IKEA’s Secret DIY Website: You will be amazed by these ideas!

 I love IKEA and IKEA hacks, so I like to trawl the web for all kinds of IKEA inspired ideas and hacks constantly.  However I wasn’t aware of IKEA’s own DIY website until I came across it by accident! So I had to share it with you!


If you are a regular reader of Make Calm Lovely you will know how much I love and promote IKEA hacks. They are just the best for creating your very own stylish and inexpensive DIY projects for every area of your home.

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IKEA's Secret DIY Website


The Secret IKEA DIY Website

The secret IKEA DIY website is this one here – Livet Hemma.  Well, it’s not actually really that secret. You don’t need a special password to get in, or anything like that. It is just that it doesn’t seem to be widely publicized, and it really should be!

IKEA touts the Livet Hemma website as “another page of IKEA.”   See – even they are playing it down!  It is certainly more than just another page.

One of the reasons it probably isn’t really easily found and known about is that it is completely in Swedish. But no fear, if your native tongue is not Swedish, just go to the site using Google Chrome, which has it’s very own language translator. It will immediately translate the site into whatever your native language requirement is.

Livet Hemma translates to meaning Life at Home, and the Livet Hemma site is not just a DIY site using  IKEA products in DIY projects.  It is also full of inspiration and tips for how to use and make the most of many IKEA products, that includes new, as well as, old favorite IKEA products.

Some Great IKEA Hacks from Livet Hemma

Here are some of my favorite hacks and DIY projects from the website.

Rattan Room Divider Screen

Rattan folding screenPhoto Credit: IKEA


This is such a beautiful hack for your home. It is especially great if you are short on privacy space in your home. A room divider screen is perfect for that, as well as being a really attractive back drop to any room.  You can see the full hack on the website here.

DIY Loose Fit Headboard

Loose fit headboardPhoto Credit: IKEA


This is a beautiful DIY project from IKEA’s very own pages to make a gorgeous cloth headboard.  You can see the DIY here.


Want to make your own upholstered headboard? See our very own DIY here!


Pax Cork Wardrobe

Photo Credit: IKEA


This hack takes the IKEA Pax wardrobe system, and adds a touch of flair and style to it.  The cork on the wardrobe doors adds a great stylish look. You can see the DIY here.


IKEA Tarva Dresser Hack

Photo Credit: IKEA


This great hack from the site takes the Tarva dresser and turns it into a beautiful stylish and colorful dresser. This is a great example of an IKEA hack – take something already great and make it even better! You can see the hack right here.

Ivar in Black

Photo Credit: IKEA


Just add some black paint and some new handles and IKEA Ivar is completely transformed in dark mysterious black! You can see the DIY right here.


Some Great IKEA Inspiration Ideas

There are many great inspiring ideas on this site, and here are some of the ones I found that are my absolute favorites:

Home Theater Under the Sky

Photo Credit: IKEA


Outdoor Bathroom

Photo Credit: IKEA



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