Get Organized using and keeping Notebooks

Keeping notebooks is a simple yet effective way of getting organized!


A lot of things are done these days electronically on a computer and through apps, but the ‘old’ and traditional way of keeping a physical notebook can be a great and fun thing to do, and notebooks can really keep you organized!

Notebooks are great for capturing ideas as you think of them, making sure that ideas and knowledge doesn’t get lost or forgotten, and a beautiful notebook is such a lovely thing to keep

I love it when I get a brand new notebook!  A new notebook is full of so much potential and opportunity!  All those unused pages of possibility and potential! I use a lot of apps and electronic organizing methods, but there is nothing quite like a notebook to record ideas. 

I have notebooks for all aspects of my life, and many notebooks for my business and blogging.



A notebook can organize all areas of your life



Notebooks for organization


What type of organizing for you, your home, and your family can you do with a notebook?

The Handbag Notebook

Sometimes you have an idea and you need to get that idea down on paper before you forget it. For this you need a notebook that you carry with you at all times, that is small enough to fit in your handbag, and is readily available. Choose a notebook that fits perfectly inside your handbag, that is not too bulky, yet has ample pages to write in.  I transfer ideas from my Handbag Notebook into my other notebooks every now and again.

The Car Notebook

I use a Car Notebook because sometimes I am in my car when I have an idea. I don’t do this whilst driving I should add, but I have been known to pull over and scribble in my notebook, or quickly write something down while I am sitting at a traffic light.  I used to try to do this on an app, but it took too long to pull up the app. The notebook sits all the time in the middle console of my car.  I listen to a lot of podcasts as I drive, so this is a great way to capture tips and ideas that I get from podcasts.


Course Notebook

If I am taking a certain course, I keep a notebook for each course. I then write down notes and ideas as I go through the course into that one notebook. That way I can keep notes pertinent to each course together, and I always have those notes to refer to later, rather than going through the entire, or parts of, the course again.


General To Do Notebook

My General To Do notebook sits on my desk in my home office. In it I record pretty much everything and anything.  It has things so varied inside it, all that I might need to refer to at some point.


Business Ideas

I constantly think up business ideas for aspects of my business, or new businesses. Sometimes I am listening to podcasts about blogging and business and get ideas from that.  I record them usually in another notebook, such as my car or handbag notebook, and then I transfer them to this notebook.  You will be amazed at how many great ideas you have, only to forget them again unless you record them somewhere.


Family Medical Notebook

When my kids have doctors and medical appointments, I usually take notes and keep them all together in a notebook. It is a good way of remembering when you saw a certain doctor, the outcome of the visit etc.


Recipe Notebook

You could keep a notebook of your recipes in your kitchen, easily accessible for when you need to cook something.


Home Notebook

Record when you made repairs, paint colors used, names of contractors and builders etc. It is easy to forget the names of contractors you have used if you don’t record them somewhere. Writing down paint brands and colors is also so helpful if you ever need to touch up your paintwork.


Entertaining Notebook

Record when you had parties and gatherings. Keep track of food and drink served, what people liked, what worked well etc. You can then pull it out when you are next planning a party.


Blogging Ideas

I have a Blogging Ideas notebook that I keep on my desk at home.  I write down ideas for blog posts that I think of.  I transfer ideas from other notebooks into this notebook frequently.


Tips for organizing with a notebook

Date pages.  This will ensure you know exactly when you had the idea/got the tip or suggestion.

Make a Table of Contents.  If you really want to be able to organize the information inside your notebook, consider a Table of Contents at the front, so that you can constantly find what you are looking for.

Number your pages. This will be especially helpful if you plan to make a Table of Contents, or to keep track of things written inside your notebook.

Make an Index.  If you need to find something in your notebook, consider making an index at the back, to quickly locate something you are looking for.

Use Lovely Supplies for your Notebook

Your notebook will be even lovelier to keep and write in if you choose great pens and other supplies. Consider using different colored pens, perhaps even choose inks such as gold and silver to make headings and things stand out in your notebook.

My picks of some lovely notebooks 


Classic Moleskine Notebook


Moleskine notebooks are classic and beautiful. The classic range comes in an array of beautiful colors. They will keep for ever and are so pretty to keep and write in. Have a different color for each different subject or use for your notebook! You can get them here.


Mom Agenda Spiral Bound Notebook


This Spiral Bound Notebook from the MomAgenda company has a really sturdy cover that won’t get bent or torn.  It includes three different sections comprising lined paper, graph paper, and list pages.  You can lay it flat to make writing in it really easy, and it is so pretty to use!  You can get it here.


Fun Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine has always had great notebooks that really last and last.  They also have a fun range of notebooks too. Thi Monopoly cover notebook will make you smile when you use it! You can get it here.










Do you keep a notebook for an aspect of your life, family or business? If so, I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas for notebooks and what you use them for!


A notebook is a great way to organize you and your family!


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