The Best Boho Style Finds from IKEA

If you love Boho style you may be searching far and wide for great affordable products for your home.  I have rounded up the best Boho finds from IKEA here!


Boho style is great, pretty and desirable. But the prices that often come with Boho style are not! (hello Anthropologie!)

If you want great Boho style for your home, you can’t go wrong with IKEA items. IKEA sells so many wonderful styles and pieces, at such affordable prices.

There is really no reason to pay high prices for great trendy Boho style, when you can get amazing and beautiful, yet affordable, pieces at IKEA.

Boho style is a more natural style. It usually uses sustainable products and materials, such as bamboo, rattan, cane and more.  Many of the pieces are hand woven and crafted.

Boho style pieces tend to be more unique and different, as they are not mass produced.  They are a style that fits in more with nature and more natural home decor.

Boho style gives your home a lovely warm cozy and natural feel.  These pieces also last for a long time, and fit in with pretty much any decor in your home.




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IKEA Boho Finds

I have rounded up 19 of my favorite IKEA Boho finds from IKEA here in this post!

Because the bohemian look is all about layering textiles and earthy tones, IKEA does this so well with its Scandi-style range of products that it sells.

The very essence of boho style is anti-commercialism, and more about being natural and rustic. So you may not naturally see IKEA as a place to provide that. After all there is an IKEA store in pretty much every city and every town in the world.

But you can pick up some amazingly affordable and beautiful boho-style items for your home at IKEA.

IKEA may be everywhere and readily available, but it offers great design at affordable prices, and it strives to be the best with sustainable and zero waste products also.

Therefore, IKEA is a great choice for your boho style wants and needs for your home! Because they may be all over, but they have a great heart and message, and after all, the very premise of boho style means that you shouldn’t pay a fortune for it too!

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Nilsove/Norna Rattan Dining Chair


The Nilsolve/Norma rattan dining chairs are natural rattan chairs ideal for dining chairs. They come with a natural white seating pad too. These chairs are handwoven in natural rattan and bamboo.  


Snidad Basket


The Snidad basket is the perfect Boho style storage basket for any room in your home.  Use it for storing throws and blankets in your living room.  Use it for laundry even in your bedroom!  This is a beautiful basket which is braided by hand.  It retails for about $24.99 in IKEA stores.


Fryken Storage Baskets


Fryken storage baskets are wonderful Boho style baskets that can be used anywhere in your home for storing smaller items.  They come in a set of 3 different sizes, all with lids.

They are perfect for bathroom storage, bedroom storage, or anywhere in your home storage!  They look pretty out in the open, and they also work well behind the scenes too. They retail for around $12.99 for a set of 3 at IKEA stores.


Alseda Stool


This pretty natural stool is made from banana fiber. Each stool is handwoven by craftspeople, which means that every stool is unique.

This stool is lovely for any living area or bedroom.  They retail for around $29.99 each at IKEA stores.

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Rens Sheepskin Rug


The Rens sheepskin rug has been a favorite big seller at IKEA for many years now.

This versatile rug can be used as a floor rug, mounted as a wall decoration, or even turned into a great throw on your sofa.  It an be placed on a bench or chair, and even made into a stool! Each rug retails for around $29.99 at IKEA stores.


Buskbo Plant Stand



The Buskbo plant stand is a lovely rattan plant stand that is entirely hand woven.  It is a gorgeous cozy looking plant stand for any room of your home. It retails for about $19.99 in IKEA stores.

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Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp


The Sinnerlig pendant lamp has been a firm favorite from IKEA for many years.  It is made of bamboo lattice and is so pretty for any room in your home.  Each lamp is handmade and completely unique. These lampshades retail for around $69.99 at IKEA stores.

Agen Armchair


The Agen armchair is a beautiful rattan and bamboo armchair, that is perfect for any room in your home.  These chairs are comfortable, stylish and they will fit well into any decor. They retail for about $79.99 each at IKEA stores.


Buskbo Armchair


The Buskbo armchair is a beautiful rattan armchair.  Each chair is hand woven, which makes it unique and one of a kind.  They look beautiful, cozy and warm in your home. Each armchair sells for around $169 in IKEA stores.

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Vilto Shelf Unit


The Vilto shelf unit is a beautiful warm cozy self unit.  It is made of solid wood, and is so durable and long lasting. 

Use it for your bathroom storage, for your living room, bedroom and more. They retail for around $69 in IKEA stores.


Ivar Bamboo Weave Cabinet Doors

IKEA now sells these great bamboo weave doors for the IVAR cabinet. This makes those cabinets a boho lovers dream!  They are pretty, warm and stylish, and so cosy looking for any home. These doors retail for around $35 a pair at IKEA.


Delaktig Head Board


This rattan headboard is a beautiful rattan weave headboard that will add warmth and style to your bedroom.

The warm tones of the rattan add a beautiful warm cozy look to your room. These headboards retail for just $100 in IKEA stores.

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Lubban Serving Cart


These beautiful Lubban serving cart makes the perfect side table or even bedside table.  It would be so useful for both, as it has 2 great storage areas.  

The rattan is stylish, warm and cozy looking. This great little cart sells for $69.99 at IKEA stores.

Gamlehult Ottoman with Storage


This lovely Gamlehult Ottoman with storage is the perfect Boho style unit for your home.  It is a lovely rattan weave, that makes a great side table, coffee table, storage unit.  This piece sells for around $69 in IKEA Stores.

Anvandbar Hanging Plant Holder


This beautiful natural looking hanging plant holder is just what you need for your home. The perfect Boho style piece for any room of your home!  They are only $14.99 in IKEA stores.

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Branas Laundry Basket


Yes your laundry basket needs to be boho too!  The Branas laundry basket is a beautiful warm stylish rattan weaved laundry basket. It would look wonderful in your bedroom or bathroom. These laundry baskets sell for $39.99 at IKEA stores.

Vilto Towel Stand


This pretty towel stand will give a warm cozy boho style to your bathroom.  It is made of warm birch wood, and it is the perfect stylish holder for all your towels. They sell for around $49.99 at IKEA stores.

Lohals Rug


This Lohals rug is the perfect Boho style rug. It is a natural flatwoven jute rug.  This rug is incredibly hard wearing, and perfect for high traffic areas in your home. It sells for around $129 in IKEA stores.

Nordkisa Open Wardrobe


The Nordkisa open wardrobe is a lovely warm stylish wardrobe, that will make any bedroom more of a boho style.  Made of bamboo, this unit will add a stylish warm vibe to your room. They sell for around $249 at IKEA stores.


Boho style is lovely, warm and inviting for your home.  It is possible to get great boho style pieces for affordable prices.  These 19 pieces from IKEA are beautiful boho style, at affordable and manageable prices.

If you love Boho style you may be searching far and wide for great products for your home. That is affordable great Boho style items for your home. Because this style is so trendy right now, it can be hard to find truly affordable pieces, that haven’t had their prices inflated!  But as with most of what IKEA sells, they have so much Boho style items, at such affordable prices! I have rounded up the best Boho finds from IKEA here!

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