11 Unique and Amazing Alternatives to Christmas Trees

There are many alternatives to a traditional Christmas tree that will look wonderful in your home, and will fill you with all the joys of the holiday season.

There is usually nothing more special than a Christmas tree set up prominently in your home during the holiday season. But sometimes you don’t want the hassle and mess, or you just don’t have the room, or the time to get and decorate a tree.

You don’t have to have an actual tree to really get into the holiday spirit and enjoy the season. There are many alternatives to those traditional trees that look great, and are also unique and so different.

Here are 11 wonderful alternatives to a traditional Christmas tree for your holiday season.  They are all so great to look at, you won’t miss that traditional tree at all!


Alternative Christmas trees

Mini Cactus Christmas Tree

This project is only for if you are up for a little DIY project, including a shop at your local hardware store.

You will need to do a little work for this alternative tree, but the end result is a really unique and trendy decoration.

If you want something a little “out there” instead of a traditional tree, this could be just what you are looking for.

You can get all the DIY directions for this project right here. 

Cactus Christmas TreePhoto: Hey Wanderer


DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry

If you have blank wall where your tree normally goes, how about putting a painting there of a tree!

It will make that blank space look alive and so seasonal, without all the mess and expense of a Christmas tree and its associated baubles.

If you are feeling a little creative, this is a great DIY for you.

For this project you are paining on drop cloth, and you can keep this artwork for years and years for use in your home.  You could even leave it up year round if you wanted to!

You can get the full DIY tutorial right here.

DIY Picture Christmas tree

Photo: Craftberry Bush



Washi Tape Tree

Washi Tape already has so many great uses and possibilities.   But it particularly works great for a different kind of tree for your holidays!

This is a very simple way of having a tree in your room! Just put the washi tape on your wall in a Christmas tree shape, and decorate it how you want to.

Just imagine how easy this tree will be to take down!

You can get the complete DIY right here (translate the page if you need to).

Washi tape Christmas treePhoto: Bettina Holst


DIY String Light Christmas Tree

If you love the lights and glow of lights on a Christmas tree, and you will miss that if you don’t have a traditional tree, this could be the answer to that.

This string light tree will give you that warm glow that is one of the loveliest parts of the holiday season.

This is also a pretty inexpensive alternative to a real tree.

All you need for this DIY is some board, lights, and a little bit of DIY (actually very little DIY!).

You can see the complete tutorial right here. 

String Light TreePhoto: A Pair & A Spare


Metallic Shell Christmas Tree

This is a great DIY for all those shells you collected on your recent vacation, that are now just sitting around in your home!

This DIY uses a cardboard tree tube, and the shells are sprayed with metallic paint and then stuck on the tree tube.

This makes a very unique alternative to a tree, and it also will make you think of your vacations!

You can get the full DIY right here.

Shell Christmas treePhoto: At the Picket Fence


Balloon Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

This is a great two-in-one decoration!  It is an alternative tree, as well as an advent calendar.

You can fill the balloons with tokens and trinkets, or even pop them on the day in question!

It will look fun in your home, and it will certainly be a talking point!

You can get the tutorial right here!

Balloon Christmas treePhoto: Look What I Made


Minimalist Tree

If you just want to put up a minimal tree, this is a great DIY for that.

You can create a ‘Christmas tree’ in mere minutes with this simple yet effective DIY.

It looks stylish and beautiful, but it was just so easy!

You can get the tutorial right here.

Minimal Christmas treePhoto:  Almost Makes Perfect 


Literary Christmas Tree

This is a great unique alternative tree!

Just pile up your books to create this alternative tree for your holiday home. You could use any books, even an array of Christmas-themed books!

Not only is it easy to make, it will certainly get noticed and remarked upon!

Get the full tutorial right here.

Literary Christmas TreePhoto: Very Merry Vintage Style


Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

Another completely unique tree alternative, this one made from tissue paper.

This DIY uses lots of tissue paper, and minimal DIY skills.

You can see the tutorial right here.

Tissue paper Christmas treePhoto: Brittni Mehlhoff


Copper and Twig Wreath

This is a beautiful, minimal alternative to a traditional tree.  

This DIY uses a few beautiful pieces from the outside, and brings them inside for everyone to enjoy.

It looks beautiful and minimal and is just perfect!

You can see the full tutorial right here.

Cooper and Twig WreathPhoto: Erika Rax


Ribbon Trees

This is a beautiful tree made with ribbons.  It makes a unique and beautiful looking piece of holiday decor for your home.

You can still have a tree, but this one is more unique and different!

This is also a fun DIY to do. Just switch on some holiday music and get it done!

You can see the full tutorial right here.

Ribbon christmas treePhoto: Whipperberry



If you have no time, space, or desire for a traditional Christmas tree this holiday season, here are 11 amazing alternatives to that tree!

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 There are many alternatives to a traditional Christmas tree that will look wonderful in your home, and will fill you with all the joys of the holiday season.


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