7 Reasons Sewing is a Great Hobby (& good for you!)

When the world is just too much, and you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, there is nothing like indulging in a good hobby.  Hobbies and making things are so good for your mental health and your overall well-being.

Sewing is one of the best hobbies to start and pursue. It is easy to learn the techniques of, you can make such great stuff, and everyone needs something sewn from time to time!  But sewing is also great for lots of other things too.

Here are 7 reasons why sewing is a great hobby that you should consider!


7 Reasons Sewing is a Great Hobby and good for you! #sewing #hobby #crafts #DIY


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1.Sewing is Mindful

Mindful activities are so good for your mental health, and sewing is no exception.  As you sit and sew you can actually think about how you are feeling, and pay attention to your thoughts.

I undertook a big sewing project a year or so ago. It was a beautiful patchwork quilt that I wanted to give my mother.  The entire project ended up taking far longer than it should have done, but to be honest, that only added to the sense of accomplishment I got from it.

One of the things I realized as I finished off the quilt was that each part of the quilt reminded me of what was going on in my life when I completed that part.  The first couple of hexagons were sewn together when my father was really ill, and I remembered sewing those together with this horrible feeling of dread weighing over me.

But I also remembered the good things. I remember stitching together a certain part of the quilt when my son got into the college he wanted to go to. I remember stitching a part of the quilt when my good friend was visiting, sitting beside me as we chatted and I sewed.

Sewing enables you to sit and think about your feelings and pay attention to your thoughts. But it also creates escapism from what is going on in your life too.

As you pay attention to what you are sewing, you can also push out bad feelings and thoughts.If you are focusing on a certain part of your sewing, and you have to think about how to sew or put together that part, you are excluding the world outside while you have that deep focus.

The sense of accomplishment you get from finishing a sewing project is also such a great boost to your mental health. You achieved something! You completed something! You made something!


2. Sewing gives you a huge sense of Achievement

When you create and make something using your own hands, it can be an incredible sense of achievement.

Studies have shown that people suffering from depression have markedly increased self esteem after completing textile craft projects.  

There is nothing quite like the euphoria of looking at a finished piece of sewing, and realizing that you – yes you! did that!  

You may have made a lovely new outfit, a present for somebody else, or something for your home. Whatever you made, it took dedication, time and effort.  You should be applauded!


3. You can fix your own stuff!

How many times has a piece of your clothing split, torn or broken?  How many times have you wished you had the skills to fix it yourself?

You may have a pair of trousers or pants that are too long.  Your skirt may be too big at the waist.  Your jacket may have a rip in the sleeve that needs fixing.

We all have things that need to be fixed or altered on pieces of clothing constantly. Do you take it to be done elsewhere and pay to have it done? Do you just throw the item away or donate it?  If you can fix it yourself imagine the time and money you will save.

Sewing, including mending, is very simple to do. It appears harder than it actually is. There are so many amazing classes, videos and guides to help you through a sewing project these days.  

Until you try to fix things yourself, you really won’t realize how amazing you actually could be at it!




4. It is more Environmental

If you are worried about the environment and your impact on it, sewing is an amazing thing that can actually help.

Modern clothes are mass produced as fast, easily and cheaply as possible.  This means that cheap labor and pollution result from these processes.

If you can repair your clothes, rather than throw them away, or even make your own clothes you can really help the planet. Every year textiles litter landfills, from clothing and articles just thrown away.

Fixing, making and altering your own clothing can really help with environmental impact.


5. Sewing can be a Social Activity

If you can find a sewing group locally you can easily make lots of new friends.  Sewing is a fantastic thing to do in a group. You can give each other encouragement, show your projects, and chat while you sew.

If you can’t find a local group, there may be local classes for those wanting to learn to sew, or better their sewing skills, where you will also meet people.

Check out Facebook for any local groups.  If your neighborhood has a Facebook group or email list, ask around on those.  You could also check your local paper.

Local fabric and sewing supply shops and craft stores may also have details on sewing classes and group meets.


6. Sewing is Good for your Body

Sewing can really help keep many parts of your body working their best!

Using your hands and fingers will keep your hands stronger, especially as you age. Sewing also improves your hand to eye coordination, and it also increases your dexterity.  Sewing is also said to help with dementia in sufferers.

If you suffer from joint issues, such as arthritis, the repetitiveness of something like sewing can actually help your joints.


7. Sewing improves your Focus

We all have trouble with focus these days. All the fast pace of modern life, everything always available, and so much available. It is no wonder that we all strive to stay and be more focused.

Sewing can actually help improve your focus. Focusing on a detailed sewing pattern and project can really help you focus deeply and better. Your focus on other things will start to improve as you go along with focusing on sewing projects.

Sewing is also great for time management skills, for analytical skills and so much more.

Now you can see all the reasons why sewing is good for you! So go ahead and consider sewing if you need a good hobby to focus on!

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