Review of Stupid Simple SEO 2023: Why you Should & Shouldn’t Buy this Course


This is my honest review of the Stupid Simple SEO course.  If you are considering taking this course, read this review first! I will give you many reasons why you should (and shouldn’t) take this course


This review was updated on August 13, 2023

**Update** After being closed for a few months for major updating Stupid Simple SEO is about to be available once again!** Click here to get on the waitlist & find out immediately when the doors open!

The first 200 students who join the waiting list will get a 20% off code for the entire course!

Note: While you are waiting for the relaunch you can take this FREE SEO Course here from Debbie Gartner

What is Stupid Simple SEO?

Stupid Simple SEO is the amazing course that finally enabled me to get more organic search traffic to my blog, go up in Google search page rankings, and increased my page views considerably. Through all that I was also able to qualify for Mediavine!

Back when I started my blog, and for a couple of years after that, I wasn’t getting the traffic I wanted. More traffic equals more everything – readers, page views and so much more.

I didn’t really know that much about SEO (search engine optimization) and from the little I did know it sounded pretty scary and hard to do!

When we start a blog we focus on so much. But we don’t always know to focus on the things that are the most important such as SEO, and setting up a good foundation.

But once I took the Stupid Simple SEO course and started doing the things I learned in that course my traffic went up, I got accepted to Mediavine and I felt that I could finally call myself a successful blogger!



This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on a link in this post and make a purchase via that link I may receive a small commission, at absolutely no additional cost to you. You can view my disclosures here.

My Success After Taking the Stupid Simple SEO Course

Here I am going to show and tell, because that is the easiest way for you to see how my blog took off after taking the Stupid Simple SEO course.

I signed up for the Stupid Simple SEO course in August of 2019.  After I took the course and started implementing what it taught me – my organic traffic started to go way up. Look at the graph below from Google Analytics!

As you can see there was a huge jump in my organic traffic.  My traffic has gone up and up since that time (the dip in 2020 that you see was due to the event that we shall not speak of!).  

It is no coincidence that my traffic started going up after I was actually taking the course and doing all the things it recommended.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is really quite simply optimizing your blog and all your content, so that it ranks highly in Google searches. Find out more about SEO in this article here.

Optimizing your blog and content for SEO means that when somebody types a query into Google, your site will come up as one of the top sites addressing that query or question.

In order to be found you really want your site to appear on page 1 of Google search results, in the first few results. 

Unless you optimize your website, your content, your blog posts and more so that they are optimized for search engines, you don’t have much of a chance of your blog/website even being found.

Competition is fierce these days – you really need to do everything you can to soar above your competition.

Is SEO Hard?

Yes – SEO is really hard. WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT!  SEO is mysterious and baffling.  It can seem so complicated to learn. It seems like a foreign language of an unknown tribe!

But SEO is NOT hard or complicated at all. Once you know what it is about. SEO is actually very very simple.  You just need to learn what it is about, and then put the recommendations into place yourself.

That is why Mike called his course Stupid Simple SEO. Because SEO is not hard. Yes it is a bit of a mystery. But once you know all about it you will realize how stupidly simple it all is! 

SEO isn’t a trendy word and concept that is banded about pointlessly. It isn’t a fad or another thing that will be popular for a while then go away.

SEO is actually very crucial: If you want to get traffic to your blog and gain readers.

If you learn SEO properly and the right way your blog posts will show up, and show up high, on Google in search results.  

You may think that isn’t a big deal really. You may have wonderful social media numbers – your Pinterest and Facebook accounts may have thousands of followers.

You may have an engaged and long email list. BUT – what if those things went away? What if those companies change the way they do things?

It happened to many of us on Pinterest only just recently when Pinterest introduced some major changes.

Any social media platform can go away (think Google Plus), or change their algorithms, or get bought out by other companies. 

Some social media platforms even suspend accounts. All those things can affect the traffic to your blog and your posts. You just cannot rely on social media for traffic.

Google is the most constant traffic that you can have to your blog. Google is organic traffic that is not dependent on social media platforms. 

You want potential new readers to find you by typing a query into Google and getting your content to view in search results. 

You want to appear at the top of Google search results for certain keywords and topics.

Because when you do, you get great, and constant traffic. Sometimes that traffic is for years and years.

Learning and mastering SEO is like security for your blog and traffic. 

While you are waiting for Stupid Simple SEO to relaunch, take this free SEO course here from Debbie Gartner!

Stupid Simple SEO - Get on the Waitlist for the updated 2023 version!

Inside the Stupid Simple SEO Course

Mike Pearson is the man (and brains) behind the Stupid Simple SEO course.  

Mike Pearson

Mike Pearson has started many successful niche sites, and earned thousands in affiliate commissions through those sites. 

Mike really knows his stuff, and he is extremely involved in this course and project.

He is very active in the accompanying private Facebook group and always available to answer questions.

The course (in 2023) is currently undergoing some major upgrades.  The videos are all being re-filmed and there is more bonus content in the course. 

If you want to know once the new revamped course is available, and get a 20% off code (if you are one of the first 200 students to sign up for this waiting list) click here!

This is a major course. It really is.  There are a lot of lessons and a lot of information in this course. 

This isn’t a course that you can complete in a couple of days.  This is a course that you will need to take time over, and really focus on.

Mike Pearson does suggest dedicating an hour a day to this course over a period of time.

I have personally gone through this course at least twice (if you buy the course you get lifetime access, and all updates as they are made going forward).

Many of the top bloggers out there have taken this course (including Suzi Whitford from Start a Mom Blog, Carly from Mommy on Purpose, and Michelle from Making Sense of Cents).

These are all top bloggers in their niches who have mastered the art of SEO, because if they hadn’t they wouldn’t be top bloggers.

The course right now has 50+ video lessons, worksheets, and templates that walk you through every step of the system. In addition to the course you also get:

Lifetime access to take the course at your own pace.
24/7 access to the private Facebook community
Access to live monthly Q&A calls with Mike

Can you just do SEO on your own?

If you are wondering if you really need a course to show you how to do SEO on your own, without taking a course for it the answer is yes you can.

BUT – in order to learn everything you need to know about SEO you will need to really research it. You will need to read numerous articles and go to many different sites to get information about how to do it well.

Not everyone is an expert in SEO. Not everyone has experience doing SEO themselves.

But do you really have hours and hours to spend on researching something? You probably have better things to do with your blog?

Trust me, I try to do everything I can myself for my blog. I always take the DIY approach because I want to spend money wisely.

But I just didn’t have hours and hours to figure it all out. I also didn’t know who to trust for information.  

I read reviews myself, I consulted information by people who I looked up to and respected and trusted, and they all recommended Stupid Simple SEO so highly, I took the plunge.

Purchasing this course means you won’t spend hours and hours that you just don’t have trying to learn SEO and hoping that the source is an honest, reliable and knowledgeable one.

Buy this course once and you have access to it for life. It is regularly updated too. I can assure you that you will be dipping into this course time and time again.

If you want an idea of what SEO is all about, take this free course here from Debbie Gartner.

Who is the Stupid Simple SEO Course for?

  • The Stupid Simple SEO course is for anyone who writes content and wants traffic and eyes on their content. This includes bloggers and business owners.


  • You will really benefit from this course if you want to get more organic (Google) traffic to your blog, if it is currently low or non-existent.


  • If you are seeing traffic mainly from social media, such as Pinterest, this course will allow you to get traffic from more than just that source.


  • If you really want to learn SEO, and learn it in depth and the right way.


  • If you have been trying to get into an ad network, such as Mediavine, and you are not yet at the page views required. This course can help you finally get there!


  • The course is suitable for all levels of bloggers – from beginner to advanced. Because everybody will learn something from this course.


  • Complete beginners taking this course will start out the right way in optimizing their content and SEO, intermediate bloggers may have stalled in growth and need to expand with SEO, and advanced bloggers can always learn something more.

What Results will YOU see from Taking Stupid Simple SEO?

Testimonials are everything, and some of the best are found in the private Facebook group for the course. 

Yes this course has its own Facebook group that is open to any current and former students of the course.

It is a very active Facebook group, with a lot of great advice. Students can ask questions as they go through the course, and get advice from SEO experts.

Here are some examples of wins that people taking the course have had:



If you have taken the course completely, and you have gone through the lessons and done the work involved and recommended you should be seeing results such as:

  • An increase in your Google rankings (maybe even first page!)
  • Complete knowledge of SEO and what it entails
  • An increase in your organic Google traffic
  • An increase in affiliate sales
  • An increase in product sales
  • Knowledge of how to target certain keywords
  • Knowledge of what keywords work for your audience and followers
  • You will know how to write content the right way, that ranks in Google
  • Increase of your domain authority with backlinks and more
  • Entry into an advertising network, such as Mediavine, that you have been longing to join.

I should add here that this is what you should see – but only if you put the work in and go through the complete course.


The Complete Contents of the Stupid Simple SEO Course

Note: These are the contents of the course before the new 2023 update that has yet to be revealed. 

This will give you an idea of what is inside Stupid Simple SEO, but as mentioned it is being updated and revamped.  Get on the waiting list now to find out when it available.


The complete contents of Stupid Simple SEO (prior to the 2023 update) are as follows.

Note: The course has 50+ video lessons, worksheets, and templates that walk you through every step of the system. In addition to the course you also get:

Lifetime access to take the course at your own pace.
24/7 access to the private Facebook community
Access to live monthly Q&A calls with Mike

Welcome & Getting Started

How to go Through This Course
The ABCs of SEO
An Hour Per Day of SEO
How Long Does it Take to Rank?
Your 7 Day Ahrefs Trial (Lessons to Complete)
How to Track your SEO Progress
Bonus: Elementor Pro & WP Rocket Plugins
Trello Course Roadmap
Private Facebook Group
The 4-Step SEO Framework

Phase 1: Build

How to Make Your Blog Secure (SSL)
How to Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly
An Introduction to Site Speed
Tips for Improving your Site Speed
An Introduction to Relevance
How to Rank Even if your Site is very Broad
How to Make your Navigation Google Friendly
Re-Imagining your Category Pages
How to set up Custom Category (Silo) Pages in WordPress
How to  Create an Optimal Home Page Design

Phase 2: Design

Your Ahrefs 7 Day Trial (Lessons to  Complete)*
An Intro to Keyword Research (What Makes a Good Keyword?)
Why Competitor Research Beats Traditional Keyword Research
Brainstorming your Initial Competitors
How to Find your Competitors with Ahrefs
Filtering out High DR Sites (Batch Analysis)
Finalizing your List of Competitors
How to Find your Competitors Top Pages and Keywords
Merge (CSV) Tool
How to Merge your Keyword Spreadsheets
How to Organize and Sort Your Spreadsheets
How to Analyze Keyword Data & Develop a Content Strategy
How to Determine Keyword Competitiveness
How to use Ahrefs Content Explorer for More Content Ideas
How to do Keyword Research for Existing Content
Google Search Console: How to Boost Rankings for Page 1 Keywords
How to Find new Keyword Ideas Using GSC
How to Identify Pages Losing Traffic
How to Identify Internal Linking Opportunities

Phase 3: Create

Satisfying User Intent
Understanding User Satisfaction
Pop-ups, Aggressive Ads, and Bad User Experience
Your Goal: Creating Epic Content
How to Research ad Outline your Content
How to Find Long Tail & Related Keywords
How to Create Epic Content that Ranks
How to  Set up Your On Page SEO
How to use the Yoast SEO Plugin
An Introduction to Content Audits
How to do an SEO Content Audit
E.A.T the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines
Content Quality and the QRGs
E.A.T and YMYL Pages
Why your About Page Matters
How to Optimize your Blog for E.A.T

Phase 4: Promote

What are Links & Why are they so Important?
The 5 Characteristics of a Great Link

Link Building Expectations
Getting into the Outreach Mindset
Links you don’t want any Part of
Understanding your Competitor’s Backlinks
How to Spy on Your Competitor’s Backlinks
How to Merge your Backlink Spreadsheets
How to Organize & Analyze Backlink Data for Link Opportunities
An Introduction to Help a Reporter Out
Getting set up with HARO
How to Respond to HARO Requests
An Introduction to Guest Posting
Getting Organized for your First Guest Post Campaign
How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities
Sending your Guest Post Pitches
Handling Replies & Writing your Guest Post
An Introduction to the GuestoRoundup Technique
Using Google Sheets to get Organized
Expert Roundup Review & Choosing your Question(S)
How to Find Bloggers to Participate in your Roundup
How to Execute the Expert Roundup & Land your Guest Posts
An Introduction to Blogger Outreach & Linkable Assets
Three Types of Linkable Assets: Infographics, Guides & Surveys
How to Brainstorm Ideas for your Linkable Asset
How to Create your Linkable Asset
How to Outreach to Bloggers with Linkable Assets
An Introduction to Resource Page Link Building
How to Find & Filter Resource Page Assets
How to do Resource Page Outreach

Bonus: Six Figure Affiliate Marketing Formula

How to Identify User Intent in the Sales Funnel
How to Find Affiliate Keywords
How to Create “Best(Product)” Type Content
How to Create “Review” Type Content

Bonus: Mastering Mediavine Ads

Mastering Mediavine Ads

Bonus: Scale with Sponsored Posts

Scale with Sponsored Posts

Bonus: SEMRush Mini Class

Finding More Competitors with SEMRush
Swiping your Competitors Top Pages & Keywords
Spying on your Competitors Backlinks

Bonus: SEO Tools on a Budget

An introduction to Keysearch
How to find your Competitors with Keysearch
How to find your Competitors top Pages
How to use the Competitor Gap Feature
How to get Guest Post Links with Opportunity Finder
How to use Rank Tracker to Track your Rankings

Bonus: Credit Takeoff Niche Site Explosion

Niche Selection
Setting up the Site
Monetization & Traffic Strategies
Mapping out a Content Strategy
Hiring Freelance Writers
Managing Freelance Writers

How to Make Money Selling This Course

How to Become an Affiliate
Stupid Simple SEO Affiliate Image

Why you Should Absolutely Buy Stupid Simple SEO

It will save you time!

When you have mastered SEO and optimized your blog content it will actually save you time going forward. 

Many of the top bloggers are not actually writing blog posts constantly, some not even once a week. Many of them are doing a blog post perhaps once a month or every few months.

Because optimized content means that your posts are always showing up top in Google.  They are easily found and you get steady, major, traffic.

This all means that you can rest a little. If you are constantly pushing content out there and working all the hours, think how lovely it would be to get a break and/or focus on other parts of your blog. 

If your posts and content are optimized and doing well, and you don’t have to keep writing posts and all the work that entails, you can focus on other things for your blog, such as creating products, courses and more!

It will Make you More Money

Increased traffic through optimized content will bring you more money.

Because more eyes on what you have available means more purchases of your products, more income in ad revenue from that increased traffic, more sign-ups to your email lists and more.

It will make you Stand out Against your Competition

If you are in a very popular niche, you need to stand out in that niche and not get lost among all the other bloggers in that niche.

There is no doubt that if your content is SEO optimized, and your site is set up right and to its best advantage, you are automatically going to do better than those blogs/sites that are not optimized for SEO.

Having the skills of SEO will help you really stand out in the crowd. There is a reason why most of the really successful bloggers have taken this course and mastered their own site SEO.

Why you Should NOT buy Stupid Simple SEO

Stupid Simple SEO is a not a cheap course, but that is because it is a thorough course covering all aspects of SEO.

If you pay for this course you will easily reap back the money you spent from that initial expense, because you will be implementing things that you learn that will bring you far more traffic.

Many bloggers may struggle to afford this course if they are just starting out (note: there is a payment plan available that can split the payment into 4 monthly payments).  (Also the 2023 course update is apparently going to be introducing 3 different payment tiers. Get on the wait list for announcements now!)

It is completely understandable that you may not think that you can afford this course. But I have learned from experience that you have to invest in good sources in order to make money on your blog.

My absolutely honest opinion is that the course is well worth the cost, because it is so comprehensive and complete.

There are hours and hours of videos, and numerous spreadsheets, worksheets, and templates, not to mention all the absolutely invaluable information and guidance.

Put it this way – this course is for people who are serious about their blog, and who want to be professional bloggers. 

This course is not for somebody who just wants a quick fix.  It is an in-depth course that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about SEO and implementing it.

Yes this course is a financial investment. So if you are not prepared to focus on this course, go through all the videos and tutorials, and implement the recommendations do NOT take this course.

Note: If you go through everything in this course, and implement the recommendations, you should see an increase in your traffic and therefore your earnings – therefore this course will eventually pay for itself, and more. As Mike Pearson himself puts it “The question isn’t if you will get your money back, it is how many times over will I get my money back”

If you don’t want to waste your time doing keyword research don’t buy this course. Keyword research is a major part of this course (spoiler alert – keyword research is a major part of SEO mastering). 

If you are not into blogging long term, if your site is just a little site that you dabble into every now and again, there is probably no point in you paying for, and going through this course. 

This course is really only for those who want to make a success of their blog, and have a site that exists for a long period of time, with good traffic and income.

How Much Does Stupid Simple SEO Cost?

The 2023 update details have not yet been revealed, but once they are I will update this article with the current pricing.  If you want to see the reveal at the same time as everyone else get on the wait list here.

Stupid Simple SEO has 50+ video lessons, worksheets, and templates that walk you through every step of the system. In addition to the course you also get:

Lifetime access to take the course at your own pace.
24/7 access to the private Facebook community.
Access to live monthly Q&A calls with Mike.

Stupid Simple SEO - Get on the Waitlist for the updated 2023 version!

How can you Enroll for Stupid Simple SEO?

Enrollment for the new revamped 2023 course is not yet open. Get on the waitlist here to find out when it is open.

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase this course if you are on the waitlist. You will be notified when it is open again and the pricing and details.

I should also add  – there is a money back guarantee on the course, if the course is really not right for you.

Other SEO Resources if you Cannot Afford Stupid Simple SEO

There are many other SEO courses and books available to teach you all you need to know about SEO.

They are not as intensive and content-packed as Stupid Simple SEO. But while you are waiting for the new launch, you may want to check out these resources here.

I have personally taken all of these courses/books and I can highly recommend them.

Easy On-Page SEO for Beginners

Easy Backlinks for SEO

SEO e-Book Bundle

Take this FREE e-course on SEO from Debbie Gartner!



I absolutely do not regret purchasing and taking this course.  I did think long and hard about purchasing this course before I went ahead, really because of the price of the course more than anything.

However, like with most things in blogging and business, you really do have to weigh the benefits of doing something and spending money.

Yes you can save your money by not investing in a course like this. Of course that will save you money – but only at the front end.  

If you learn SEO the right way and implement that just think how much your earnings could increase.  Appearing higher in search engine results means more visitors to your blog and blog posts.  

Those visitors will increase your traffic, which will bring you more readers who will support you, buy your products and/or services, and follow you.

If you have advertising on your site, those visitors will bring you more income in advertising dollars, as you will have more and more people visiting your site.

The money you spent for that course will very quickly seem unimportant, and what’s more, it will seem worth every penny.  Because you learned how to increase your blog traffic, and therefore your sales and everything else.

You will be bringing in much much more because of good SEO than the money you spent on this course.  You will make that purchase price many many many times over!

So I would encourage you that if you are concerned about spending money on this course, think about what your long term goals for your blog are. 

If anything I personally feel that good SEO is security and insurance for my blog.  

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This is my honest review of the Stupid Simple SEO course.  If you are considering taking this course, read this review first! I will give you many reasons why you should (and shouldn’t) take this course




  1. Hi Jae,
    I think you just drove away fears people have with SEO. You were right. At first, there is that fear because one has no knowledge. Then as you start to learn, you realize that everything makes sense after all and your fears are allayed. The most difficult part is to get up and start learning SEO from scratch but it pays off in the end.

    Thank you for this wonderful piece of article

  2. Thank you for this very comprehensive post! I’m currently debating whether to but this course or not. I thought I knew SEO, but I’m really struggling with keyword ranking. I want to become a FT blogger within the next year.

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