16 DIY Fun & Easy Christmas Ornaments

Here are 16 really fun and unique Christmas ornaments, that are so easy to make.


If you pull out the same old Christmas ornaments year after year, you will love these DIY tutorials!

Instead of decorating your tree the same year after year, spend a little time making these fun and unique ornaments!

Here are 16 DIYs that are truly easy and fast, to make great Christmas decorations for your tree.


Christmas ornaments



Indigo Marbled Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornamentsPhoto: Alice & Lois


These baubles are made with dark blue nail polish, which is then marbled.  You just prepare the marbling mix and then dip the baubles into it, to create the great pattern.

You could also try this with other nail polish colors of your choice.  You can see the full tutorial here.


Sparkle Confetti Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornamentsPhoto: Prima.Co.uk


Taking a clear glass bauble, you can put anything inside the bauble to create a lovely Christmas colorful ornament. 

Sparkly confetti, sequins, and glitter are just some of the things you can add to a plain bauble to make it so interesting and pretty. You can see the tutorial for these right here.  


Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornament

Christmas ornamentsPhoto: The Happy Housie


This is a unique Christmas bauble using Scrabble tiles.  You could get very creative with the words you create with the tiles, including the names of family and friends, pets  names, and also just Christmassy words! You can see the full tutorial here.  


Knitting Christmas Bauble

Christmas ornamentsPhoto: Womans Day


This would be an especially fun ornament if you are into knitting!  This is an easy to make and very unique Christmas bauble. It would also make a great gift for a knitter you know. You can see the tutorial right here


Cactus Christmas Bauble Ornament

Christmas ornaments

Photo: My Poppet Makes

Cactus plants are very on trend now, so why not make a cactus plant ornament! It adds a different more unique look to your usual Christmas decorations! See the tutorial right here.


Emoji Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornamentsPhoto: A Subtle Revelry


These are such fun Christmas ornaments! They will be sure to put a smile on someone’s face, and will really liven up your Christmas tree! See the tutorial right here.


Retro Label Maker Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornamentsPhoto: A Bubbly Life

These baubles are so much fun, and so retro!  They are incredibly easy to make, but they really make a statement!  You can see the tutorial right here.


Junk Food Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornamentsPhoto: Studio DIY


These decorations are an unusual take on traditional Christmas ornaments and baubles!  Decorate your tree with junk food this Christmas! You can see the DIY right here. 


Cheesy Pizza Slices Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornamentsPhoto: Fish & Bull


Continuing the junk food Christmas theme!  These are very unique ornaments featuring a cheesy pizza!  You can see the full tutorial right here.  


Donut Christmas Ornament

Christmas ornamentsPhoto: Studio DIY


You can always count on Studio DIY for really fun DIYs, and this is no exception!  See the tutorial here for a really fun donut Christmas bauble.


Paper House Christmas Ornament

Christmas ornamentsPhoto: Lia Griffith


Paper house ornaments can look really interesting on a Christmas tree.  They make something so unique looking, and the lights on your tree will illuminate these too!  See the tutorial right here.  


Snow Globe with Vintage Car Christmas Ornament

Christmas ornamentsPhoto: It All Started With Paint


I love this ornament! Snow globes and vintage cars are so retro. Put them both together and you get a really unique Christmas bauble ornament!  See the tutorial right here.


Metallic Dipped Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornamentsPhoto: A Bubbly Life


This DIY is so easy. You just need to glue metallic paper onto the baubles! They make such fun and unique ornaments for your tree.  See the tutorial here. 


Color Blocked Instagram Christmas Ornaments


Christmas ornamentsPhoto: The Crafted Life


This would be a great DIY to showcase your vacation photos!  Turn your photos and Instagram posts into great Christmas baubles! You can see the tutorial right here.  


Eye Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornamentsPhoto: A Beautiful Mess


Another really fun and unique Christmas bauble DIY.  These eye ornaments are easy to make, and so much fun! You can see the tutorial right here. 

Don’t pull the same old baubles out of storage for your Christmas tree this year! Consider making these fast and easy DIY ornaments for your Christmas tree.  


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Here are 16 really fun and unique Christmas ornaments, that are so easy to make.


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