DIY Wood Pallet Furniture Ideas

Wood pallets can be made into the most beautiful and functional pieces of furniture and items for your home and garden.  Here are 20 great DIY projects using wood pallets that are fun to make.


The great thing about wood pallets is that they are so easily discarded by others, therefore it is very easy to find wood pallets that are just being thrown away.

Because they are used as packing materials for a lot of things, many people just dispose of them.

But wood pallets can be used to make so many amazing things for your home and garden, and turned into some quite incredible things.

Where to Find Wood Pallets

There is really no need to buy wood pallets, because you can usually find so many free ones.  Check with local businesses in your immediate area to find out who may have free wood pallets to give away.

You can also check with landscaping companies, and other businesses. So many businesses get deliveries using wood pallets that they just need to get rid of.

A lot of companies actually pay to have the pallets removed, therefore they should be only too happy for you to take them off their hands for free. 

Some businesses may take advantage of the opportunity to charge you of course.  You could also try your local neighborhood website, Craig’s List, or any online advertising site or marketplace.  

I have actually known some people who have found wood pallets just discarded on the side of the road.  If you do, just make sure they don’t belong to anybody and they are really being thrown away.

Wherever you get your pallets from, always clean them down first before turning them into a DIY project, especially if they were stored outside or in a shed or warehouse.

You should also inspect the pallet for rotting wood or any signs of decay.  You may want to sand the pallets down first, to make sure they are not too rough, and to get rid of any possible splinters and small shards of wood. 

There are also going to be nails in the pallets, so depending on the project you are undertaking, you may also want to remove nails.

You should also make sure that the wood pallet you have is safe to use, especially if you will be using it in your home. 

Many wood pallets are treated with chemicals.  Most pallets have a marking on them, which is a country code, followed by a registration number, and a treatment code. 

If there is an MB code on the pallet it is absolutely NOT safe to use, as the MB stands for Methyl Bromide, a strong and very harmful chemical.

Here are 20 amazing DIY projects using wood pallets!

DIY Wood Pallet Furniture Ideas


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Shiplap Wood Farmhouse Clock

This is a beautiful Farmhouse style wall clock, made entirely out of planks of wood.

It does require some use of power tools, but it is not too difficult to make, and will really be the centerpiece of your room. You can see the DIY right here.

Shiplap wood farmhouse clock



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DIY Pallet Sofa

This is an easy DIY to make a great pallet sofa. It doesn’t look that easy, but it really is.

It also has magic storage built into it too! You can see this great DIY hack right here.



Pallet Coffee Table

This DIY makes a beautiful coffee table. This table is just not beautiful and rustic, it also has great storage shelves built into it also. 

This is a great coffee table for a Farmhouse decor look in your home. You can see the DIY tutorial right here.



Pallet Swing Bed

This is an amazing bed made of pallets. A perfect outdoor bed for those summer evenings!  You can see the DIY here.


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Pallet Coat Rack with Shelves

This is a great use of a wood pallet.  It turns a pallet into something so useful, and so stylish too.

If you love the rustic Farmhouse look, this wood pallet DIY would be a great addition to your home.  You can see the full DIY tutorial right here.

Photo Credit: Ana White



DIY Wood Pallet Outdoor Table

This DIY comes with a great video, showing you exactly how to make this useful and stylish outdoor table just out of wood pallets.  You can view the video right here.



Wood Pallet Bar

Wood pallet bar


This bar is an amazing use of wood pallets.  It is such a great example of how to turn something so basic as a wood pallet into an incredible working space.  Source: Pinterest

Easy DIY Pallet Shelves

For a really unique and stylish twist on a regular shelf, you can make these easy DIY pallet shelves.

These shelves look great and will really stand out in your room. You can see the easy DIY tutorial right here.

Outdoor Pallet Sofa

Photo Credit: Pretty Prudent


Wood pallets work great inside and out. The rustic look of a wood pallet works so well with so many outdoor styles and decorations.

Here you can see a great sofa for your outdoor space, made with a wood pallet base. You can view the outdoor sofa link here.


Create a Pallet Wall

This is an amazing use for wood pallets – creating a complete pallet wall!  This has a wonderful rustic look to it, which will really create an amazing focal wall in your home. You can see the complete DIY here.


Wood Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

Here is another really useful DIY using wood pallets – a Coffee Cup Holder! This holder can not only hold your coffee cups, it can also hold your coffee, filters, sugar – and whatever else you need to make your ideal cup of coffee! You can see the DIY tutorial right here.


DIY Pallet Swing Bed

This is one of my absolute favorite DIY projects for wood pallets! This gorgeous and so comfortable looking outdoor swing bed is made entirely from wood pallets. You can see the full DIY tutorial right here.

Photo Credit: Grillo Designs


Pallet Tool Bench

This wood pallet DIY makes a really useful tool storage bench, for your garage or workroom.  You can see the full DIY right here.

Photo Credit: Funky Junk



Wood Deck Cooler

This is a great DIY for a really attractive wooden deck cooler.  This cooler is perfect for entertaining and everyday use. You can see the complete DIY tutorial here.


Fold Up Gardening Potting Table

This is a great DIY, especially if you have a lack of storage space. This is a fold-up gardening/potting table.

You can just fold this down and use it whenever you need to, and then it folds up neatly afterwards. See the complete DIY tutorial right here.

Photo Credit: SASInteriorsnet



Pallet Wood Memo Board

This memo board made out of a wood pallet makes a beautiful rustic Farmhouse style memo board.

Not only is this memo board so stylish and rustic looking, it is incredibly useful too for your notes and reminders. You can see the DIY right here.


Pallet Dog Bed

Don’t forget DIY projects for your furry friends too! This is a great DIY to make a pallet dog bed. You could of course also make it into a cat bed too!  See the DIY here.


Bench Swing

This is a really cool swing that is made out of a wood pallet. You can see the complete DIY tutorial here.

Photo Credit: Tidbits From the Tremaynes


DIY Wine Bar

I have so many friends who would love this wine bar!  With this DIY you can sit and drink wine, and store your wine bottles too for easy access!  You can see the full DIY tutorial right here.

Photo Credit: The Poor Sopisticate


Pallet Fence

Another great DIY using pallet wood is this fence for your outdoors.  This DIY shows the range of opportunities with pallet wood. 

This fence will cost you next to nothing to build, and is such a unique looking fence too. You can see the complete DIY here.

Photo Credit: Hometalk


Wood pallets can be made into the most beautiful and functional pieces of furniture and items for your home and garden.  Here are 20 great DIY projects using wood pallets.

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