Valentine DIY & Craft Projects that are Easy (and Tasteful!)

These Valentine DIY and craft projects are easy and fun to make, and so tasteful too! If you want a more modern Valentine’s DIY check out these ideas!



If you want a great Valentine’s gift to DIY for others, or a great Valentine’s craft project to do, here are some great ideas that I have rounded up for you.

I am constantly on the look out for great Valentine’s DIYs – but I don’t want the ones that are frilly, and cutesy. I want more modern tasteful DIYs and crafts to make.

So here are 14 amazing DIY and craft projects to make for Valentine’s Day that are easy to make, and also so tasteful too!


Valentine DIY & Craft Projects


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Copper Heart Candles

Copper Heart Candles

These candles are made with quick-setting cement. They are not just an easy DIY project, they are also a fun DIY project. 

They would look perfect set out on any valentine dining table or scattered around a room! You can see the complete DIY project here.

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Modern Valentine Pop Up Cards

Valentine Pop Up Card

Pop Up cards always put a smile on someone’s face, and these Valentine cards are no exception!  For a modern DIY that will be so appreciated check out this post here!

DIY Wire Cupcake Toppers

Wire cupcake toppers

These easy to make wire cupcake toppers will make any cake or cupcake special! They are the perfect cupcake party toppers too! You can see the DIY instructions here.

Printable Rap Lyric Valentine Cards

Valentine Rap Card

These great rap Valentine cards can be printed out and used immediately! If you want to send a great Valentine card, but you don’t want something soppy (and you love 90s rap!) you will love these cards! You can get them here.

Simple Heart Mug

This mug just simply says it all!  This is a great valentine gift, and it is so easy to make (and so inexpensive too). You can see the DIY right here.

Valentine Chocolate Box Makeover

Valentine Chocolate Box

You want to present them with a great box of Valentine’s chocolates, but um well those pink and frilly boxes are really just not you.  Here is a more modern DIY for a pretty and stylish chocolate box!

DIY Sequin Heart Treat Bags

Sequin Heart Treat Bags

These pretty bags are the perfect way to give treats to your valentine!  What’s more they can be made in 10 minutes or less! You can see the DIY right here.

Heart Patterned Gift Boxes

Heart gift boxes

These pretty heart patterned gift boxes are an easy DIY.  They are the perfect way to gift something special to somebody. You can see the DIY right here.

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DIY Rose Petal Backdrop Garland

Rose Petal Garland

This pretty rose petal garland is the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner!  The wonderful smelling rose petals are sewn onto string and hung from a wooden dowel. You can see the DIY right here.

Fringed Love Cake Topper

Love Cake Topper

This beautiful LOVE cake topper is the perfect way to show them how much you care!  It is a pretty and easy DIY and you can see it right here.

Heart Shaped Soap

Heart Shaped Soap


This pretty heart shaped soap is the perfect gift.  It is a great craft project to make. You can see it here.

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Hanging Flower Heart DIY

Flower Heart

This flower heart is another perfect backdrop for your Valentine’s special meal or celebration. You can see the DIY right here.

Valentine’s Day Polish Chandelier

Valentine Chandelier

This pretty polish valentine chandelier is another great piece of decor for your home for Valentine’s Day. You can see how to make it here.

Glitter Valentine’s Heart Box

Glitter Heart Box

Make these pretty heart glitter boxes to present a special gift to your valentine! You can see the DIY project here.


Valentine DIY & Craft Projects


These Valentine DIY and craft projects are easy and fun to make, and so tasteful too! If you want a more modern Valentine’s DIY check out these ideas!

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