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12 No-Carve Pumpkins that are Easy & Fun!

If you don’t want the mess and work of carving a pumpkin, try these 12 great no carve pumpkins. 


These pumpkins are fast and easy to design, and the result is a really fun and lovely pumpkin!

Pumpkins can be so much fun to carve and decorate. But there is no doubt that they can be messy!

All that gunk that comes out from inside can get everywhere!  Let’s face it  – how many of us save those innards to make soup or pumpkin pie?! A no carve pumpkin design can save all that mess!

You need a design that is fun and noticeable, but you don’t want to spend ages on it!

Here are 12 amazing no carve designs that are fast and easy to do, and the result is such fun and lovely pumpkins!





Modern Metallic Pumpkins

Metallic PumpkinPhoto: Taryn Whiteaker


If you are worried about not being good at design, or DIY, this DIY is for you!

This DIY is so simple and easy to make.  It uses faux pumpkins, which means that you can use them year after year. You could also use real pumpkins for this if you wanted as a different twist.

All you need to do is drip metallic paint over the pumpkins! Super easy! 

If you want something totally different and modern looking this year, this DIY is for you!

See the full tutorial here.


Pom Pom Pumpkins

Pom Pom PumpkinPhoto: Design Improvised


Another super easy DIY! Just take faux pumpkins (or of course you could try this with real ones).

Stick pom poms all over the pumpkin, for a modern colorful twist.

You won’t believe how easy this particular DIY is!

You can see the complete DIY tutorial here.


Mini Donut Pumpkins

Donut pumpkinsPhoto: Studio DIY


This is a really fun way to decorate those little mini sized pumpkins!

Turn them into donuts, complete with icing and sprinkles!  They make a wonderful modern piece of home decor, and you barely have to do anything for this DIY!

You can see the full tutorial here.


Watercolor Pumpkin

Watercolor pumpkinPhoto: The Creative Orchard

This DIY is also a good craft project rolled into one!

If you want to try your hand at watercolor painting, you can do it here using a pumpkin as a canvas!

It creates a really unique and different looking pumpkin, and you can try out all kinds of colors and designs!

See the full tutorial right here.


Woodland Creature Pumpkins

Woodland creatures pumpkinPhoto: Simple As That

A fun way of decorating that your kids are sure to love!  These woodland creature pumpkins are so easy to decorate yourself.

This is a great decorating project to involve your kids in!

You can see the full tutorial here.


Terrazzo Pumpkin

Terrazo pumpkinPhoto: Jojotastic


Yes I know I said no-carve – but this only uses a tiny piece of carving – honest!

This is such a great modern looking design that I had to feature it.

Everyone loves Terrazzo, it is so ‘of the moment’ and it creates a really unique looking modern pumpkin.

You can see the full tutorial right here.


DIY Geometric Tissue Paper Pumpkin

Geometric paper pumpkinPhoto: Design Fixation


This simple DIY just uses tissue paper.  But it creates such a stylish and unique looking pumpkin!

It is so simple and easy, and you can experiment with all kinds of colors and shapes.

See the full tutorial right here.

Copper Striped Pumpkins

Copper stripe pumpkinsPhoto: Homeyohmy


This is another incredibly easy DIY. It is also so simple, yet so effective.

Just by using copper tape and placing it in between the groves, it turns an ordinary pumpkin into a work of art!

You can see the tutorial right here.

Painted Pumpkins with Glittered Stems

Painted glitter pumpkinsPhoto: Aunt Peaches


Painting pumpkins is such an easy thing to do.  There is also nothing better than sprinkles and sparkly things! Especially gold sparkling things!  

This is a fast and easy DIY. The hardest thing about this particular DIY is painting the glue on the stalk and covering it with sparkles!

You can see the full tutorial right here.


Pun Pumpkins

Pun PumpkinsPhoto: Studio DIY


These Pun Pumpkins — or Pun-Kins! are a great way to put a smile on someone’s face!

Just paint them and and then put special paper on them to create a wide range of special puns!

You can get the full DIY tutorial right here.


Floral Moon Pumpkin

Floral Moon PumpkinPhoto: The MerryThought


This is so pretty, and it also looks quite mysterious!

It just requires painting, sticking, and a little bit of drilling.

You can see the full complete tutorial right here.


House Number Pumpkin

House Number PumpkinPhoto: Creatively Living


If you want to make your pumpkin really useful, how about this house number DIY?!

You can guide those trick or treaters directly to your door with your very visible house number!

Get the full tutorial right here.



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If you don’t want the mess and work of carving a pumpkin, try these 12 great no carve pumpkins. 

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