8 Ways to Create a Calmer Home

Your home is the one place you can be yourself, and do what you want to do.  So how can you make your home a calming place to relax and enjoy?

In your busy life your home should be the one place you can relax and enjoy yourself.  Your home should make you feel relaxed and comfortable. It should shut out the world outside and be your sanctuary.

How can you create the most relaxing and calm home ever? Here are 8 tips and ideas for you to create a calm relaxing home that you and your family can enjoy spending time in.


Create a calmer and more relaxed home


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1. Have Fresh Air in your Home

If your home smells nice you will feel better and calmer.  Let in air from outside and air out your rooms, so they are not stuffy and smelly.

You can also buy products, including candles, essential oils, and diffusers that will make your home smell lovely.  There are essential oils to improve your mood, and help you relax and feel calmer.  Lavender oil is great for helping you sleep better and relaxing you.  Jasmine, Rose and Vanilla oils and smells can help to lift your mood.

Candles are a great quick fix for eliminating smells and making your air much better smelling. Different scents can contribute to the mood you are trying to create in your home.



2. Reduce or Get Rid of Technology 

We all need to go online every now and again, for personal or work reasons, but reducing or eliminating technology in your home can lead to a much calmer home.

If you constantly get alerts every time a friend posts on Facebook, when there is a piece of news, or even just a weather alert, it constantly encourages you to check your devices, and makes you feel on edge all the time.

For a calmer home, full of less interruptions and distractions, turn off your alerts – at least while you are at home.  Reduce the time your family uses their technology, including phones, computers and games. Even reducing the time your family spends just watching TV can help.

A reduction in technology will leave your whole family feeling calmer and less anxious and hassled. It will also free up time to do more family based activities.



3.Tidy up Your Home

A messy and untidy home won’t allow you to feel calm and rested inside your home.  If your home is messy it will just leave you feeling that you should be tidying up and sorting out your home. There is no way you can totally relax in a messy and untidy room.

Clutter just adds to our mental anguish and anxiety. Clutter piles up and affects your mood and comfort level.

Put systems in place in your home to deal with clutter and mess.  Organize your home so it works better for you and is cleaner and tidier.  Put cleaning schedules into place to keep your home clean and healthy.


4. Use Color

Color can greatly help our mood, and help to induce feelings of calm and contentment.

Use colors throughout your home that make you feel calm, rested, and happy.  Yellow can make you feel brighter and happier. It is a great color for living rooms.  Blue makes you feel calmer and more rested, making it a great color for your bedroom walls.

Color on your walls can also help if you have reduced light in your home.  Making everything brighter and lighter.

If you prefer more neutral colored walls, buy colored furniture and objects for your home, to introduce the needed splash of color.


5. Use House Plants

House plants add much needed greenery to your home, making it look brighter and more alive.  Plants also help purify your home’s air, and bring a touch of the outdoors inside.

Just looking at nature has been proven to greatly increase our mood. Therefore having house plants throughout your home is bringing that nature inside, for you to enjoy inside your home.

Buy houseplants and display them throughout your home.  Why not also treat yourself to a bunch of fresh flowers every now and again! They will make your home smell sweeter, and they will add a touch of brightness and color to your home and life.



6.Surround Yourself with what you Love

If you are a collector of antiques and collectables, display them prominently in your home.  If those things are something you love, then display them so you constantly see them and notice them.

Only buy things you love for your home.  The designer William Morris famously said that we should only buy what we consider to be beautiful for our homes.  If you surround yourself with things you have chosen and love, your home will feel so much more of a sanctuary and calm and relaxing place.


7.Get a Pet

Animals automatically bring down our heart rates and make us feel calmer.  If you have a pet in your home, such as a dog or a cat, not only will it be good company, they can also help make you feel calmer in your own home.

There are numerous health benefits to owning a pet.  If you live on your own they can be an automatic companion in your home.  Pets are great for children to give them a sense of responsibility and teach them caring.  Many health studies have shown that petting a dog or cat greatly reduces high blood pressure and regulates heart rate.

A pet could be the calming and soothing presence your home really needs.


8.Make Things for your Home

DIY and craft projects can greatly help us feel calmer and less anxious. When you make things for your own home, not only do you take advantage of this, but you can also create beautiful things for your home.

You can make pretty much anything for your home, including sewing projects, knitting and crochet, furniture, and much much more.

See the Make Calm Lovely Pinterest Board for all kinds of DIY and Craft Ideas here!


Create calm and lovely in your home!  Make your home more relaxing and calm with these 8 easy tips and suggestions

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