DIY Linen Fabric Cocktail Napkins

DIY these beautiful and elegant linen cocktail napkins. This is a fast and easy DIY sewing project, that will make something so beautiful for your home! 


There is nothing more elegant when you are hosting guests than beautiful fabric cocktail napkins.  Even if you are not actually entertaining, beautiful fabric napkins are always so much nicer and special to use.  



Paper cocktail napkins, especially fancy-designed ones, can of course be lovely. But there is something so special and elegant about a cloth napkin.

But it can be really hard to find cloth cocktail napkins. They are just not so readily available.  If you want to use cloth napkins for drinks and cocktails, you don’t want to use large ‘dinner’ napkins, they are just too big and cumbersome.

If I am having a party, with just a few friends over, I always feel it is easier to roll out more special things. With a small guest count you can do more special things, such as have fabric rather than paper napkins. You can bring out the better drinks, and have more fun with accessories and decor!

These pretty cocktail napkins are created using linen fabric. Using linen as the main fabric enables you to create a gorgeous fancy fringe all along each edge also, which adds even more elegance to the napkins!

This is a really fast and easy DIY project. It is also a really fun DIY project! There is something quite relaxing about pulling threads! You will see!

These napkins are completely washable (on a cold to warm wash). You can use them time and time again whenever you entertain and throw a special party with friends.

These napkins would also make a really lovely thoughtful gift for somebody. You could tie a ribbon around a stack of the napkins for presentation. 

If you are giving as a gift a nice touch might also be to embroider the recipient’s initials in one corner of the napkin, or embroider a special design.



Supplies Needed for Linen Cocktail Napkins

1/2 yard of linen fabric, in color of your choice
Sewing Machine

How to make Linen Fabric Cocktail Napkins

Measure squares of 6 x 6 inches on the fabric.  

Cut out the specially marked squares.  You will need 2 squares for each napkin, as you will be sewing 2 squares together to form one napkin.

Place the two squares up against each other, so that they completely match in measurements on every side. Pin the two squares together.

Measure 3/4 inch on the edges of each napkin, and mark the measurements. Try to use something to mark it such as a sewing fabric marker that will erase, or you can use a pencil or marker very lightly (so that it does not permanently mark the fabric).



Using your sewing machine, sew a straight square, following the markings, on each napkin.  If you don’t have a sewing machine, you could also hand sew these, following the line.

You can use any color sewing cotton of your choice. You may want to match the color of your fabric, or use a contrasting color to add more color and design to your napkins.

I used a matching thread for mine, but a different color could add a different design to your napkins.

Once you have sewn the napkins, remove any excess threads from the edges of each napkin.

You will now fringe the edges of each napkin. This is done by pulling threads, one at a time, from the edges of the fabric.

This is very easy (and fun!) to do! Just take a piece of thread from each side of the napkin, and pull. 

Keep pulling threads until you have your desired fringe. (see picture below on pulling the thread). Try to pull the thread along the whole piece of each edge, so you have an even fringe.



You want the fringe to be around 1/2  – 3/4 inch long along each edge of the napkin.  You won’t be going up quite as far as the sewn line on the napkin.  

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How to Make a No Sew Version

If you don’t have a sewing machine, and would prefer not to hand sew the napkins, you can very easily make a no-sew version of the napkins.  

The no-sew version will use just one napkin square, rather than two.  With the one napkin square you will cut out your napkins to measure 6 x 6 inches.

Then taking each edge of the napkin, pull threads to create the fringe.  Go round each edge evenly until you have your desired length of fringe.  

Enjoy your pretty cloth cocktail napkins! Wash them in cold or warm water. If they get very creased (linen can get creased through use), you can just lightly iron them.


DIY these beautiful and elegant linen cocktail napkins. This is a fast and easy DIY sewing project, that will make something so beautiful for your home and whenever you entertain!




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