How to Hack the IKEA Lack Table ( 14 DIY Hacks)

The IKEA Lack table is an iconic piece that is inexpensive and so easy to hack and transform. Here are 14 great ways to upgrade Lack!

The Lack table is an iconic inexpensive stylish table from IKEA.  This table has graced so many homes over the years in just about any room too.

Lack tables can be used as side tables, bedside tables, tv stands, and more. They are sold in a basic black or white, and they fit in with pretty much any decor or style.

But you can take those Lack tables to a totally new level by hacking them with some DIY skills! Lack tables are the perfect piece to hack because they are inexpensive, readily available and a great basic piece.

One of the great things about using the Lack table to hack is that it is so inexpensive! That means that if you don’t like the finished result or make a mistake it really doesn’t matter! That table was only around $10 or so!

So take a look at these 14 ways to upgrade, transform and hack the IKEA Lack table!

Sculptural Lack Hack

How to Hack the IKEA Lack Table (14 Great DIY Hacks)

This amazing hack from DecorLovin turns the Lack table into a sculptural art piece.  The end result looks expensive and designer, and just like something you could only buy from high-end furniture stores!  This is also a really fun DIY to do if you love getting your hands dirty and really creating something new and different!

IKEA Lack Industrial Table Hack

How to Hack the IKEA Lack Table (14 Great DIY Hacks)

This is a very stylish industrial style table created from IKEA Lack.  Contact paper is added to the top to create the lovely wooden industrial look. This is an easy DIY to do and you will be so happy with the resulting beautiful table.

Plexiglass Side or Coffee Table

How to Hack the IKEA Lack Table (14 Great DIY Hacks)

This is an amazing hack using the Lack table! It creates a modern and stylish plexiglass table that looks so designer and high-end too!

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Farmhouse Style Coffee Table

White coffee table

In this hack Lack has been turned into a lovely farmhouse style coffee table.  It requires a little bit of work, but it is a fun project and something to get your teeth into!

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Turn it into an Art Deco Side Table

Black and wood side table

This IKEA hack from Paul Tran creates an amazing Art Deco style etched table from Lack. You would certainly never know that this table started out its life as a simple inexpensive IKEA table!  This hack does require quite a bit of work however – including using machinery. If you are up for the challenge to create something amazing and unique, this is the DIY hack for you!

Another Art Deco Style Hack

Here is another Art Deco style hack for the Lack table. This hack from Mark Montano adds side pieces to all the edges of the table in a unique and amazing way. Once again this hack does require a bit of work, but it is a challenge DIY hack if you want it!

Side Table Ottoman

One of the great things that I most love about IKEA DIY hacks is that something can be turned into something completely different. This hack for a side table ottoman does that that. It turns a table into an ottoman, so a completely different piece of furniture.

Glam IKEA Lack Hack with Magazine Sling

This hack turns the simple Lack table into a glam table complete with a magazine sling. This is a fun DIY hack to do too! As it requires cutting, sticking and more! You can see the hack here.

Glam Gold Table Hack

Here is another glam upgrade DIY Lack hack. This one is from Lovely Indeed. It uses gold decorative paper and upholstery nails too!

End Table with Storage

This modern and stylish end table cabinet is made with 2 IKEA Lack tables attached together. Different legs have been added, as well as sliding doors which hide storage space. It requires a little bit of work, but it is fairly easy to do. See the hack here.

Wooly Willy Table

This is a really fun Lack hack! This is based on the Wooly Willy toy that many of us had in our childhoods! The magic pen (really a magnet) moves around the magnetic pieces inside to create hair on Willy. You can see this amazing hack here!

Lack Lego Table

How to turn Lack into the most functional table ever! You know how your kids Lego just gets everywhere, and storage is an issue?! So here Lack is turned into not only a storage table, but also a great space where they can sit and play too! See the hack here!

Lack Rehashed

This is another great hack that showcases how IKEA hacks can just totally transform a piece. Here Lack is completely transformed into a different style table.

Upgraded Side Table Hack

In this hack Lack has been completely upgraded into a beautiful and stylish side table, complete with additional shelf. You can see the hack here.

The IKEA Lack table is an iconic piece that is inexpensive and so easy to hack and transform. Here are 14 great ways to upgrade Lack!

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