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Cozy Coffee Candle DIY

A coffee candle is the ultimate in creating a cosy Hygge home.  This easy and fun DIY project creates a beautiful candle that will make your home smell and feel wonderful.


Candles are just the absolute best for creating a cozy home. They give off a beautiful relaxing glow that makes any home feel more luxurious and cosy.

There is always something comforting about burning a candle.  Whether it is day or night, a lit burning candle always makes you feel a little better.

The smell of coffee is one of those things that really invigorates the senses.  It is a relaxing smell that the majority of people love.

These coffee candles combine the best of both worlds.  They smell gorgeous, they give your home a relaxing glow, and they are the perfect Hygge set up for you and your home.

This coffee candle will also make the perfect gift for a coffee lover too! Tie it with a ribbon or string and attach a gift tag to it for gifting.

Get relaxed now, do a great relaxing DIY project, and burn these lovely coffee candles!



Coffee Candle



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Supplies Needed for Coffee Candles

Soy Wax Flakes

Candle Wicks

Ground Coffee

Assorted Glass Jars

Small Saucepan

Small Metal Jug (for melting the wax)

You can purchase the soy wax flakes, wicks etc individually, or you could purchase a candle making kit that comes with wax flakes, wicks, and stickers for the wicks.  Some kits also come with the metal melting jug.

I always use a metal jug to melt the wax flakes in, as I feel it is safer. But you could also use another metal container of some kind.  Some people do use glass mason jars or glass jugs to melt the wax, but I am always a little worried about heating up glass jars in the boiling water so much.

You can re-use old glass jars for these candles, or you can purchase jars such as glass mason jars for these candles.  

For the coffee, I like to use ground coffee. You could use instant coffee, but as these candles burn down, the smell of ‘real’ coffee will be so much better.

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How to make Coffee Candles

Fill the metal jug (or other container you are using) with the soy wax flakes.

Fill the small saucepan with water, and place the metal jug containing the wax flakes inside the water. Turn on the water to boiling.

Boil the water and melt the wax flakes inside the jug. Stir every now and again to ensure even melting of the wax flakes.

As the wax flakes melt, the volume inside the jug decreases, so you can keep refilling the jug with wax flakes.

As the wax is melting, prepare your glass jars.

Place the wick inside the center of each glass jar.  You can either stick the wick in place with a small piece of melted candle wax, or you can use a sticker to do this that comes with most candle making kits.  You could also use a small piece of double-sided tape for this too.

In the bottom of each glass jar place a teaspoon or two of ground coffee.  Depending on the size of the glass jar that you are using you will need between a teaspoon or two of ground coffee. Shake the jar a little to let it sit evenly in a layer on the bottom of the jar.

Once the soy wax flakes are completely melted, pour a small layer of wax on top of the ground coffee.  Be careful how you handle the metal jug as it will be very hot, and the wax inside is extremely hot. I usually turn off the boiling water completely, let the jug sit for a few minutes, and then I carefully take the jug out of the water using an oven glove.

Allow the wax layer that you just poured to dry. This should take around 20-30 minutes or so.

Once the first layer of wax is dry, repeat until you have reached the top rim of the jar.  Do this layer by layer – placing a wax layer, a teaspoon or two of ground coffee, another layer of wax etc.  Make sure that the wax layer completely dries before placing the ground coffee again and starting the next layer.

After the final layer is placed and dry, sprinkle a little ground coffee gently on the top of the candle.

Trim the wick to the desired size once the last layer of wax is completely dry. 


You can burn these coffee candles just about anywhere in your home. They are especially great for living rooms and kitchens.  

Lay back with a book, a cup of tea or coffee, and a blanket (DIY this beginner friendly throw blanket!), and light one of these gorgeous coffee candles for the ultimate calm and relaxing experience!

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Coffee Candle

A coffee candle is the ultimate in creating a cosy Hygge home. This easy and fun DIY project creates a beautiful candle that will make your home smell wonderful.

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