11 Amazing IKEA Shoe Storage Hacks

One of the biggest storage issues in our homes is shoes! But these amazing 11 IKEA hacks take widely available items and turn them into the best and most stylish shoe storage!

Shoes take over most of our homes!  Depending on how many family members you have also you may have so many shoes all over your home!

Most people just throw their shoes off also as they come through the door. They lay where they land – until they are needed again!

All those shoes can just look so messy.  So how do you keep everyone’s shoes to hand, but out of the way? How do you keep your shoe storage areas neat and looking stylish too?

These 11 IKEA hacks take widely available IKEA items, and turns them into the best storage units for all your shoes.

These DIYs vary from just a little DIY needed, to quite a lot of DIY needed. But there should be great ideas in this post for everyone!

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IKEA Shoe Storage Hacks

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IKEA Furniture for Shoe Storage

IKEA sells so many furniture pieces that can be used for shoe storage. Some of those pieces are especially designed for shoe storage, such as the Hemnes shoe cabinet, Stall shoe cabinet, and the Trones storage unit.

But you don’t have to depend on ready-made furniture pieces for your shoe storage. All the IKEA furniture featured in this article can be turned into shoe storage cabinets and racks!

So check out the list below of great hacks using IKEA furniture to store your shoes!

Billy Bookcase Shoe Cabinet

The oh so incredibly versatile Billy bookcase can be used to make a beautiful shoe cabinet with this hack.

Billy can be used for so many things, and this hack is no exception. This is a beautiful looking shoe cabinet, that will keep your shoes and boots to hand and stylishly kept!  You can see the hack right here.

White Billy shoe cabinet IKEA hack.

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Classy Tall Shoe Cabinet to fit in Small Entryways

If you have more shoes than room, this hack is perfect for you. If you only have a small entryway, yet you need to store your shoes there, this tall shoe cabinet (which looks classy) is what you need.  

By using existing IKEA cabinets, assembling them, and adding classy gold handles, this shoe cabinet looks and works great.  You can see the complete hack and tutorial right here.

IKEA Hack tall shoe cabinet.

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Expedit Bookcase Shoe Rack

The Expedit bookcase is such a handy storage bookcase for so many things in your home.

This hack takes the Expedit and turns it into an incredibly useful and stylish shoe rack. With this rack for your shoes you can actually see your shoes and grab them easily! You can see the DIY here.

Expedit shoe rack DIY IKEA Hack.

Easy IKEA Shoe Cabinet

This shoe cabinet, made from the IKEA Hemnes cabinet is just so pretty!  But it isn’t just a pretty face, it is also so useful for your shoes.

With this cabinet it looks attractive, and you can hide your shoes away. There is also room on the top for the things you need in your entryway too.  You can see the hack here.

White IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet.

Lack Shoe Unit

This stylish unit for your shoes is made using the Lack TV unit! 

You can very stylishly keep your shoes to hand, in a handy wall mounted way!  There will also be room on the very top for other stuff you need to hand also! This hack is ideal for an entryway. You can see the hack here.

Brown wall mounted Lack shoe cabinet.

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Hemnes Built-In Shoe Cabinet

This is an amazing hack using the Hemnes shoe cabinet.  This one has been built in to the wall itself, so it looks custom and stylish.

This hack requires a little more work that many IKEA hacks, as it will require some drywalling etc. But if you are looking for that custom-made look, this is the hack you need! You can see the complete hack here.

Built in wall shoe cabinet.

Shoe Shelf for Small Spaces

If you don’t have a lot of room to store your shoes, and need to store them in a small space, this may be what you need.

This hack takes Ribba picture shelves, and turns them into great shoe storage for a small space!  You can see the hack right here.

Picture shelf shoe rack.

Magazine Rack Shoe Storage

By taking IKEA magazine racks and wall mounting them, you can create this ingenious shoe storage unit!

This is a really unique way to store your shoes, up out of the way too! You can see the hack here.

wall mounted magazine racks storing shoes.

Wall Shoe Cabinets

Two IKEA Stall shoe cabinets were used for this amazing hack for great shoe storage.

The Stall cabinets are wall mounted, and caulked and painted to make them look really custom-made and stylish. You can see the complete DIY here.

Wall mounted IKEA Stall shoe cabinets.

But – if you would rather watch a video of the complete how to – you can watch that here!

Kallax Cozy Storage Unit

This lovely storage unit uses the universal Kallax unit from IKEA.  Drawer units have been added to make handy storage areas.

The baskets, which are widely available at IKEA for pretty much next to nothing, have been added at the bottom.

This way you can store shoes in the baskets – hidden away, but easily accessible, and store all that other stuff you need to store also in the drawers!  You can see the hack right here.

IKEA Kallax entryway storage unit with baskets.

Welly Rack Hack

What do you do with those wellies (wellington boots)?  They are wet and in the way by the time they arrive back in your home.

But by chopping up and repurposing a Tjusig rack, you can create a really handy and so useful welly rack! Perfect for drying those wet and muddy wellies out of the way! You can see the hack right here!

Welly Rack. DIY IKEA hack

Solve your home’s shoe storage issues with these amazing IKEA DIY hacks!  Say goodbye to all those shoes laying all around your home with these great ideas!

Amazing IKEA Shoe storage hacks for your home.

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One of the biggest storage issues in our homes is shoes! But these amazing 11 IKEA hacks take widely available items and turn them into the best and most stylish shoe storage!

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