How to Create a Customer Journey for your Etsy Customers

Create an amazing customer journey for your Etsy customers!  See how to create a customer hub, collect email addresses and more so your customers become lifelong fans and part of your community


When your customer purchases one of your products in Etsy, is that the end of their journey with you?

You make a sale in Etsy, and your customer gets their product. But then that is it.  Do you feel that you are missing out on creating more of a connection with your customer?

By creating a customer journey for your initial customer, you are creating a way for your customer to become a lifelong fan of what you do.

Your customer will want to purchase other things from you, they will want to learn more about you, and they will become a part of your community.

A customer journey is a process that your purchaser goes through from the time they make the purchase, through to whatever you want your customer to experience.

One thing you cannot do in Etsy is collect the emails of your purchasers. Having those emails is a great way of letting your customers know about all the things you create, and let them know about new products and more.

One way to collect those emails is to create a customer hub for your Etsy customers. They will make their initial purchase from you in Etsy, and then you send them the link to your customer hub.

You can also give your customer a taste of what else you sell, show them your products, and give them freebies and more, so they become your greatest fans!


Create a Customer Hub

By creating a customer hub you can direct your customers to enter into a journey with you.

There are many ways and tools you can use to create your customer hub. The one I love the most is Teachery.  Teachery is an amazing course creation software, that also enables you to create the most attractive hubs (*affiliate link).

Create a beautiful hub full of treats and ideas for your customers.  See a sample of my customer hub below!


What to Offer in your Customer Hub

Everybody loves free things, and if you offer your customers freebies they will be incredibly grateful. They just spent money purchasing something from you, so offering them access to some further freebies is a great way of fostering a good ongoing relationship with them.

Guide to all the Products you Offer
Your customer just bought one product from you, but you probably have a lot of different products on offer.  Let them know in your hub about all the products that you offer that they may be interested in.

Coupons and Special Offers
Your customer just purchased something from you. So give them a coupon or special offer to purchase further things from you.

Videos Showing your Customers how to use your Products
Record special videos showing your customers how to use your products, or just flicking through your products for instance.   This will make your customers feel better about using your products.

Create a Welcome Video
Create a special welcome video showing your customers what you look like, let them hear you, show them aspects of your life and business.

Promote Others Content
You can promote others content within your customer hub, by sharing links to those items. You can also promote affiliate links and more.

Create your Customer Journey Course by Alejandra Styles

*Please note, I am not an affiliate for this course, I am just promoting a course that I think will be beneficial to you, and that I have taken personally*

The easiest way to create your customer journey and hub is by taking the Create Your Customer Journey course by Alejandra Styles.

The course has videos showing you how to do this every step of the way. There are over 7 videos in the course.

You also get the exact Canva templates that Alejandra uses to create her hubs and courses – which include banners, lesson templates, calls to action templates, customer hub pdf invitation and more.

Alejandra shows you exactly how to create your hub and customer journey, with an emphasis on making it look beautiful and user friendly.

There is a mood board lesson as part of the course, which will help you choose your colors and design of your hub. So you have no excuse not to have a beautiful hub!

So create an amazing customer journey for your Etsy customers! Create a beautiful hub that will make them feel a part of your business community, and a raving fan of yours!

Create an amazing customer journey for your Etsy customers!  See how to create a customer hub, collect email addresses and more so your customers become lifelong fans and part of your community

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