14 IKEA Hacks for Beautiful & Stylish Bedrooms

These hacks for great bedroom furniture using IKEA products are exactly what you need to create a beautiful, unique, and stylish bedroom.


IKEA Hacks are so stylish, affordable, and easy to do.  Once you see all the great IKEA hacks out there you will want to hack every room of your home!

Here in this post I cover all the great IKEA hacks I have found for your bedroom.  There are 14 total hacks listed here, for everything from dressers, benches, and bedside tables, to hanging blankets, four poster beds and more!

You are going to be amazed by these beautiful hacks, that are all so easy to do, and for the most part inexpensive too.

With IKEA hacks you can create stylish, high-end looking pieces of furniture for your home inexpensively and easily.  What’s more, by hacking an IKEA item you will have a truly unique piece of furniture in your home.

Our bedrooms may be the rooms in our homes that are seen the least by others. But our bedrooms are our sanctuaries and our calming spaces. They need to be lovely and beautiful so that we can sleep easier, and enjoy just hanging out in them!


IKEA Bedroom Hacks



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Vintage Style Gold Dresser

Photo Source: Preciously Me


This lovely hack is using the IKEA Malm dresser.  It has been painted, and gold accents added. 

The effect is a gorgeous vintage style dresser that would look great in any bedroom.  You can see the DIY tutorial right here.


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Create a Bedroom Workstation

Photo Credit: Olivia Silk, Lust Living


If you still need that chest of drawers in your bedroom, but you need a desk, how about creating this pretty and functional workstation.

This hack takes two IKEA Malm dressers. They are placed just far enough apart so that your legs can easily fit underneath.  Then a smooth board is placed over the top.

You will know still have that dresser you need, plus a desk – and the whole thing looks attractive and stylish!

You can see the hack right here at Lust Living


IKEA Upholstered Bench Hack

Upholstered Bench

This pretty upholstered bench is created out of a plain IKEA bench.  Just add padding and material to the bench to make this gorgeous bench that is ideal for your bedroom. You can see the hack right here.

Gilded Bedside Table

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty


This hack uses the IKEA Lack side table. Gold leaf has been added to the inside legs as well as wood corbels.

This makes a really pretty bedside table, that is certainly not like anybody else’s!  You can see the hack right here at Style Me Pretty.


Kallax Nightstand

Photo Credit: The Everygirl


If you need a stylish bedside table, but you need one with lots of room and storage space, hacking the IKEA Kallax unit into a bedside piece of furniture would be ideal for you.

This Kallax bedside unit will give you tons of room for everything you need beside your bed, and more!

West Elm Inspired Modern White Dresser

Photo Credit: Kristina Lynne


This amazing hack takes a simple pine dresser from IKEA, and look what it makes!  By painting, staining, and adding metal knobs it creates something so beautiful and adorable.

If a modern white dresser would be a great centerpiece to your bedroom, don’t buy an expensive one from a store like West Elm, when you can just DIY your own! See the DIY tutorial right here.

Four Poster Bed

Photo Credit: Hester’s Handmade Home


This beautiful hack takes the IKEA Malm bed, and turns it into the most gorgeous four poster bed. There is nothing like a four poster bed to add glamour and style to a bedroom! You can see the hack here.  

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Moroccan Wedding  Blanket

Photo Credit: Make Scout DIY


This beautiful Moroccan wedding blanket is made using the IKEA Gurli blanket. With the addition of lace, sequins and ribbon it is turned into the most beautiful piece for your bedroom.

You can either use it as a wall hanging behind your bed, or use it as a bedspread.  There is some sewing involved, but it is pretty easy and would be ok for a beginner.  You can see the DIY tutorial right here.


Ekby Makeup Vanity

Photo Credit: IKEA


If you have always wanted a vanity table in your bedroom, you can so easily create one using the IKEA Ekby unit. This hack uses IKEA Ekby with shelf brackets.  It is a very simple hack. The shelf brackets are spray painted gold, and then they are mounted on the wall to hold the Ekby unit.

The addition of a mirror on the wall, or on the top of the Ekby unit itself will add the finishing touches to your vanity table!


Gold Upholstered Bench

Photo Credit: Dwellings by Devore


This hack takes the IKEA Vittsjo TV unit, and turns it into a beautiful gold upholstered bench that is worthy of any bedroom!  

The metal bench is spray painted gold, and with some configuration, a cushion is then added. Absolutely perfect! You can view the DIY tutorial right here.


IKEA Wardrobe Hack

Photo Credit: Angela Marie Made


This hack takes the Aneboda IKEA wardrobe and makes it much prettier and stylish. This is a very inexpensive IKEA wardrobe, so is ideal on price and is so hackable! You can see the hack right here.


Upholstered Headboard 

Photo Credit: Place of my Taste


This upholstered headboard was made using the IKEA Malm bed. It is a very easy and inexpensive hack, that completely transforms the simple Malm bed. You can see the complete hack right here.

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DIY Painted Chair

Photo Credit: Sugar & Cloth


This really pretty painted chair is an IKEA hack that is painted with fabric paints. It turns it into a beautiful painted chair, that could be the centerpiece of any room.  It would make a great bedroom chair.  You can see the DIY instructions here.

Vikhammer Nightstand

Photo Credit: Free and Unfettered


This hack turns the IKEA Vikhammer nightstand into a more beautiful and stylish nightstand. Vikhammer is an all-black nightstand, which might be just too harsh for most bedrooms.

So this hack has taken the all-black Vikhammer and turned it into something far more beautiful for your bedroom! You can see the complete hack here.


Bonus Hack:

Hanging Bedside Table

Photo Credit: Monster Circus


For something a little different, this hanging bedside table is unique and different for your bedrooom.

The instructions are not in English, but you should be able to translate it through Google. See the full DIY tutorial right here.


Bedroom dressing table

These hacks for great bedroom furniture using IKEA products are exactly what you need to create a beautiful and unique bedroom.

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