Easy Knit Chunky Throw Blanket (Great for Beginners!)

This beautiful knitted throw blanket is easy and fast to knit. It makes a beautiful chunky knit throw to use anywhere in your home.  This is a great project for beginner knitters!


This beautiful knitted throw blanket is the perfect chunky-knit throw for your home. Use it in your living room, bedroom, and wherever a chunky knit throw can make your room more beautiful!

This is a fast and easy knitting project to do. The chunky knit of the blanket means that it knits up fast and easily.

This makes into such a beautiful cozy, and comforting throw!  

If you are a beginner knitter this throw is the ideal project for you. It uses a large circular needle, so it is much easier for beginners to use. The wool is a thick wool also, that makes it easy to use for beginners.

The finished measurements of this throw are 51 inches across, by 51 inches lengthwise. But if you use more yarn, it can of course be longer than this.

Gauge is 2 stitches = 1 inch on US 17 (12.55mm) knitting needle.


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Supplies Needed for the Knitted Throw Blanket

One circular US size 17 (12.75 mm) knitting needle

Bernat Softee Chunky Knit Yarn in natural color – 12 balls. (If you cannot get this yarn, a chunky knit yarn will do also.  The Bernat yarn is 100% acrylic yarn).


Easy Knit chunky throw blanket


Guidelines to Knitting the Throw Blanket

The entire throw is knitted in garter stitch. That means you should knit every row. This makes it so easy and fast to knit up.

Knit the entire throw in garter stitch until it reaches your desired length.  For the throw I made using the yarn mentioned above, and 12 balls of yarn, it measured 51 inches in length.

Your throw could be made longer than this, using more balls of yarn.

You can of choose choose a color of your choice to make the throw in. I chose this beautiful natural wool color, as it goes with everything, and really shows off the chunky knit stitches so well.

Try to join new balls of yarn at the beginning of rows, so that all the tie-ins are at the edges of your throw, and therefore easier to weave into the blanket itself.



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Instructions for Knitting the Throw

Cast on 92 stitches.

Working back and forth across the circular needle in rows, proceed to knit a garter stitch for every row. This means that every stitch, every row is garter stitch (regular knit stitch).

1st row: Knit across the entire row.

Repeat the first row,  row by row, until all 12 balls of yarn are used, and your throw blanket measures around 51 inches in length.

If you want your throw blanket to be longer than 51 inches, just join in more yarn and work the stitches until it reaches your desired length.

Cast off.


Chunky knit blanket throw


Finishing the Knitted Throw Blanket

As you have joined in each different ball of yarn, you will naturally have some lengths of yarn left at the site of the join. Make sure they are tied off completely, and snip the yarn as close to the tie off as possible.  

To be absolutely sure that the ends will not pull and open, it is a good idea to sew those ends into the throw.

Just take a knitting sewing needle (or any large eye sewing needle, large enough to pass yarn through), thread the needle, and sew the ends into the blanket itself, as neatly as possible.

Some people like to ‘block’ their finished piece, especially with a heavy stitched blanket, such as this one.

To do this you just block it in cool or cold water, which will even out the heavy stitches of the blanket.

This is not required, but will ensure a more uniform shape to the blanket. This video here will show to how to block a blanket.

Enjoy your beautiful, cozy, and comforting knitted throw blanket! It is the perfect throw to cozy up with on winter days, and for evenings in front of the TV!

To care for your throw, just hand wash it in cool or cold water, and dry flat.

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Easy Knit Chunky Throw Blanket



This beautiful knitted throw blanket is easy and fast to knit. It makes a beautiful chunky knit throw to use anywhere in your home.  This is a great project for beginner knitters!


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