Inexpensive IKEA Items that make your home look Expensive & High End

If you want your home to look more high-end, you really don’t have to spend a fortune on furniture and products for your home from really expensive stores.  IKEA has a lot of items that already either look high-end, or you can hack them so that they do!


We all want our homes to look well furnished, high end and stylish. But sometimes getting that look means spending a lot of money in expensive stores (hello there Pottery Barn and West Elm!).

But you can still give your home a high end look without spending a ton of cash.  The place you can do that is also a place that practically everyone has access to no matter where they live throughout the world! 

IKEA stores are in pretty much every town and in every country, and they have many items that look high-end and expensive – but aren’t!

What’s more – if those products don’t come high end and expensive looking, you can hack them and change them so they do!

Here I have put together my favorite items that IKEA sells that look high end and expensive for your home.  I have also enclosed information on hacks for those things too, so you can make them look that way too!



IKEA Lighting

IKEA sells an enormous range of lights and lighting for all over your home.  One of the great things I love about IKEA lighting is that it is not just affordable and stylish, but it can look so high end for your home.

Lighting can really make or break your room. It is a great way to immediately update the look of a room. A lamp placed in a certain area of your room can add not just more light, but also more detail and features to that room.

A great pendant light can be just what your boring table needs hanging over it.  A beautiful lampshade can really amp up your room decor.

Here are some of my favorite pieces of IKEA lighting:


Lighting from IKEA



  1. Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp
  2. Solklint Table Lamp
  3. Flaggskepp Table Lamp
  4. Gottorp Pendant Lamp Shade
  5. Nymo Lamp Shade
  6. Brunsta/Hemma Pendant Lamp
  7. Gottorp Pendant Lamp Shade
  8. Klabb Table Lamp


IKEA Carts

IKEA sells the best carts, including Raskog, Nissafors, Hornavan, Draggan, Forhoja and so many more.  IKEA carts can be used for storage, plant holders, side tables, bedside tables, desks, tables, kitchen islands, bar carts and so much more!

If you don’t like the color of the IKEA cart you buy, just spray paint it and change it! It is amazing what a difference just spray painting something can make. Painting a cart also makes it look more up market and expensive.

Here are some of my favorite IKEA carts. All these carts can be used as is, or painted and changed to be more unique looking.


  1. Raskog Cart
  2. Nissafors Cart
  3. Forhoja Kitchen Cart
  4. Lubban Serving/Storage Cart
  5. Kungsfors Kitchen Cart
  6. Draggan Cart
  7. Ristatorp Utility Cart



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IKEA Chairs

Chairs are one of those pieces of furniture that can really level up another piece of furniture, such as a dining table. They can also be scattered around a room for effect, and also make stand out pieces.

Here are some of my favorite IKEA Chairs:


  1. Tobias Clear/Chrome Chair
  2. Nilsove Rattan Chair
  3. Bernhard Leather/Chrome Chair
  4. Henriksdal


IKEA Storage Baskets and Boxes

IKEA has some of the best high end looking storage pieces for all over your home. They have storage pieces that look (and work) great for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, garage and more!

Their storage products are inexpensive and many of them look so good you can even display them out on shelves and surfaces. I don’t know about you – but I want storage containers that look stylish!

Here are some of my favorite IKEA storage products that look high end and expensive:

  1. Branas Basket
  2. Variera Box
  3. Smarra Box with Lid
  4. Fladis Basket
  5. Moppe Mini Storage Chest
  6. Knagglig Pine Box
  7. Rabbla Box with Lid
  8. Fryken set of 3 Seagrass Baskets with Lids
  9. Riskatorp Wire Basket
  10. Pudda Basket

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Home Decor Items

IKEA sells some amazing home decor items that are inexpensive, but so stylish.  

Home decor items can make all the difference to your shelves, table tops, mantlepieces and more.

Here are some of my most favorite IKEA home decor items.

  1. Borrby Lantern
  2. Toppig Lantern
  3. Glittring set of 3 Candle Sticks
  4. Uttvandig Brass Candle Dish
  5. Bissing Wall Clock
  6. Dekad Alarm Clock
  7. Ganga Alarm Clock
  8. Sjalsligt decorations
  9. Lindrande Decoration
  10. Harliga Glass Dome with Base
  11. Godtagbar Ceramic Vase
  12. Pepparkorn Glass Vase
  13. Kaffebona Decorative Vase
  14. Gradvis Vase


IKEA Faux and Real Plants

Greenery and plants is sometimes all you need to really cheer up a drab room, or make a room look more interesting and special. Plants can also make your rooms and home look far more high end.

IKEA sells many faux plants, which are especially great if you need a fast injection of greenery to your home, and don’t want the trouble of having to remember to water them.

But IKEA also sells some great real plants, especially floor plants, that are so inexpensive and cost effective.

  1. Fejka artificial eucalyptus plant
  2. Fejka 3 piece succulent pots
  3. Fejka artificial weeping fig plant
  4. Fejka artificial palm
  5. Fejka artificial string of hearts plant
  6. Vinter Christmas Tree
  7. Strelitzia White Bird of Paradise plotted plant
  8. Sansevieria Mother in Law’s Tongue potted plant
  9. Ficus Lyrata Bambino fiddle leaf fig potted plant
  10. Aloe Vera Potted Plant


IKEA Throws

Throws can really jazz up a sofa, bed or a chair in your home.  If you have a drab sofa or chair, or your bed needs a little something to make it look more up market and stylish, a throw is sometimes all you need.

IKEA sells a lot of throws that are inexpensive, stylish and beautiful.

  1. Ingabritta off white Throw
  2. Ingrun Throw
  3. Stinamaj White/Gray Throw
  4. Vareld Bed Spread
  5. Jennyann Throw
  6. Dekorera MultiColor Throw
  7. Ravaror Throw

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If you want your home to look more high-end you really don’t have to spend a fortune on furniture and products for your home from really expensive stores.  IKEA has a lot of items that already either look high-end, or you can hack them so they do!

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