Ideas for that IKEA Gestalta Wooden Artist’s Figure!

The IKEA Gestalta wooden artist’s figure has been a staple of IKEA for numerous years.  What can you use it for in your home, and what creations can you make with Gestalta?!

You may be familiar with the iconic IKEA wooden artist’s figure that is sold by IKEA throughout the world!  That figure has been sold by IKEA for so long. I literally cannot remember a time when I didn’t see it for sale in IKEA and its catalogs!

That artist’s figure is called Gestalta, and it is incredibly inexpensive and availabile everywhere. It is 13 inches high and can be twisted and turned into all kinds of poses, shapes and cortortions.

Photo credit: IKEA


There can’t be many of us who haven’t smiled when we have seen this little figure on somebody’s desk or in their living room!  There is something about the quirkiness of this little model that has a positive reaction in us!

What is the IKEA Gestalta Wooden Artist’s Figure Meant For?

The Gestalta wooden figure is primarily a decorative object. You can place it anywhere in your home, on a shelf, table and more.  It is actually an artist’s model – a model that can be posed to assist with drawing and art.  

The figure itself can be manipulated into different poses, so it can be a fun ornament for people to play with, such as when placed on a coffee table.

The figure itself is very decorative – it looks good just about anywhere, and it has an artistic stylish element to it.

But the Gestalta figure can also have many other uses too. It doesn’t have to just be a decorative object in your home.

Using Gestalta as an Artist’s Model

Gestalta is indeed a wooden artist’s model, and it can be used as such by budding artists and professional artists alike.

Because all the joints on this wooden figure can be moved, including hands, knees, hips, upper torso, lower torso and more, it can be posed in all kinds of positions to really give a great guide for drawing and painting.

Using Gestalta as an Organizer

Because Gestalta can be placed on shelves, table tops and more, and has limbs that stick out, it can be used quite well for organizing around your home.

Use it in the bedroom as a jewelry organizer. Gestalta is the perfect shape and size for holding your jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets.

You can also use it to organize your hair items, such as hairbands, scrunchies and more! It can be used to organize reams of ribbon and other haberdashery items.

Gestalta can also hold your glasses!  Always find and locate your glasses easily this way!

Changing the Look of Gestalta

You don’t have to leave Gestalta in its natural wooden state. You can easily paint it, cover it with fabric, dress it up or more!

Stephen Brodwolf

Make Gestalta Seasonal

The Gestalta wooden artist’s model doesn’t just have to stand there naked all year round! He can be dressed up for the seasons too for a quirky look to your home.

He can be Santa and even an elf for the Christmas holidays.  He can have a bunny costume for Easter (just bunny ears is probably enough!). He can wear a floppy hat in the summer, go skiing in the winter etc.

Gestalta can also be a mummy for Halloween! Very easy to just wrap him for that part!

Photo: Playing With Scissors

You can really use your imagination and have a lot of fun coming up with seasonal ideas for Gestalta!

Make a Quirky Greeting for your Guests

Gestalta could create great quirky and informative greetings for guests to your home. For instance to hold a Wifi sign, passwords, and even as a welcome to your guests!

Turn Gestalta into a Table Lamp

Replace Gestalta’s head with a lightbulb and you can create a great and unique table lamp for your home!

Gestalta has so many uses, and is also such a great IKEA piece to just display in your home!  Don’t forget to purchase one on your next IKEA shopping trip!


The IKEA Gestalta wooden artist’s figure has been a staple of IKEA for numerous years.  What can you use it for in your home, and what creations can you make with Gestalta?!

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