How to Organize Your Home to Create a Better Morning Routine

By organizing your home the right way you can help with your busy and chaotic mornings.  Find out what to implement in your home to make your mornings easier!

Mornings! That time of day that is packed with so much potential and possibility for a new day.  But how many of us get to actually enjoy our mornings when we have to run off to work, school or wherever the day takes us.

If your mornings are spent looking for your other shoe, that other matching sock, and trying to locate your keys and other items you need while on a time crunch I hear you!

By organizing your home spaces so that everything is where it should be, close to hand and easily accessible you can make your mornings far more productive and less stressed.

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Prepare your Outfit for the Day Ahead of Time

How many mornings do you run around trying to decide what to wear?  You really wanted to wear that black dress, but where is it?  Is it in the laundry basket, dryer or sitting in a pile on your bedroom floor?

Did you think about what to wear – like that lovely red dress that you have, only to put it on that morning and – well you must have gained weight around your middle since you last wore it – because it no longer fits very well.

By setting out your outfit the day or night before you can cut down on a lot of wasted time trying to locate something to wear.  I have literally wasted around 20-30 minutes on a morning going through several different things to wear.

Organize your Closet 

If you can’t organize your outfit the day or night before, by keeping your things organized and in the same place you can make choosing them in the morning so much easier.

Keep your hanging clothes in your closet arranged by type – such as dresses, skirts, pants etc.  Organize them further also by color, length etc. That way it is easy to pull out exactly what you want. 

Keep items together in known storage spaces, such as belts, shoes, scarves, jewelry and more.  You can keep your bags arranged on a shelf, easy to see and therefore choose.

This Vareira rack from IKEA can be used all around your home and is actually a pot lid holder, but it is also great for organizing your smaller bags. That way you can easily see and choose them.

Place all your smaller items, such as your belts and more into storage bins, so they are all in the same place and you know where to find them.

These IKEA Komplement storage boxes are perfect for organizing all your things in your drawers, on shelves and more.

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Buy Items to Store Certain Things

Buy pieces of furniture or other items that can store certain things in your home, so they are your go to place for that particular thing.

For instance – shoes. Shoes are one of the things we tend to have a lot of, and that can gravitate to many places in our homes.  Check out these shoe storage ideas here.

The IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet is the perfect cabinet to store all your shoes, in an attractive piece of furniture. But you can make it even more attractive by checking out these Hemnes shoe cabinet hacks here!

Create Zones for Storage

You use many different areas of your home for different things. So create storage in those zones. Not only will you find it easy to find those things because you know that area is used for a certain function, but you will also keep more order in your home.

You should have an entry hallway that you enter and leave your home through every day, your garage where you park your car each day, your bathroom where you get ready, your bedroom where you dress etc.

You can create storage in all those places – shoe organizers for your hallway, drop zones for mail etc in your hallway, makeup storage in your bathroom etc.

You can also organize your clothes closet and wardrobe into zones. A zone for shoes, a zone for your bags, a zone for accessories, a zone for jewelry etc. This will make it much easier to find what you need and are looking for.


By organizing your home the right way you can help with your busy and chaotic mornings.  Find out what to implement in your home to make your mornings easier!

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