15 Organizing projects using Washi Tape

Washi tape is such a great product and can be used to make all kinds of things, especially crafts and DIY projects. But it really works well in many organizing projects that you can do to get your home and self organized!


Here are 15 great organization projects that use washi tape, that will get your stuff organized in no time! Organize your things all around your home inexpensively and easily!


Washi tape organizing projects

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Washi Tape Cord Organization

You know how crazy it can be in your home with all those jumbles of cords bunched up together and you just can’t figure out which cord goes to which appliance? Well this organization project using washi tape will take the frustration out of that particular problem in your home!  See the full DIY here at Landeelu.


Washi tape cord organization


Customized DIY Page Dividers

Divide your binder sections and make your binders and folders look so much prettier with these customized DIY page dividers! Get the full tutorial here from Washi Tape Crafts.


Washi tape craft ideas

Photo: Becoming Martha.







iPhone Organizers

If you have numerous family members with iPhones, or various Apple chargers for different devices, they all look the same and it can be hard to tell them apart. This DIY tutorial shows you how to decorate the chargers so they stand out and help you get more organized. 

Washi tape iphone organizers

Photo: Shaken Together Life





Washi glass jars

Reuse and recycle your glass jars with washi tape.  Those prettied up jars can then be used to store absolutely anything you need to around your home.  Get the full DIY here from A Bubbly Life.  

Washi tape recycled glass jars

Photo: A Bubbly Life


Decorated Storage Crates

Decorate storage crates with washi tape to create pretty and perhaps even color-coded storage crates for getting your home organized. Get the full tutorial here from Design Improvised.

Washi tape storage crates

Photo: Design Improvised



Organize your Planner

Washi tape is great for organizing your planner, and making it look pretty at the same time.  Use washi tape in your planner to make special  occasions such as birthdays stand out, mark out things such as vacation time in a certain washi tape etc.

washi tape planner organization

Photo: The LoveNerds.com


Create color coded and decorative notebooks

If you are using notebooks to get organized, washi taping them with various patterns and colors, an differentiate all your notebooks from each other.  At the same time you are making those notebooks so pretty to look at and use!  See the tutorial here from Lia Griffith.  



Washi tape notebooks

Photo: Lia Griffith.com


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Create pretty labels for all your stuff

You can easily create really pretty labels using washi tape.  Just cut off the size label you need, stick it where it needs to go and write on it!

Washi tape labels

Photo: I Heart Organizing.com


Dry Erase Frame

A dry erase frame is such a useful notification/reminder system for your home.  Get the tutorial to make this great Washi Tape Dry Erase frame from I Heart Naptime here.



Wall Calendar

Make a simple, yet so effective, wall calendar with washi tape.  Just mark out the calendar on the wall first in pencil, then stick the washi tape where you need to to make it into a great calendar.

Source: Decoesfera


Organize all your files

Organize your files beautifully and fabulously with washi tape! See the tutorial here from Chippa Sunshine.  

Photo: Chippa Sunshine


Organize your paperwork with paperclip flags

Keep all your paperwork organized and where you can find it all by using these DIY paperclip flags, using washi tape.  See the tutorial here from Paper & Pin.


Photo: Paper & Pin



Organize your Keys

Use washi tape on your keys to make each key stand out, especially if you have a lot of keys. No more standing on the doorstep for ages trying to figure out which key is your door key!


Source: Pinterest



Washi tape cords

Another idea for organizing your cords with washi tape. This idea wraps pretty washi tape all around the cords, to make them easy to find and identify, and they look pretty too! See the information here from Design Love Fest.

Photo: Design Love Fest


Plant Markers

Make these plant markers with tape and clothespins.  See the video below!



Washi tape is such a great project for so much, including these great projects that will get you and your home organized in no time! (and prettily too!)

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