How to Color Coordinate Your Closet

Color coordinated closets don’t just look pretty. They are a great way to keep your clothing organized. Follow my tips here to create a color organized closet, and quickly and easily find your clothes!


Do you love the look of color-coordinated closets?  Every time I walk into my local Container Store they always have a closet section where they hang color-coordinated clothing.

It is all done to show off their closet organizers of course, but it just looks so amazing and stylish!

Having your closet all organized by color does take a little more work. But it isn’t a majorly hard task to take on, and afterwards you will be so glad that you did!


Why you Should Color Coordinate Your Closet

A color coordinated closet isn’t just pretty to look at. It is a fantastic way to get your closet and your clothing organized.  With color coordination you will be able to find your clothing in an instant.

Let’s say you want to wear your green top today.  Instead of hunting through your closet for that particular green top, you just go straight to the green section of your closet, and it will be fast and easy to locate that green top!

Color coordinating also helps to make sure you wear your clothing.  With this method of organization, all your clothing is put on display.

Some pieces of clothing that you don’t wear quite as much won’t be hidden in the back somewhere. Therefore you are more likely to wear everything in your closet, and not forget about certain items.

How to Color Coordinate Your Closet

The first step you need to take in color coordinating is to choose the colors that you will be grouping your clothing by.

The most common way to do this is to use the color order that is found naturally in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  

You can of course choose any combinations of colors that you personally want to.

But organizing your clothing in the colors of a rainbow is a guarantee that your clothing will look so attractive and pretty inside your closet.

Taking the colors of the rainbow as mentioned above – hang your clothes from left to right following that color order.  

Of course you may not have colored clothing in all those colors. You may not have any clothing in the color violet, or even yellow for instance. Just hang the colors that you do have.


Color coordinated closet



What do you do with Other Colors of Clothing?

The colors of the rainbow are not going to take into account other colors that you have of clothing, such as whites and blacks.

You will need to come up with your own preferred place to hang those other colors.

You could for instance put all your white clothing at one end, and all your black clothing at another end, with all the colors of the rainbow in the middle.

You could choose to hang your white clothing and your black clothing together on the left, or on the right. You get the idea – you can select whatever order works best for you (and looks best!).

You will of course still probably want to keep those other colors organized together – your whites together, your blacks together etc.

Some people don’t want to mess with their beautifully arranged rainbow ordered clothing, and they choose to put those other colors elsewhere!

What to do with Patterned and Striped Clothing

A piece of clothing that is patterned or striped is going to complicate your order of things too!

One way to deal with this is to hang that piece of clothing according to a dominant color that is in that clothing.

For instance, if you have a top that has black stripes and yellow stripes, you can hang it with your yellow colored clothing (perhaps at the end of that color group).

Or you could set up a different section of your closet for striped and patterned clothing.

But to be honest, I always feel that it is best to try to hang those pieces with the most dominant color.  Especially if you have a lot of patterned and striped clothing pieces.

Keeping your Closet Organized

Once you have taken steps to organize your closet, make sure you keep it organized!

Now you have color coordinated everything, it should be easy just to place freshly laundered clothing back in the color group it goes into.  Your pieces of clothing going forward should have a designated space!

Now that your closet is organized you may also want to invest in other items to keep it looking its best and organized.  These are fantastic coat hangers that are non-slip (no more clothing pieces falling on the floor), that all look the same for an even better look.

Don’t forget to declutter your closets too! This would be a great task to do before you get your closet all color-coordinated!


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