What to do with Leftover Polymer Clay Scraps

Don’t throw away those leftover scraps of polymer clay! Here are ideas for re-using them in some great ways!

It is inevitable that if you love making things with polymer clay you are going to end up with lots of scrap pieces of leftover clay.

Every time you trim a piece of clay, or cut out shapes and more, you will end up with pieces of polymer clay left over, in all sizes and shapes.

You may also not use a whole block of a certain color clay for a project, so you will have some pieces of that block and clay leftover.

You can of course throw those pieces away, but why do that? You can re-use them to make more interesting things!

What to do with Leftover Polymer Clay Scraps

How to make Hard Polymer Clay Soft Again

Even if you stored your clay the best way possible it may still get hard either all over or in patches.

But there is a very easy way to make it soft and like new again.  By adding a few drops of Sculpey softener liquid you can make the clay soft and usable again.

So don’t despair if your clay is too hard, just add the softener to pieces of clay and your clay will be soft and like new again.

You can also spritz your clay with water using a spray bottle (this will be hard if the clay is really dried out). In addition you can also place a wet paper towel inside the plastic bag storing your clay, which will cause it to absorb the moisture from the paper towel.

How to Store Polymer Clay

There are many ways that you can store polymer clay.

Unopened packs of polymer clay are of course really easy to store, as they are packed well to keep the clay moist and usable.

Storing unopened packs of clay can be done anywhere – in a drawer, in a cabinet, in special boxes and more.

But if you have unopened polymer clay you will want to store them in either an airtight container, or in a ziplock plastic bag.

If you have lots of different colored clay you may want to use smaller ziplock bags to store each color separately.

It is best to store your clay at room temperature.  If the temperature is too hot your clay can get too soft and could melt. If the temperature is too cold your clay can freeze and be unworkable and hard.


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What you can do with Leftover Polymer Clay Scraps

Create New Polymer Clay Colors

Using those scraps of clay you can create new polymer clay colors.

Just mix different colors together to create new unique colors.  You can either follow a certain recipe for color mixing, or you can create your own colors by experimenting.

Experiment with color mixing by blending different leftover clay colors together. This can help you discover new color combinations that you can use in future projects.

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Keep small color samples of your leftover clay to serve as reference swatches for future projects. This can be especially useful when mixing custom colors.

Use Scraps for Projects such as Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a wonderful look to items, and uses scrap pieces of color to mix in with a main color to create that unique pattern.

Use small pieces of clay chips to create a terrazzo look to items that you make.  See these easy to make terrazzo clay plant pots.

Create Clay Beads

The perfect use for leftover scrap clay is to create beads!

You can create wonderful marbled beads, assorted colored beads, and really unique beads by using leftover polymer clay.

Marbling and Blending

Combine different colors of leftover clay to create marbled or blended sheets.

Roll the clay through a pasta machine or use a rolling pin to achieve interesting patterns and colors.

These sheets can be used for new jewelry designs or polymer clay projects.

Mosaic Art

Cut the leftover clay into small, uniform pieces and create mosaic designs. You can cover various surfaces like picture frames, flower pots, or trays with the mosaic clay pieces.

Once arranged, bake and seal the mosaic for a decorative effect.

Texturing and Embellishments

Create texture sheets by pressing leftover clay pieces onto textured surfaces or objects (e.g., lace, leaves, textured paper). These textured sheets can be used to add surface texture to your clay projects.

Miniature Sculptures

Use small amounts of leftover clay to create miniature sculptures, figurines, or charms. Polymer clay is well-suited for sculpting intricate details.

Gift Tags and Ornaments

Roll out the leftover clay and use cookie cutters or freehand cutting to create unique gift tags or ornaments. Personalize them with names or designs before baking.

Jewelry Components

Create components like bead caps, bails, or connectors using small pieces of leftover clay. These components can be incorporated into your jewelry designs.

Instead of throwing those leftover pieces of polymer clay away come up with new unique uses and projects for them!

If you have used up your polymer clay scraps and pieces in a unique way please let us know!

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Don’t throw away those leftover scraps of polymer clay! Here are ideas for re-using them in some great ways!

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