My Honest Review of the 6-Figure Course Creator Course by Create & Go

The 6-Figure Course Creator course is one of the most highly recommended courses for bloggers.  But is the course all it is cracked up to be? This is my honest review of the 6-Figure Course Creator.

The 6-Figure Course Creator Course is run by bloggers Alex and Lauren, who have successfully started many blogs. 

The aim of the course is that it teaches you “the formula for earning six figures from your blog with digital products and services – without being scammy or needing to be an “expert”

***Note: This course used to be called Six Figure Blogger, but had a name change recently***

I signed up for this course, based on a recommendation from another blogger, and because it fit exactly where I was in my own blogging journey.

I needed to grow and expand, and I felt like I was just hitting a ceiling at that point with my blog.

So what was my experience taking this course? What did I learn from this course? Is this course worth taking? I will answer all those questions honestly and completely in this post.

Because as a fellow blogger I know that your time, and most importantly, your money, is important to you.  None of us wants to take just another money-draining course that we learn nothing much from at all.

If you don’t have the time to go through this really long post, I will summarize it quickly here in a nutshell for you. I bought this course, I took this course, and I am really glad that I bought this course! If you want to quickly sign up for this course click here.  Otherwise read on for my very detailed review.

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on a link in this post and make a purchase via that link I may receive a small commission, at absolutely no additional cost to you.  You can view my disclosures here.

Who Should Take the Six-Figure Course Creator Course?

This course is not designed for absolute beginner bloggers. If you don’t have a blog yet, or you are in the initial stages of starting a blog, do not take this course (if you are just starting a blog, Alex and Lauren have a course aimed at beginning your blog, and getting it off to the right start here).

Six-Figure Course Creator is more for the intermediate blogger. If you have had a blog for a year or more, perhaps you are with an ad network earning money from advertising, selling a few low-priced affiliate products, but not bringing in any other money, this course is the logical next step for your blog.

I would say this course is for you if you are at the point where you are earning between $0 – $1000 per month on your blog.

Every blogger should be diversifying their income, and not relying on one, or even two, sources of income alone.  The next step to diversifying your income and bringing in more income is to create products and services. This is what this course aims to help you with.

But you need to create quality products that your readers and customers will want, and that will really help them. You don’t just want to create a product for the sake of it. 

This is what this course will help you with – creating products and services that your readers actually want, that are quality products and services.

Six Figure Blogger Blogging Course Review



The Contents of the Six Figure Course Creator Course

The course is a video course, consisting of 9 total modules.  

Modules 1 & 2 cover the entire framework and structure that is needed behind a 6-figure blog.  This is actually the tried and tested method that successful blogs adhere to.  This module teaches you all about how to build better relationships with your audience.

Module 3 covers selling digital products via affiliate marketing.  This module is all about bringing in income from being an affiliate for others, not actually creating your own products at this stage.  This is an important step, because understanding affiliate marketing will help you enormously in selling your own products.

Module 4 is about creating your own digital products.  This module covers how to form ideas about what products to create, how to research that idea, and how to do the actual product creation.

Module 5 is all about creating a profitable e-book from scratch.  They give you the exact formula that they used themselves to create their own successful high selling e-books.

Module 6 is all about creating a successful e-course from scratch.  They take you through how to set up, step by step, a successful online course.

Module 7 teaches you how to create high-converting sales pages.  This module guides you through the best sales pages that will bring in more sales for you.

Module 8 covers how to get thousands of the right visitors to your sales pages.  

Module 9 is all about building relationships with the email trust funnel.  As they state, email is where the money is, but you need to know how to turn that new subscriber into a raving fan and customer.

The course also comes with a private support group, especially for all those signed up for the course, to share tips, suggestions and ideas.  There are also bonuses when you buy the course, such as a pack of email templates, and spreadsheets to use to organize your finances and blogging, among others.  

Once you sign up for the course you have lifetime access. Any updates that are done to the course you will automatically get too.


Who are the Course Creators & Presenters?


I think it is very important to consider who has created the course that you are considering buying and taking. While some course creators can create a great informative and helpful course without being really experienced in the very thing that they are presenting on, it really helps that the creators do have that crucial experience.

Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus, the course creators, are just two regular bloggers.  They had a failed blog, and they learned a lot from that failure – in how to do things, and how not to do things. 

After that first foray into blogging they took what they had learned and started another blog, which is very successful.

In fact that blog is so successful that they bring in over $100,000 a month in revenue.   They do include lots of screenshots showing their revenue to back up their claims.

On the back of that successful blog, they have also created many courses, of which 6-Figure Course Creator is one of them.

Why I Personally Took the Six Figure Course Creator Course

I have taken so many blogging courses. Honestly, if I were to actually sit down and work out what I have spent on blogging courses I would need to hide that calculated amount!

There are so many so-called experts out there right now creating course after course. You only have to scroll through Facebook, or Instagram, or even your email inbox to see course after course being offered to bloggers and potential bloggers. They all promise to be different to other courses, they all state that their course “is the one!”

So I am weary of new courses being offered, and as I have already taken so many, I feel like I have pretty much covered the blogging ground in courses.

But.  I was at a point with my blog where I was bringing in income from advertising, and some affiliate income, but that was really only enough for my blog to be a part time business.

I knew that I needed to diversity. I knew that I needed to start creating products, and perhaps services.  But it was there that I was stuck. I needed help and guidance to do all those things.

A well known blogger who I follow was raving about taking this course. She was further along in her blogging journey than I was. She already had some products and services, and she was already making pretty serious money. But she said that she took this course and it was absolutely amazing, possibly the best course she had ever taken.  

Now I respect and admire this blogger. I also really think that this blogger is very honest and genuine.  So of course I listened to what she had to say about this course. But more importantly – this course was almost aimed at me personally – it was about right where I was in my blogging journey – bringing in some money, but wanting to bring in more, and developing far more with my blog.

But more importantly, I wanted to create products and services that would actually help my readers. I wanted to create quality products that would help them out in their daily lives, and hopefully improve their lives. That is what this course purports to do. So that was really important to me in choosing to take this course.

What I learned From the Six Figure Course Creator Course

The first modules in the course are all about blogging mindset. Specifically the “ugly truths’ about blogging, and what you need to do to combat those to be successful. 

I almost passed over this section – thinking – yes I know all those! At the level of blogger this course is aimed at, most of us have already experienced the hard work and overwhelming things that are what blogging is all about.

But I am glad I didn’t pass over that section. Because that section is an important one to start with, no matter how experienced you are, or think you are. 

This section really does help to clarify why you are blogging, and how to conquer your insecurities and “ugly” experiences with blogging.  It is like a pep talk that you need going forward.

From that initial module, through to what the framework of a six figure blog is (almost like the secret to becoming a six figure blogger).was an interesting experience that I needed. What is my strategy? What does my customer actually need? What does my reader actually need? and more.  

The flow of the course makes perfect sense as you go through the modules.  You need the right mindset, you need to know what makes a six figure blog, so that you can aspire to do it. You need to think about what you are offering, including your brand, and what your message and expertise is.

The first real “action” part of the course is the affiliate marketing section, which is placed right at the beginning for a reason. The course wants you to promote affiliate product(s) first, before creating your own, for a good reason. 

Some of it is going to be a refresher on affiliate marketing that you will already know. But there are some new ideas and approaches in this section, that will make you think “of course!” The promotion ideas for affiliate marketing are full of such amazing ideas and suggestions.

The course then leads you through creating your own product. It is a great step by step hand holding section on how to create the right product – for your reader and audience. 

It covers what background research and analyzing that you need to do to know which product to create.  It even gives suggestions on how to get ideas (many of these I just wouldn’t have thought of).  

After learning what products I should create, the course then led me through creating those actual products – specifically e-books and online courses. 

These sections are full and packed. They cover every aspect of the process, including opt-ins at the very beginning, even through to the product name, what product bonuses to create, and even creating covers and images.  

No product that any of us creates is going to sell itself, we all know that. But sales pages are notoriously difficult to do well.  But the section of this course on creating sales pages, that actually convert, is jam packed with valuable advice.

Sales pages used to scare me – I am not trained in marketing, I don’t know the best words that sell etc – but this section really walked me through everything. I am now gradually going through my existing sales pages to make them much more dynamic!

But once a sales page is created, we all still have to get traffic and potential customers to that sales page. I have read a lot of different articles on creating sales pages and selling, but none of them has ever addressed this part of things. 

Selling isn’t just abut creating a sales page, you have got to get people to that sales page in the first place. This part of the course was really invaluable to me. I cannot tell you how much I learned from this part of the course.

Now I also have to admit that email scares me.  I really don’t feel comfortable emailing my readers.  It still feels so intrusive. 

So the section on Email Marketing Mastery was really valuable to me.  It is full of all kinds of ideas and tips on how to do it right.  This section really gave me confidence on using email more, and especially on using email to market your own products.

The Price of the Six Figure Blogger Course

I know that so many reviews skip over mentioning the actual price of the course.  But I don’t like that.  The price of the course is very important to share up front. Because you can either afford it or you can’t.  

The 6-Figure Blogger course costs $297.  That cost could be hard for many people to afford. But that is not as expensive as many courses out there either.

Is this course worth that cost?  My honest opinion? Yes it is.  Like I mentioned before, I have taken a lot of courses.  I can honestly say that there are not many cheap courses out there that are worth taking.  That’s a fact.

Because I have taken a lot of courses I feel that I am in a good position to make an observation on that.  There are some low priced courses that are totally amazing, but not many.

So I do firmly believe that this course is worth the cost, because it has excellent and informative content.  Many hours have obviously been put into this course, and creating a pretty close to perfect course.

There is a refund offered, within 60 days of purchasing the course, if you have tried to implement the advice and tutorials mentioned in the course, and they just haven’t worked for you.

Why I Think That YOU Should Take the Six Figure Course Creator Course

I should start out by saying this is not a lightweight course. It isn’t a course you can quickly scan over and finish in a couple of hours. Sure, you could do that, but you won’t get anything from the course, and it will be a waste of your money.

If you have considered taking this course because, like me, you were at a part of your blogging journey where you needed to grow, make more income, and perhaps take your blog full-time, you should pay very close attention to this course. 

Treat this course like it is a major college course that you need for your career. I’m being serious here.  Because if you go through this course carefully and take action where you are taught to, you surely cannot fail at making your blog better.

If you understand what you are doing with your blog, where you want to go with it, what your brand is, what you are trying to achieve, who your audience and readers are, and then you go through how to do affiliate marketing the right way, how to create products the right way, and how to sell your products your right way, you should definitely be able to move forward with your blog. You should see growth and progress with your blog.

I am really glad that I took this course. The information and suggestions were invaluable.  I fully expect to make much much more from the products I will be creating and selling through taking this course.

You can sign up for the 6-Figure Course Creator course right here.

The 6-Figure Course Creator course is one of the most highly recommended courses for bloggers. But is the course all it is cracked up to be? This is my honest review of the 6-Figure Course Creator Course.


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