty easy and fun to make tassel wine charms are perfect for when you are entertaining guests! They are great drink markers that add lovely decor to your wine glasses and home.

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