12 Wooden Bead DIY Projects

Wooden craft beads are one of the easiest to find and most inexpensive craft supplies.  These 12 craft DIY projects make wonderful things for you and your home!



I have wanted to do this round up for a while, as I know that so many of you are looking for fast and easy DIY craft projects, that don’t cost a lot of money also.

Wooden craft beads are available from so many places, including craft supply stores and more. They are inexpensive to buy, and you can get a lot of beads for quite a low cost.

Wooden beads can be turned into so many amazing things – wreaths, ornaments, jewelry, garlands, and so much more. Have fun also coming up with your own creations!

Wooden beads can be painted and stained. They can be used as is for a pretty minimal Scandi style.  They also come in so many different sizes to suit different projects and needs.

I have rounded up 12 of the best wooden bead craft DIY projects that you will love and want to try!  These cover projects for different seasons, for you, for your home, and also projects you can do as gifts for others.


12 Wooden Bead Craft DIYs


Wooden Bead Wreath

This pretty wreath is easy to make with wooden beads.  It uses two different sizes of wooden beads, and a couple of embroidery hoops, and that is it!

This DIY isn’t just for the holidays, a wooden wreath would look great hanging in your home anytime of the year.  You can see this DIY right here.


Wooden Bead Keychain

Paint wooden beads in the colors you want to with this fun and easy DIY. Make these lovely keychains that are just so useful and fun and use. This is such a fast DIY – it will take you mere minutes to do! You can see the DIY right here.

Scandi Style Minimal Wooden Bead Ornaments

Wooden Bead Ornament

These minimal wooden bead ornaments would make great simple holiday decorations.  You could also use them year round to hang from windows etc for extra decoration.  They are easy to make and they can be done in a very short amount of time.  You can see the DIY right here.

Wooden Bead Hair Twists

Add a unique twist to a simple hair twist by adding wooden beads. These look pretty, minimal and stylish. You can see the complete DIY right here.

Wooden Bead Towel Holder

Make this easy wooden bead towel holder to pretty up your home! Create a unique Scandi style minimal towel holder for your bathroom or powder room. This project uses memory wire, which is perfect for making a circular towel holder that is sturdy and strong. See the DIY right here.

Wooden Bead Statement Necklace

This fun and stylish statement necklace is made completely from wooden beads! Create something so unique that you will get lots of comments! You can dye the beads any color you want too, to match your clothing and style.  See the DIY right here.

Wooden Bead Napkin Rings

Make these pretty wooden bead napkin rings to make your dining table much prettier! These are especially great for special occasions and when you are entertaining. You can see the complete DIY right here.


Wooden Bead Pom Pom Chandelier

This is quite a spectacular DIY! Using wooden beads and pom poms it creates a unique and fun chandelier! Make an outstanding statement piece for your home! See the DIY project instructions right here.


Wooden Bead Trivets

Create wooden bead trivets, that can be used separately or all as one. The perfect useful pieces for your kitchen and home! They hang easily on a hook when not in use, so you can quickly and easily grab them when needed. See the complete DIY right here.

Painted Wooden Bead Necklace

This pretty and unique wooden bead necklace is created by painting beads in a fun and creative way!  This would look great as a statement piece of jewelry.  See the DIY right here.

Wood Bead Tassel Earrings

These pretty earrings use wooden beads and tassels for a fun unique and stylish look. If you want to create jewelry that is fast and easy to make, this is a great DIY project. You can see the DIY tutorial right here.

Wooden Bead Star Ornament

Here is another wooden bead ornament, this time a star ornament.  This makes a really pretty Scandi style star ornament for your home or Christmas tree.  See the DIY right here.

If you want an easy to do, inexpensive, fast craft project, you should try these wooden bead craft DIYs!  Make something special today!

Wooden craft beads are one of the easiest to find and most inexpensive craft supplies.  These 12 craft DIY projects make wonderful things for you and your home!

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