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If you need an affordable stylish desk IKEA has some great desks for you.  But if you are prepared to put in a little (fun) work too, you can have the desk of your dreams with these hacks!


On a recent trip to IKEA, one of the most popular parts of the store was definitely desks!

The desk part of my IKEA store was packed full of families and people looking for just the right desk.  I realized that desks are in such high demand right now, so I wanted to bring you this post on my favorite things – IKEA hacks, with a focus on desks!

Everyone needs a desk right now!  Whether you are learning from home, working from home, or just because you need a desk in your home.



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Desks can be expensive however. I recently found an ideal desk that I absolutely loved in a store, and it was over $1,000!  Now it was a great desk, but I am not paying over a thousand dollars for a desk! (I actually ended up buying this desk, and I love it and it is working perfectly for me!)

My husband works from home every day, and once that started he took over our previous IKEA hacked desk. So I am only too familiar with how easy it is to hack IKEA items into perfect desks.  That desk uses the IKEA Limmon table top, and we added legs to it to make it more Mid Century and modern looking. It works perfectly!

IKEA desks are already affordable and stylish.  There is a reason why so many people head to IKEA when they need a desk. They can get something good looking, not too expensive, and easy to assemble.

But if you are up for some DIY and crafting, you can take a basic IKEA desk and turn it into something truly more amazing. That means you get a stand out desk (and maybe a desk that would retail in the stores for over a thousand bucks!)

So here are 11 amazing ideas for hacking IKEA products and existing desks into wonderful desks and workspaces!


Slim Desk Hack

Photo Credit: Undeclared Panache


This is a beautiful desk that was created using the IKEA Ekby Alex Shelf.  It makes a perfect desk for a small space, when you really need a desk but don’t have a lot of room.

I love the Mid Century style and elegance of this desk. It is so pretty and really stands out in a room, yet it is using so little space.  You can see the tutorial right here.

Multi Product Desk Hack

Photo Credit: Lovely Indeed


I am calling this the multi-product IKEA hack, because it uses several IKEA products! All hacked together, all those products make one amazing desk!

This hack uses IKEA Hilver table legs, a Linnmon table top, and Micke drawer unit.  You can see the total DIY right here.

White and Gold Desk Hack

Photo Credit: Teresa Caruso


This beautiful desk uses the IKEA Alex desk.  It makes a totally glam looking desk, that will really stand out wherever you do your work!

The legs of the desk have been spray painted gold to turn this desk into a more expensive designer option of Alex! You can see the full tutorial here.

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Plywood IKEA Desk Hack

Photo Credit: Growing Spaces


This hack uses the IKEA bedroom storage Nordli units. They then use plywood to clad the units, to create a beautiful and functional kids room desk.

But this desk isn’t just for a kids room. You could use this desk in any room.  The desk part itself has been created out of plywood, but the units that are all attached to the desk are IKEA.  The two together make something so perfect! You can see the complete tutorial right here.


Flexible Kids Study Space

Photo Credit: Steph Bond


This amazing kids study space has been created thanks to IKEA!  What kid wouldn’t want to study in this space?!

But once again, not just for kids. There are plenty of adults who would thrive working in this space!

This hack uses the IKEA Limmon desk top, painted Oddvald trestle legs, and a huge pegboard has been mounted.  But look closely at that pegboard – it is also using IKEA Bekvam spice racks! You can see the full tutorial right here.

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Small Craft Desk Hack

Photo Credit: Feeling Nifty


This hack uses the IKEA Trofast storage shelves and bucket drawers. Then a table top is added to create a great desk.

This makes the perfect craft desk for a small space.  As there is tons of storage space in the drawers, and enough room on top to work. It would even fit a sewing machine really well. You can see the tutorial right here.


Simple IKEA Desk Hack

Photo Credit: Advice from a Twenty Something


This is another IKEA Desk hack using the Limmon table top.  The legs are IKEA Lerberg trestle legs. The whole desk can be assembled for under $100!

The trestle legs are spray painted gold, to make the desk look more elegant.  It creates such an amazing looking, yet simple desk. You can see the full tutorial right here.

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Chic Copper and Marble Desk

Photo Source: Ciara ODoherty


This hack is a video for you!  It is spray painted in trendy rose gold metallic paint, and marble contact paper is used to create that great marble top. You can see the video right here!

Easy Modern Desk Hack

Photo Credit: Petite Modern Life


This is an easy hack for a modern desk using IKEA pieces.  It uses three different desk pieces to build a great modern desk.

See here for how to build a desk using various IKEA pieces!


Nordic Style Desk

Photo Credit: Carol Botin


This beautiful desk and workspace hack uses IKEA pieces, and also plywood. The post tutorial for this is in Spanish, but just use Google translate for it.

It creates such a lovely Scandi style modern desk, that will fit perfectly into any room of your home. You can see the tutorial right here.


IKEA Table turned into a Desk

Photo Credit: Matsutake


This hack takes a sturdy IKEA table, and turns it into a sturdy desk! Of course you can use a table for a desk anytime. But you may want something a little different and more ornate.  You can see the full tutorial right here.


I hope you enjoyed looking at all these ideas and options for hacking IKEA desks.  Don’t forget to check out all my IKEA hacks and ideas on the blog!


If you need an affordable stylish desk IKEA has some great desks for you.  But if you are prepared to put in a little (fun) work too, you can have the desk of your dreams with these hacks!

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