IKEA Learning Tower Hacks

 A learning tower is a great helper if you have small children and toddlers. It allows them to access things easier that are higher than they are (such as work surfaces) and learn and help at the same time.

One of the most incredible IKEA hacks over recent years has definitely been the spate of learning tower hacks.

I kept seeing learning towers all over Pinterest. They were obviously popular and people really seemed to want to know how to create them themselves. So I wanted to assemble some great ideas here for you!

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A learning tower can be a great piece of equipment if you have toddlers and young children.  It allows kids to help out and learn more, as it is a raised higher standing tower, which means they can learn and help all at the same time.

A learning tower can greatly help with a child’s independence.  Curious little minds want to know so much, so helping them learn as much as possible will really benefit them.

If you have young children who want to help you in the kitchen you know how difficult it can be to safely raise them up to work counter height to help out.

So that is where making (or hacking) your own learning tower comes in! Your kids will have a better and safer way to help you out in the kitchen. So they are not only participating and learning more, they are doing so with peace of mind for you!

Hacking and DIYing  a learning tower can save you a lot of expense.  Making your own learning tower does require some work, but it is well worth it in the end!

You can create a learning tower for much much cheaper than it would cost to purchase, and you can add your own unique touch to it too.

Pin on IKEA learning tower hacks.

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What is a Learning Tower?

A learning tower is a type of step stool that is designed especially for toddlers and young children.  It is a high standing stool that has enclosed sides, especially so kids can’t fall out. It is also known as a Montessori stool too.

A learning tower will allow a toddler or small child to participate in activities, especially in the kitchen, but safely, and also will enable them to see and do more – especially as the tower is so much higher than a traditional step stool.

A learning tower is also called by the names kitchen tower and kitchen helper.  There are several companies who actually make  and sell these towers. However they are fairly expensive to buy (just check out Etsy).

That is why people who love IKEA and IKEA hacks have come up with their own learning tower hacks of IKEA products, especially using the IKEA Bekvam stool (other stools work too!).

So if you want to have a go at creating your own Learning Tower, take a look at all the ideas in this post!

14 Incredible IKEA Learning Tower Hacks

A Collection of IKEA Learning Tower Hacks

Check out all these hacks and ideas for learning towers, so you can come up with designs and inspiration to create your own!

Learning Tower Stool from Happy Grey Lucky

2 children on white high learning towers helping in the kitchen.

This learning tower stool hack from Happy Grey Lucky uses a Bekvam step stool as its base, with extra cut wooden pieces added to create the tall tower.  It has then been painted a pretty white.  You can see the hack here.

Star Learning Tower

child standing on white learning tower.

This learning tower has a beautiful star pattern cut into it too, which makes it prettier and more interesting looking too. You can see the hack here.

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Bekvam & Oddvar Learning Stool

This learning tower stool hack uses the Bekvam stool and also the Oddvar table.  This combination makes a great learning tower design.

Cane Webbing Learning Tower

Child standing on white and cane learning tower.


This learning tower has some pretty cane webbing on it also, which really encloses the sides. It is a nice stylish twist to a learning tower.  You can see the hack here.


Learning Tower from IKEA Molgar 

Child standing on wooden learning tower.

This learning tower is made from the IKEA Molgar cart. It is a pretty simple styled tower.  You can see the hack here.

DIY Toddler Learning Tower DIY IKEA Hack

wooden step stool turned into learning tower.

This article goes into great detail about creating a learning tower.  They also have a pdf of the instructions that you can purchase for a small charge too.

Chalkboard Learning Tower Hack

This is another variation on a learning tower. This one has a chalkboard look to it.  You can see it fully here with instructions for making this.

Learning Tower from Jim Baab, Visual Artist

Jim Baab wanted to try this IKEA learning tower hack after purchasing two separate step tools to try to help his children.  He shows you in great detail in this post how he made this learning tower!

Here are some other great learning tower hacks to check out:

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Make a great learning tower for your small children and toddlers, to let them help and learn at the same time!

Check out all these learning tower ideas and come up with your own great learning tower for your kids!

As you can see – these learning tower hacks are all over the internet!  There is so much inspiration and so many ideas here for your own!

A learning tower is a great helper if you have small children and toddlers. It allows them to access things easier that are higher than they are (such as work surfaces) and learn and help at the same time.  

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